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In Terms of Light... (((KATHLEEN!!!)))

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Regalia wrinkled her nose and released Saidar. Her banded Accepted dress had smoothed out, and the last drop of scum had pooled on the floor before her. It was not tiring working in the Kitchen. The Mistress of the Kitchens had learnt to trust the newly raised Accepted and more often than not, the Cook was the one who brandished her wooden spoon in punishment. Regalia had felt enough of that during her time as a Novice to know it wasn’t worth it pranking anymore.


“Regalia.” Regalia turned and curtseyed low to the Aes Sedai who had appeared behind her. Her brow crooked at the Novice who stood beside her. “This is Kathleen”


“Yes, Mosvrini Sedai?” Regalia sighed inwardly. Another Novice to care for.  Great. “Kathleen what?”


“What? No, just Kathleen, Regalia.  This is Accepted Regalia Frantelle, Kathleen, and she will be helping you with your chores and your orientation of the Kitchen. The Mistress of Kitchens, Felaras Brandivoni, is out for the afternoon. I expect you to take your cues from Regalia, who makes a fine Accepted. And then when you are done, you may come to my chambers to continue our discussion on Intangible Benefits versus Tangible Compensation and the summary of How Dispensation of Priviledges Influences Loyalty of Subjects.” Regalia almost turned green at the topics. You could almost hear the capital letters drop into place. Logic lessons with the Whites were always the worst for her. Logic seldom played a large part of her life and Regalia had no patience for it. She almost pitied the Novice.  But perhaps the girl enjoyed it after all.


“Good. Be well with her, Regalia. Kathleen does make a promising Novice.” The White Sister nodded and left without acknowledging their curtseys.


“Alright, Kathleen, what did you do to earn this chore? Kitchen chores are usually the worst.” Regalia frowned and dismissed the Novices curtsey with a wave. “Don’t bother curtseying to me. I don’t hold with that kind of thing. Just make sure you do what you need to do and let’s get this over with.” Regalia indicated for the Novice to follow her. “First, let’s do a little orientation of the place. Try to memorise what I say, I don’t expect to repeat myself. You will need to be familiar with everything. Where everything is, so that you can get what is needed upon request. Come along now, don’t dawdle.”


She led the girl to the Pantry and began showing her where all the different ingredients. Smirking to herself, she began to wonder what fun she could have with this one.


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As she walked down the corridor to the kitchens Kathleen tried to keep from fussing with her dress and keep a respectable distance from Mosvrini Sedai. She tried to find a pace and a distance that didn't make her seem as though she was dawdling but one also that did not feel like she was crowding the Aes Sedai. She felt like hanging her head in embarrassment, for the knowledge of what she had done still lingered in her mind, but she knew she couldn't go walking through life with her head hung low and expect to gain any trust or respect from people. So she held her head high and tried to follow in the ‘proper' way.


She had been to the Dining Hall every day since she arrived, but this would be the first time she saw where it all happened. She knew she wouldn't be making any meals as she would have at home, but she still thought it might be nice to get back to the simple things in life like a big wood stove and the smells of a pantry. Even if she was scrubbing it would remind her of home. She was just hoping that the person who was to show her what she needed to do would be as nice as her mother had been, or the nurse maid who they took in when her mother got sick.


When Mosvrini Sedai lead her into the kitchen it was a lot grander than she had been expecting but then she should have known it would be; everything in the Tower was more grand than in the real world. When Kathleen saw the girl in the banded dress she didn't quite recognize her but she did seem familiar. She must have passed her in the halls a few times. She was introduced as Regalia and the name didn't ring any bells either.


Kathleen listened as the White Sister gave her instructions for what was expected of her while she was in Regalia's care and she tried to keep her face from dropping when she heard what she was to do after she left the kitchens. She almost hoped there would be a lot of work to do. It wasn't that she didn't like spending time with the Aes Sedai, or even taking lessons. In fact that was her favorite part of being a Novice, she was learning so much here that she wouldn't know about if she hadn't come here. She liked the logical tactics the Whites taught her, but goodness how boring it could be to get to the point!  When Mosvrini Sedai was finished with her instructions and was about to leave Kathleen curtsied deeply and realized she hadn't curtsied for the Accepted.


Quickly she turned to Regalia and curtsied. She was surprised to be shrugged off as she was used to Accepteds beaming when she curtsied for them. It was more likely a full Sister would be quicker to dismiss her than an Accepted, she assumed it was because the Accepteds liked when any sign of their authority was shown.


