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  1. #1 - Androl's lava-gateway. *I only wish he'd done it at Shayol Ghul, when it would've mattered even more. I didn't really care about Elayne, the only reason I wasn't rooting for the trollocs was the poor Ogier. #2 - Mat considering in his mind a staring match between Lan and Karede. *If we're ever allowed so see/know a single thing from the WoT universe, I'd vote on that ;) #3 - Ituralde proving the most badass of the great captains. This actually includes 2 moments: - When he was holding the trollocs at the mouth of the canyon with his masterful defenses - When he was resisting
  2. When I realized with shock that my favourite protagonist is about to kill my favourite antagonist. Naturally, I was rooting full-heartedly for Fain to reach Rand and the DO and spice things up. Once he was out of the picture I paused the audiobook, took a long breath and told myself "OK, there's still Lanfear, she might be up to something interesting" ... 3 mins later she dies with a snapped neck after the most anticlimactic display of shallowness*. Oh ye and neither Lanfear nor Moridin got their redemption. At least one of them should have (I was rooting for Moridin). Tho, come to think of i
  3. R.I.P. Padan Fain. You could have been so, so much more...
  4. Au contraire, memory #24 was the first one that told us anything we didn't know and now know almost for certain - whoever is doing the musing, we can assume he has lived then and there. So far in the books the AoL was always described as the pinnacle of civilization, a paradise on earth. It was the mankind's thirst for progress and knowledge, for "equality" between the genders, that led to accidental drilling of the Bore and Heaven's fall. Now we're suddenly being told that there were imperfections in this paradise and moreover, they were ignored. Mankind had, in fact, failed to create
  5. I would stake my right to read AMoL on it not being Moiraine. Moiraine would never call Perrin by his full name (incl. family name).
  6. No, Rand has definitely not been holding onto Saidin since Dragonmount in TGS. He is shielded in TV. He visits Far Madding to meet with the borderlanders.
  7. We don't know for sure that she changed the purpose of the pillars. For thousands of years the Aiel have gone among the pillars only once. It is implied that anyone who goes more than once never comes out. The latter can mean that the few who actually dared venture a second time simply could not face the visions of the Aiel future. Or it could be something more technical, like the ter'angreal actually requiring something from the recipient of the visions, say that he has at least an X number of generations in the past/future to show. With the past that's hardly a problem, but as so many Ai
  8. Started a re-listen in september, halfway through Winter's Heart atm. But I won't be able to listen as much in the next 30-40 days so I fear I will need to push the last books around Xmas to make it in time.
  9. Logain and all the BT men who have not gone over to the Shadow can link with the AS who have not been 13x13'd yet. The linking could be done in several ways, one enormous circle if they need to strike really hard and/or overwhelm another large circle; several large circles to overwhelm any individuals or small circles; small circles fighting guerrilla warfare, especially if they are outnumbered (they seem to be). The main advantage the Resistance within the BT has is that Taim will have to send Asha'man and 13x13'd AS to the front lines sooner or later and weaken his stronghold. As far as
  10. Interesting, thanks for info BBM. Cuendillar being displaced raises some interesting side-questions - like what would happen if the Cuendillar to be displaced is, for example, the chain on Tar Valon's harbour? Or if two Gateways were opened at the same time in such a way that they would have to displace a single piece of Cuendillar in opposite directions?
  11. I'm probably not the first person to wonder about that, and perhaps it has been answered somewhere, but I couldn't dig it out. So if it has been discussed before, could anyone brief me on what the board thinks about what would happen if a Gateway is opened on top of Cuendillar. The edges of a Gateway slice through anything and it makes sense, otherwise the Gateway would either be displaced or the something in the way would stick through the Gateway. I remember it was discussed in the books that if two Gateways were opened on the same spot at the exact same time, they would displace only enough
  12. The Ogier will definitely play their role in the LB. ToM starts very memorably - with a quote from Loyal's book-to-be. I think there is no doubt that the Ogier will be convinced not to open the book of Translation, because of Loyal's speech. And because the Tinkers need a suitable ending as well, my theory is that Ogier and Tinker will find the song together and fight in the LB by driving away the Blight and the evil of the DO, making things grow and preserving Life in general.
  13. My money's definitely on Elan. Got nothing against ol' Mierin, I just think she has another role to play. Furthermore, her redemption, if it occurs, will feel kinda hollow - if she does turn against the DO she'll do it because there's no other choice. She's being tortured, crushed, she has lost everything including her body, she's about to lose her very soul. It's not much of a choice to change camps at this point. Now look at Elan. He's not evil, per say, he just believes the Shadow will eventually win and he prefers to side with the winners and rule for a time (his exact words). Late
  14. That would be really interesting. and incredibly bad. I am not certain they have the power to grant such a wish. They are not gods after all. Certain things are not within their power, else why would they even make treaties with the Aes Sedai, create doorways between their world and Randland and make rules for visitors? The way I see it, the Finns only have power over things/people in their world and to a lesser extent, things/people that have visited their world. Rand has visited them, true, but he hasn't made any bargains. He only got questions answered and left. The Aelfinns even sh
  15. As I was drawing near to the end of the audiobook yesterday evening, I was becomming more and more concerned there wouldn't be enough time for Mat to 'properly' save Moiraine. Then it happened and it was epic. And then the epilogue came and it blew all this away. The only things of interest to me there were the red-veiled men ('Aiel') and Rand's dream. Starting with the lesser - we have absolutely no evidence to believe those men were Aiel, besides the ramblings of a nearly-dead caravan-fellow. As I was listening to this part at ~4am and drifting to sleep already, my only connection
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