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The One Power as a quantity......


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For the sake of this discussion lets assume the One Power is a liquid and can be measured as a quantity. For example: let say the minimum amount a full Aes Sedai must be able to channel is 50 gallons. Someone like Morgase who is very weak and can manage lighting a candle or some other very simple task can only channel 1 gallon. This will apply to male or female channelers

Using this as a guide rate the channeling ability of the major players in the story. Rand,Moraine, Egwene, Nynaeve, Elyane, the various Forsaken, the Wise Ones.

My take on this is as follows:

Rand 10,000 gallons

Moraine 3,000

Egwene 4200

Nynaeve 6500

Elyane 3800

The Forsaken will range from 5500 to 11000

The Wise ones from 150 to 2500


This may seem silly but it might be fun. Every body will have their own ideas as to strenght in the power.

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I tend to be one who doesn't think there is enough to quantify, even in the abstract, various strengths in the power... so much of a direct confrontation can be speed, timing, knowledge of a weave, or Talent in the form the contest is taking, so that little fine accuracy can be gleamed. You know this person can make a gateway, and this one can't, for instance, but not nearly enough to take it to the extremes we see people do here sometimes.


That said, I find it interesting that you put at least one Forsaken above Rand. Rand you had at 10K, with Forsaken ranging up to 11K. Who would you put ahead of Rand, and is it only because you think Rand hasn't reached his full potential yet?

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I would put Rahvin ahead of Rand even though Rand defeated him in Camelyn.

I belive that it was a stroke of luck or his tavereness. Rand and company were getting their collect behinds handed to them, up until the BF incident.


And yes, because Rand has not reached full potential as of yet. But he is close. Asmo taught him well.

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From New Spring we learn that Moiraine and Siuan haven't reached their full potential after 6 years training, having obtained the shawl.


Forcing does help to speed up the process as mentioned to the girls early on and Nyn actually started channeling earlier so may have come close to reaching her potential already.


Rand has really only just started learning though in comparative number of years but I would expect that channeling the flow through the eye of the world would have had the same effect as the forcing for the wonder girls :)


Still, it seems likely from other comments throughout the books that Rand and the girls may not yet be at their full potential.


Does using the Super Sa'Angreal count as forcing? could that put Rand and Nyn at their full potential? or help towards it?


Just how strong is Aliva ?, she's one of my favorites...

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First forum post!


I like this kinda thing, I think one of the best things about Wheel of Time is that it seems like Mr Jordan put a lot of effort into keeping track of channeler strength (and also swordfighting ability) so comparing characters can be very inteersting.


I rank only Ishamael equal to Rand. Id say Aginor is a hairswidth below them.


Didnt Mr Jordan say somewhere that male channelers have a fiew tiers of max strength that females cant reach? Id say Alivia is on par with Lanfears original strength, although that is debateable.

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Not sure if liquid would be an accurate measurement system since the actual weaves seem not to be liquids; but I agree that the One Power has some kind of quantity.

Maybe particles might be more accurate.


Exact measurements, the people who have access to the notes would be the most likely people who would know.


Rand, the books seem to imply that his strength is the same as Lews Therin's was.  Lews Therin's I take was same as Ishamael's.  Ishamael's I take is the highest of the Forsaken.  Thus the highest for Forsaken would be same as Rand's.


Thirteen Depository lists levels for saidar channelers::



Have not found an equivalent for saidin channelers.


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The use of liquid measure was purely a way to quantify the One power so the relative strenght and only strength could be compared.

A fully trained AS of monderate strenght could weave circles around say Elayne who is vastly stronger in the power than most if not all of the White tower but she is not fully trained.

Egwene on the other hand is stronger still but with the damane training can out weave a large number of trained Aes Sedai.


With that in mind rate the relative strenght of the major players or any you would like to mention.

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Well, Therava and some other Wise Ones would be rather larger than 2500.  It's stated that she's stronger than any woman in the Tower, and others are with her.  The trouble is, I don't know whether they are counting Elayne & co. in that assessment.  So I'd split the difference and call them between 4000-5000.


Just for fun, here's what I got from the individual Forsaken.



Balthamel/Aran'gar*: 3000/8000

Be'lal: 8000


Lanfear: 12,400

Asmodean: 6000

Graendal: 8000

Cyndane**: 9000


Semirhage: 7500

Mesaana: 7700

Demandred: N/A (We haven't seen him do anything with the power, so we have no clue)

Sammael: 8500

Rahvin: 8000



*When he was at the Eye, neither Aginor nor Balthamel appeared to be at "Forsaken level."  I don't know why, it's just a vibe I got.

**seperate entry because her strength was cut

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