From the tone of the questions Regalia had for her, and the look on her face,  it seemed to Kathleen that this Accepted was not as happy about this arrangement as she was. She had asked Kathleen what she had done to earn this chore, but carried on without so much as a pause that Kathleen didn't know if she was really expecting an answer. She gave the quickest version of what caused this chore as she replied  "I dropped my food tray on an Aes Sedia and she said I should have more sense than to be so careless wasting food, and if I was going to go around making messes I should learn how to clean them up. And then I was sent here."


Regalia turned to the kitchen and starting showing Kathleen around. Kathleen followed and tried to take in as much as she could, but something about the girl kept nagging at her. Who was this "Regalia". Then it hit her, the girl was in the kitchens and acted as if she had been living this for ever and not just raised. She looked just as the stories had depicted her, and if Kathleen pictured the girl in a Novice dress she was sure she fit the description of the prankster Ray-ray. She had heard many stories of Ray-ray and her pranks when she was a novice, how the girl knew places in the tower that some said even the Mother didn't know about, but she had never actually seen the girl before. Could it really be her, or were her looks just coincidence?


As she moved through the kitchen following the girl Kathleen tried to listen to what she was being told, but she was so distracted by her own thoughts that she was sure she missed most of what Regalia told her. Finally they got through the contents of the pantry and Kathleen could concentrate again. She looked up and realized she was done learning where things were, and she had no clue. She didn't want to say anything to the Accepted because she had already expressed that she didn't want to have to repeat herself. Kathleen had done the cooking for the last few years at home, so she figured she would be fine if she was asked to get anything. At least she thought she would be. Now, how was she going to find out if this girl was Ray-ray? She couldn't just ask.

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The Novice trailing behind her gave her odd looks. Regalia pursed her lips and wondered what she was up to. Probably recognizes me from somewhere. She continued to rattle off the names of various spices and herbs around the pantry. She had grown so used to the ingredients laying about she could find anything in a split second. She had grown up around the kitchens and no longer feared having to be in charge of the place. The Mistress of the Kitchens had once suggested Regalia as her successor before Cook had vetoed that idea. Cook always expected Regalia to be up for better things.


“Kathleen, I expect you are overwhelmed with information. You will have time to worry about that.” Regalia picked up a tureen of soup. “The pantry is forbidden to Novices except when accompanied by an Accepted or an Aes Sedai or the very least one of the other attendants. But I expect they’ll never brave Cook’s wrath if something goes wrong, so best to know who to walk around in.”


She then led the Novice out of the pantry and onto the kitchen floors.  “Now, in the kitchen there is only 2 major chores that need to be done. One is the scrubbing of the stove and the other’s the cleaning of the dishes. Get some gloves off the rack later. I’ll explain to you what needs to be done.” Regalia led the Novice over to the stove. Black crusted everything. “We need to remove as much of the soot from the stove as possible. It clogs the chimneys and makes everything smokey.  Get a brush, and you can start scrubbing.” Regalia nodded. “Any questions?”


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Kathleen wasn't overwhelmed with information so much as overwhelmed because she had missed so much information. She spent far too much time in her own head, that was going to get her a lot of trouble one of the these days. I need to pay attention, she thought. No more fooling around I need people to take me seriously I can't go around with my head in the clouds anymore. I have ears for reason, it's time to use them!


As she followed the Accepted out of the pantry Kathleen took one more look just to get a basic look at where the most used ingredients were. It didn't help much, but as Regalia said, she wouldn't have to worry about going here alone as long as she were a Novice. I just have to make sure I find my way back here and get a good look at it. Ha, who would have thought I would be looking for ways to get more chores! This girl must really be Ray-ray to make me think about how I'll get punished next! Of course, Kathleen new it wasn't the girl who gave her any ideas.


She wasn't a mischievous one, not that she was never tempted, she just didn't really know how to pull pranks and she was not very fond of getting in trouble. It made people look you at you with a sour face and she could never tell what they thought of her. Though the kids who did pull pranks always said that the punishment was worth the pleasure. How fooling someone could bring you pleasure Kathleen never really understood. Though she could now see that if getting in trouble could have her sent where she wanted for the punishment it could be a useful tactic..and it might be a little a funny to see the surprise on someone's face when they realized they were fooled. The look on the Aes Sedai's face after the lunch tray landed in her lap was rather amusing and that was only an accident!


