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  1. The three oaths have a truck load of wriggle room depending on how an individual Aes Sedai interprets them, it's always been one of the big things in the books, we are presented with a particular Aes Sedai's interpretation of a particular oath. To speak no word that is not true for example is the greatest focus for wiggle room but the other two have their own caveats. If you were one of those people that moved your lips, speaking as it were, while you wrote, then you would not be able to write a lie. If you were being very White Ajah and defined the oath into it's constituant parts and did not take what other sisters told you at face value you would speak no individual word that was not true. The White Ajah methodology example would mean you would have to define the condition for a singular word to not be "True" and then you could lie to your heart's content, as long as the individual words lived up to an analysis of True under some criteria. Creating a weave that makes you look like someone else, doesn't even need much thought to dismiss as allowed by the anti-lieing oath barring unique Aes Sedai biases.
  2. Does the ability to ignore heat and cold actually have something to do with being able to wield the power? Does this have some hidden implication about the Aiel that we've not seen before. Aes Sedai are taught how to ignore heat and cold upon gaining the shawl. It is described as being similar to preparing ones self for embracing the source. Taim teaches Rand and all the Ashamen how to ignore heat and cold, presumably he learnt it from a forsaken. We are told by various Aes Sedai and Ashamen that in their opinion it has nothing to do with the one power. Aes Sedai only teach it to Aes Sedai - no problems there, no proof otherwise. Ashamen try to teach it to their wives and loved ones but they fear it being something to do with the power and do not learn it - still no proof otherwise. The Aiel seem to do something similar in ignoring heat and cold but they are raised in a very harsh land, both hot and cold by turns - still no proof against Book 7 Sevanna mentions that some of her people showed their dishonour by sweating, even though the land was nowhere near as hot as the waste - still not quite proof of something amiss. But it's mentioned time and again how Aes Sedai and Ashamen can ignore heat and cold and that Aiel can ignore heat and cold. Could the Ashamen and Aes Sedai be mistaken about this ability having nothing to do with the power? Does this mean something about the innate channeling ability in the Aiel People and the Travelling people? Could it be something to do with "The Song" ? and why the Aiel don't sing and the Travelling people search for "The Song"? (having "The Voice" as described by the Green Man) I think I'm on a wild goose chase with this one but I still have this nagging voice in my head saying "hey, over here, something is not quite right" Perhaps the Aiel are pivotal in their ability to make things grow as in the age of legends (having more people with The Voice talent) and with the help of the Ogier and once the song is rediscovered they will form the teams that green the world to recover from the depredations of The Dark One after the last battle ...... or something
  3. non trivial addendum Aes Sedai can make a weapon such as a catapult stone that explodes. (trolloc attack on the two rivers) It cannot be used by any one man as the catapult must be operated by a team to be effective. (though I guess it could be fired by 1 man) If the catapult misfired or something went wrong in the loading the catapult stones would have definitely killed the two rivers catapult operators. Other weapons could be made if they required more than one person in order to kill. So seige engines are allowed.
  4. Luckers, I think that I may have been unintentionally channeling your essence every time I talk (ok, when I rave) about the mess that has become the white tower. This has to be one of the very best pieces I've ever seen analysing WoT. I've always found it difficult to play Aes Sedai, your article sums up why very nicely.
  5. Um Dagon Thyme, I think you might have missed the mark a bit there. The oath doesn't mention making a weapon with the power, just making a weapon for one man to kill another. The Aes Sedai could have made the weapon before she took the oaths but not after, she would find herself incapapable of weilding a hammer at a forge if she thought she were about to make anything that could be used as a weapon that a man could use. A sneaky way to make a weapon would be to fashion one who's grip was unsuited to any hand but a woman's or a boy's but as grips can be replaced this would be a stretch that could see the oathbreaker choking on her own tongue. If the weapon were power wrought and one piece this could work, but would depend on the frame of mind of the Aes Sedai. Of course it doesn't stop them manufacturing fancloth or enhancing the armour plates of their warders to withstand blows better than any normal steel. Tricksome beasts those Aes Sedai ;)
  6. Aes Sedai hedge and wiggle to get out of the oath about speaking no word that is not true. Few people I have talked to think much on how much the Aes Sedai would hedge and wiggle with the weapon oath should they feel like doing so. 1 An iron sword is made by a blacksmith, razor sharp to the best of his ability. An Aes Sedai changes the sword to make it Heartstone. If the Aes Sedai believes they have only enhanced the weapon and the blacksmith was the maker then they can complete the weave. Same for making generic power wrought blades. 2 An Aes Sedai places a weave of flames (much like Morraine and her switch of fire) on her warder's blade. She believes that she did not make the weapon, only enhanced it. She can complete the weave. She is however prudent and links the weave to the posession of the blade by her warder. 3 A passionate green sister can see no difference between making a sword with her own hands (she cannot do this) and enhancing her warder's swords with flames, she cannot and will not make the weaves for any weapon can be taken and used by a man. 4 Elayne Trakand places a powerful weave on the bow of birgitte so that every arrow fired delivers a powerful blast of fire, she links the weave to Birgitte and if the weapon leaves her hands then the weave dissapates immediately. --- There are going to be other Aes Sedai that believe that any use of the power of Saidar in the hands of a man would break the oath "To make no weapon for one man to kill another" and there would be considerable discussion and attempts at censure for any sister that abused the oath in this way. It's all a matter of what you can get away with. Flames on a sword might be obvious but a power wrought weapon in the hands of a warder makes it a lot harder to prove that a sister has skirted their oath in this manner.
  7. From New Spring we learn that Moiraine and Siuan haven't reached their full potential after 6 years training, having obtained the shawl. Forcing does help to speed up the process as mentioned to the girls early on and Nyn actually started channeling earlier so may have come close to reaching her potential already. Rand has really only just started learning though in comparative number of years but I would expect that channeling the flow through the eye of the world would have had the same effect as the forcing for the wonder girls :) Still, it seems likely from other comments throughout the books that Rand and the girls may not yet be at their full potential. Does using the Super Sa'Angreal count as forcing? could that put Rand and Nyn at their full potential? or help towards it? Just how strong is Aliva ?, she's one of my favorites...
  8. I'm still reading through the Red Eagle forum, WoT MMO post at the moment, before I say something stupid that has already been said, because I have some definite ideas about a WoT game world. So many posts, so little time ;) Thanks for the warm welcome, *hugs* to you :)
  9. I've been lurking for a bit, long time fan of the WoT series. I've been reading the WoT books for what seems like forever, I estimate that I've read the eye of the world about fifteen times now as I re-read the series when a new book comes out, and sometimes just because. With ever increasing demands on my time I've taken to listening to the books on my media player, so the number of 'reads' is unknown, I'm up to The Shadow Rising again, where Rand is coming with the dawn :) Chapter 27 ish?
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