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New to the site and series!


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Greetings all,


I'm brand new to the site, and pretty new to the series as well. I'm about to start on book 3, but I'm already in the thralls of the series  :) I haven't been this into a book series in a long time, and since none of my friends have read the series (many think I'm daffy for starting a 12 book series that isn't even finished) I knew I'd have to seek elsewhere to talk about the books.


I'm a long time fan of Sci Fi and Fantasy books, with my favorite series being the Dune series (only the ones written by Frank Herbert.)I'm not the fastest reader in the world (compared to people like my girlfriend who downed the original 6 Dune books in about a month and a half) but I'm reading through these books with a passion and a speed I don't normally have (and I'm using audiobooks to help supplement the reading.) My goal is to have all 12 published books (as well as the prequel) read by November in time for the new one, a goal which given my current pace is a very obtainable one. I'll have the third and fourth books finished by the end of July, and maybe even the fifth if I'm adamant  ;D


Well I'm looking forward to talking to you all about this amazing series!

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Hello sir!  And greetings~  I'm new to the site as well but a vet of the series. 


I will offer you some advice about the books.  You will come to a time where they seem boring, where even the fantastic readings of the audio books will seem drab.  All because perhaps you are at a certain part where certain characters just aren't as interesting as they should be.  Things will pick up!  You will be rewarded by your diligence!  Everything is written for a reason and if you're clever you'll pick up on a lot of the amazing foreshadowing RJ was capable of.


Stick with it!  The true magic of the series doesn't really happen until your second or third read through, when you read a passage, smile and say "I know what that means!".  If you need help understanding anything just ask on these forums.  There is an insane following for these books and DM is a perfect home for those of us who like this series A LOT.  (That guy luckers, is an encyclopedia)  Anyway Welcome and enjoy The Dragon Reborn~

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Hermetic99, I'm in the exact situation as you. It's nice to know there is someone else like me who is a newcomer to the site and series. Also like you, I'm not the faster reader in the world and I'm shocked when some of the women at my work tell me they get through a Harry Potter or Twilight size book in only two nights.


Personally though, it doesn't phase me how long it takes me to finish the series, because for me, it is the journey that matters, not how fast I get there.


I'll be looking forward to catching up with you in the near future to discuss all things WoT.

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