But all of her thoughts of pleasure and pranking came to a dead halt when Regalia starting talking about dishes and scrubbing the oven. Kathleen knew those chores would be there to do when she started her walk to the kitchen. They weren't new chores to her but they were her least favorite kitchen chores.


As Kathleen was taken up close to the stove she was shocked to see how much soot there was. "Light, does this thing ever get cleaned?" she heard herself say. As soon as the words were out she wished she could take them back. "I mean, I just thought it wouldn't have so much of a build up, surely this is done enough that there shouldn't be this much...." Kathleen cut off in her sentence. She couldn't believe what she was saying. Light, I'm going to be here trying to scrub this to a shine for the rest of the day thanks to that talk! Oh, please let Regalia let my bumbling slide! I have to remember I'm not in my mother's kitchen. Kathleen curtsied to Regalia and ran to get the brush she was sent for. She was so nervous thinking of how she was fumbling over her words that when she heard Regalia ask if she had any questions Kathleen spit out the first one she thought of, "Are you Ray-ray?" Kathleen slowly took the brush back to the Accepted and tried to hide her deep blush. So much for not looking foolish today, she thought!


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“Are you Ray-ray?”


Regalia paused and took a deep breath. Her eyes took on a cold cast and the look she gave the Novice made the poor girl take a step back. She regretted having to do that to a Novice, but there were boundaries to be set and the girl had clearly taken to think that Regalia was a friend. Even newly raised Accepted were reminded time and again that there were to be no friendships with the Novice.


“My name is Regalia, child, and you are to address me as Accepted or simply Regalia. Whatever names you might have thought me to have had, you will keep to your private conversations. Or I might take it to be insubordination. Even Accepted have authority to send Novices to Pia Sedai.” She softened her look a little bit. “I am Accepted, but I too was Novice once and I understand how difficult it is adjusting to life as a Novice. But under no circumstance should you think that Accepted are your friends. Until you, yourself are Raised to wear the banded dress, the best for you right now would be to treat us as you would an Aes Sedai until instructed otherwise.”


Regalia turned to the stove. “We are preparing for the Dinner Bell, which as you know, rings at half past six. As it is already three, we might want to rush this a little bit.” Regalia glanced at the salt and pepper shakers. And smiled. Already her mind was working.


“Nevermind the stove.” Regalia walked over the table which was covered with salt and pepper shakers. “These salt and shakers need to be filled. I think it better for you to do it. We can do the stove some other time. In the Pantry there are bags of salt and pepper. Go ahead and get that and fill the shakers.” Regalia glanced at the shakers and smiled to herself. She hoped the Novice had been paying attention to where everything was, since neither the sugar, salt, pepper and countless other bags with white crystals in the pantry were labled. “Don’t be late or there will be trouble.” She smiled and swept out of the kitchen regally.


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The look Regalia gave her when Kathleen let the name ‘Ray-ray' slip was enough to make her freeze in her tracks. Kathleen felt like she could have been staring the Dark One in the face and been more sure of herself. And I thought I was done for with the soot comment! I'll be lucky to come out of this with head! The girl, no, the Accepted spoke with all the force of an Aes Sedai and Kathleen knew she would have to watch her words and steps as if she were addressing the Mistress of Novices in a bad mood. She knew that if she did one more thing to insult Regalia the Mistress of Novices study would be her next stop. Still,  Regalia hadn't denied being Ray-ray, but then, what matter does that make now? It doesn't change the fact that she is Accepted, I am a  Novice and I am here to clean. I really have to stay on task and out of trouble. I am not making a good start for myself.


As Kathleen took up the brush to scrub at the stove Regalia changed her mind. Kathleen was sure the girl, Accepted, was not doing it because she had complained so much about it. No, it was more likely after her complaining and forwardness any other Accepted would have made her scrub it to a shine. Kathleen wasn't going to complain about the change of chores after all the last thing she wanted to do was scrub soot on her hands and knees.


So much for not having to worry about going into the pantry alone until I'm an Accepted, Kathleen thought as she turned to get the salt and pepper for the shakers and saw Regalia leaving. Where is she going? I hope she isn't going to tell on me. How much time does Pia Sedai need to prepare for the punishment I deserve for this afternoon?


