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Glimpses of what may come


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Right, I've reeled you in with a suitably vague but promising title. Here's my half baked offering.




It seems to me that pretty much the biggest infuriant (word?) in reading WOT, for most of us, is the lousy communication skills evinced by all and sundry.  This lot could easily throw victory away because some idiot forgets to tell some other idiot something vital.

However, we have had glimpses of proper talk, here and there.


Example: Lan, near taking the door off it's hinges in the Stone, immediately prior to telling Nynaeve how much he loves her, and kissing her soundly, before he heads off to the Waste. (TSR?)

Example: Mat and Birgitte's chat in Ebou Dar.

Example: Egwene vs Elaida.


Now, my flimsy little point is, has RJ been drip feeding us proper communication all this time in order to get us all good & frustrated with everyone? Are we going to get a whole flood, a torrent of lovely honest words in ToM/AMoL? Like finally getting to scratch that infernal itch between your shoulder blades...

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I'm looking forward to the horrific mis-communication that occurs when they finally talk to each other.  I have a feeling that it'll make what Rand says about the state of the world in "A Lily in Winter" look accurate by comparison.  The fun is how they'll all turn their misinterpretations of everything they think they know into actions resulting in a possible victory for the Light.

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There is a quote from Brandon speaking of all the main characters getting together in ToM.

Even if it happened, I am still inclined to believe most of them wouldn't speak to the rest for various reasons:


Rand might still be mad at Moiraine for trying to manipulate him 9 books ago.

Egwene will be mad Rand does not come visit her in the White tower for her ascension party.

Nyneave will be mad at Rand for not helping Lan (who won't be present) defend the Blight.

Elayne will be mad at Rand because she is Elayne.


The list goes on ...


I think that if the characters do meet it might very well mean losing TG, for they will spend so much time arguing the Dark One will have time enough to break free and walk in the front door. WoT promotes disharmony and miscommunication and it would be nice if those who practice it win in the end. It sends a clear message to everyone who preaches "We need teamwork, harmony and group activities, otherwise we're DOOOOMED!"

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I wonder if part of the reason for all this mis-communication (which has been the bane of my own life!!) is Rand's Fisher-King influence, not only on the natural world, but on the people in it. Perhaps now that he's got himself together that may start to reverse, assisted by his ta'veren influence. Was it Loial who complained that it was dangerous to open your mouth when a ta'veren was around, you never knew what might come out?



(Alexandr: 'Are we dooooomed?'


Sergei:'Yes. We're doomed.')



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There is a quote from Brandon speaking of all the main characters getting together in ToM.

Nah, being in the same place won't help them any. They'll be all like:

Rand: Mat, didn't you had something to tell me?

Mat: No Rand, nothing. Oh, wait, I went to 'finnland yesterday and got Moiraine out. She'll be with us shortly, she's taking a bath.

Min: Oh, that's good. Didn't want to let ya all know until now, but without Moiraine there's no earthly chance you'd win.

Rand: Hmm, that's good to know. Anyways, Mat, I was talking about something else. The other day I ran into a little woman from abroad. She said she'd met you.

Mat: Oh, you mean Tuon? Yeah, see, I was reading this book about Jain Farstrider in the park, and she bumped into me. Wanted to borrow it. Did she give it back, by any chance?

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