She broke out of thought as she reached the pantry and took a deep breath as she looked around. Salt and pepper, she thought, that shouldn't be hard. She found the bag of pepper very easily and let a smile show. Then she started looking for salt and was a little overwhelmed when she saw all the bags of white. It can't all be salt. Oh, why wasn't I listening! Who cares if she's Ray-ray? It makes no difference? Everyone cares if they get sugar instead of salt and that would have me in  Pia Sedai's study for weeks!


Kathleen kept looking from bag to bag and was getting so overwhelmed she decided that instead of just staring at the bags of white waiting for the salt to jump out at her she would fill the pepper shakers then come back and search for the salt. It is so common it has to be one of these first bags. No one would hide it in the back.


Kathleen started filling the pepper shakers and was moving along as fast as she could. There were more of them than she had thought there were and she was trying to make sure they were all full to the top. As quickly as she was trying to go she still ended up taking more time that she would have liked. There was still some pepper left in the bag when she was done filling the shakers so she sealed up the bag as best she could and took it back to the pantry.


Kathleen was looking at the bags of white trying to determine which was salt. Some were too big and some too much of powder. She quickly had it narrowed down to three bags that were close to the front and just as she was about to sample them for taste the dinner bell rang. She hadn't thought it was that late and she knew she had to get the salt shakers filled. In her haste she grabbed the closest of the three bags and made a mad dash for the shakers. It had the right consistency as she quickly filled each shaker, but she wasn't worried so much about if it looked like salt anymore she was worried about getting all the shakers filled before the dining hall filled up.


She raced to get everything set up and was relieved when it was all done before the first person sat down and on her way to put the bag of white powder way all she could think was, Light, let this be the salt!

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The first screams drew the attention of Regalia from one of the private Dining room. She had been there serving lunch to Farenda Sedai, when the commotion started. Light... already? Regalia curtseyed gracefully and excused herself from the Aes Sedai’s presence. Her slightly amused smile appeared as soon as she was out of the room.


“Regalia!” Regalia turned to face to a worried looking Brandessa, one of the kitchen attendants who had rushed to her side. “Your Novice has filled the salt shakers with industrial strength laxatives! The Cook is having a fit. And your Novice is being detained! You better go to her. Lest the Cook reports you to the Mistress of Kitchens.” With a spare hand, Brandessa led the Accepted towards the main Dining hall. Regalia frowned, this was clearly not what she was expecting.


“Regalia!” The Cook’s face was clearly fuming as she spoke. “Did you ask this foolish whit of a girl to fill the saltshakers with the contents of this bag?” The Cook held up a bag of white powder. Slight bits of it still spilt down the sides.


“I most certainly did not.” Regalia’s cool eyes regarded the hot-faced Kathleen. “I have already shown her where everything is. Not my fault if she cannot remember.” Regalia eyed the bag. “Why do we have industrial strength laxative in the Pantry? Surely that should be kept somewhere safer? And not part of the food.”


“Nevermind that, Regalia. It belongs to Oloranda Sedai. And Light knows why Aes Sedai choose to do what they do. You included.” She rolled her eyes heavenward. “Anyway, what’s done is done. We’ve sent them to an Aes Sedai for the Healing. And you two need to help me cookup a new batch of soup. Thank goodness we caught it before too many of the Novices had taken a sip. The four who had taken the effects have soiled their clothes and the floor and are with Uurora Sedai in the Yellow wing.” The Cook sighed. “Just… just help me clean up and help me cut up more vegetables. I think I’ll just make a simple broth for the poor dears.” The Cook gave Kathleen one last glare and got to bustling.


“Kathleen,” Regalia tapped the frightened Novice on the shoulder, which made her jump. “Go clean up the mess in the Hall and come back here. Brandessa here will help you. Now.” She clapped her hand to make the Novice snap out of it and followed the Cook off to the stoves.


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Kathleen didn't know what was going on when she first heard the screams but when the cook came in there was no question left that Kathleen had done something very very wrong. Kathleen tried to calmly explain what had happened to the cook but she couldn't get a word in between the repremand the cook was giving her. Apparently the cook did hear Kathleen answer that Regalia was the one who was supposed to be watching her.


Of course Kathleen tried to explain that it was not Regalia's fault, that she had done all she could be expected to do and that Kathleen had just not remembered where the salt was when she came to get it. There was no need to tell the cook that she hadn't been paying attention when Regalia showed her, just that the Accepted had shown her and it was Kathleen's fault that it wasn't used. The cook didn't appear to want any answer from her and didn't seem to hear a word Kathleen did say.


When Regalia came came into the room she looked so upset and Kathleen wanted so badly to tell her that she was trying to tell the cook it wasn't the Accepted's fault, but she knew that while the cook was talking to Regalia there was no invitation for Kathleen to speak. She was so upset by the whole mess that her face was showing all her emotions and when Regalia shot Kathleen a cold glare the poor girl nearly burst into tears.


She tried to hold back the tears. She tried to think about something to get her mind off of what was going on, but all she could think about was how she could have let this happen. If only I had listened when she told me where it was! If only I hadn't let that bell rush me so much. I should have tasted the crystals to make sure! Oh, what a mess I've made! Why wouldn't the cook hear me out? It wasn't Regalia! I hope she doesn't get in trouble for this. I can't believe how much of a fool I've been around her. How she must feel about me! None of the things she thought made her feel any better and she jumped when she felt a tap on her shoulder.


Kathleen hadn't even noticed that the cook had left and began cleaning until Regalia's words brought her out of her head. Kathleen wanted to tell the Accepted that she had tried to tell the cook that it wasn't Regalia's mistake, that it had been all Kathleen's fault. She wanted to say this but the urgency in Regalia's voice and the look in her eye made Kathleen know she didn't want to hear it. When Regalia clapped Kathleen jumped again and ran off without a word to clean with Brandessa.

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Regalia glanced backwards as the Novice left the kitchen. Part of her felt empathy for the girl, it had not been long ago when Regalia herself wore Novice whites. But then again she recalled with a slightly smile, that most of the punishments had been noone’s fault but hers. Also, there had been many occasions where she hadn’t been caught. And those were totally worth it.


“That one has her head in the clouds but her heart in the right place.” Regalia nodded at the Cook who had spoken.


“I can see that.” Regalia grunted as she carried the sack of carrots to the Cook.


“Look out for her. Just as I look out for you. I feel she may make a good Aes Sedai yet.” The Cook nodded wisely at her own words, as she chopped up the vegetables and stirred it into a pot of boiling water. “Sometimes they take a while to shine, but better a rough diamond than a lump of coal.”


“That’s not what you used to tell me, Cook. You’ve always believed in changing coal to diamonds.” Regalia smiled fondly at the plump woman.


“Ah, yes. That might be true. But it takes a lot more effort, no?” The Cook stirred the vegetable stock. Regalia’s tummy rumbled slightly at the smell. “Have you not eaten then, Ray-ray?” Regalia shook her head. She had not had anything since morning.  “I won’t be a minute. I’ve got some biscuits baking and some of the honeycake you love. And I think Farenda Sedai will be done. Go quickly and clear up her dishes and by the time you return, I will have a nice meal for you.”


Regalia nodded and gave the Cook a quick hug and then left to the Private Dining room to clear up. Thankfully, Farenda Sedai wasn’t a messy eater and with a graceful curtsey to the Aes Sedai, who was just getting up to leave, Regalia collected the plates and headed back to the Kitchen.


The sight that greeted her made her give a small whoop of joy. Poached eel in orange sauce. Thick soup with frog’s legs, pig’s ears and miscellaneous vegetables. Green salad with chopped hog’s foot jelly. Honey cake. Mint Tea. And pickled snails. Her favourite. She imagined the Mistress of Kitchens would not be back for a while, so additional chores could wait. For now… lunch.


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As Kathleen entered the Dining Hall with Brandessa she was surprised to see that so few people could make such a big mess. She had heard the cook say that her mistake was caught after only a few people but from the mess left behind it looked like quite a few more people than Kathleen had thought.


She saw the mess all around her but the first job on her mind was the clear all the salt shakers and remove the laxatives. She still had trouble thinking about that and as she loaded them on to a tray to be taken into the kitchen to clean she couldn't help but wonder how the people who had ingested it were feeling. She knew that by now all the people who had taken ill would have been healed but no amount of healing would change their opinion of her now. She had wanted so fiercely to be looked upon with high regard and she knew that it would be a long time, if ever, that she could get her image past this.


After all how long and how far had Ray-ray's reputation gotten? People who had never met her could form opinions on her, not that Kathleen would ever form an opinion on anyone without actually getting to know them first. Kathleen couldn't help be reminded of her earlier thoughts of Regalia being Ray-ray just because she fit the description. How silly. How many other people fit that description around the Tower. Maybe not quite as much as the Accepted did, but enough that if you were looking for it you could see it. She just feared that others would not be so compassionate and they would make her time at the Tower much harder than need be. Perhaps they weren't told who made the mistake. Not very likely a scenario, but perhaps.


Kathleen remembered that she was told to return and didn't want to keep Regalia waiting so as quickly as she could she cleaned the rest of the mess. Brandessa did help, but Kathleen took it upon herself to clean the messiest and hardest jobs in an act of redemption. She felt bad for the Accepted who was sent with her, she really didn't have anything to do with it she was just in a bad place at a bad time.


On Kathleen's way back into the kitchen with the salt shakers she spotted the stove and couldn't help thinking that when this day started scrubbing that seemed like the worst that could have happened. Oh how she wished all she had done today was scrub that stove to a shine! She set down the tray and turned to Regalia and curtsied. She had once been told by the girl not to be bothered with curtsies but after all Kathleen had put her through today she thought it was the least she could do, and perhaps a small step to get back in Regalia's good books, if she was ever there before.


"I have finished with the cleaning you sent me to do and I have returned as quickly as I could. I apologize if I have kept you waiting Accepted..the room was more of a mess than I was expecting. Also, I want you to know that I tried to tell her that you had no part in this, that you had shown me around the pantry well and it was my mistake but I don't think she heard me. I'm sorry if I have gotten you in any trouble." Kathleen didn't have to try to sound meek it came very naturally. She tried to hold off tears but one rolled down her face.  This not like me, she thought, I have become so weak here! I would never have had my head in the clouds like this at home and I would not be this emotional! What is this Tower doing to me?

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Regalia dabbed the last of her meal from her lips and nodded thoughtfully. The spiced wine made her head spin a little, but she doubted it would ease the pain of her punishment with the Mistress of Kitchens later on. Still, better to have one person punished than both of them. The Cook was right, the Novice before her did have the makings of a good Aes Sedai, and it was too soon to break her spirit. If only she could stop being so woolheaded about everything. But Regalia supposed the lessons with the sisters would change that. In truth, Regalia felt that a little wool-headedness was good against the madness of the Tower. But there had to be balance.


“Balance.” Regalia said aloud. The Novice gave a little start. “Kathleen, not every Accepted will be as I am, nor will I conform to what the other Accepted are. Let today be a lesson about balance, girl.” Regalia held up a knife and balanced it gently on her finger. “Life in the White Tower will not be easy for those of us who are used to freedom and our own ways. But it is not for the White Tower to ductate who we are or what we become. Understand this. Do not lose yourself in the history or the Power or the ways of the Aes Sedai. Instead let it amplify you in the ways you never thought possible. I see in you a great heart. A love for people that not many have. Do not lose that. Instead, let it balance each lesson you take, each punishment you endure, and each person you meet and serve. We are servants to all, and yet there is no clause that says we have to lose ourselves in it.”


Regalia got up. “You asked if I was Ray-ray, the Novice that flooded the South Tower with salt crystals, the Novice that is rumoured to know the secret passages of the Tower itself?” Kathleen nodded mutely. Regalia sighed inwardly. It seemed like she had become somewhat of the legend. “I will say to you, no. I am not. No longer. Not completely anyway. Not in the way I used to be. But yes, those pranks are written in my Novice records. I learnt to adapt myself to the ways of the Aes Sedai. But I still contain part of who I am and who I used to be. That is what must be learnt. And lived. Balance.” She waved a dismissal at the Novice. “You may leave now. You still have a lesson with Mosvrini Sedai, if I recall.”


“Leave, Accepted Regalia? But what about my punishment.” Kathleen stared at her with wide eyed confusion.


“Let today’s punishment be the knowledge that your mishaps can cause others more problems than it is worth. Go. I will handle the Mistress of Kitchens. She will not be pleased.” Regalia smiled cheekily. “Perhaps you can think of yourself owing me a favour. A thought for the future.” She waved again. “Go, before I change my mind. A White sister has no patience. I will see you in classes, Kathleen. And remember… balance.”


With that Regalia squared her shoulders and headed for the Mistress of Kitchen’s office, where she would wait her return. Possibly in receipt of a penance.


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