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  1. I don't think it was a prophecy about Nynaeve that you are remembering. I think it was just a comment by Min made in conversation after Nynaeve has been particularly bristly... "Oh, don't mind her. She [Nynaeve] won't be happy until she's healed someone three days dead." Not saying that she won't do this very thing (some people have speculated on using tel'aran'rhiod, possibly to heal a dead Rand), but I don't think that there is the prophetic "oomph" there that there might be with something she clearly defines as a vision in the narrative.
  2. It's a good question, though asked about the wrong person/being, I think. What I mean is... was it the DO or the Dreadlords/Forsaken who decided not to use balefire? My impression was it was the Dreadlords themselves, specifically for fear of tearing apart the pattern. If the DO really wants to destroy the Pattern, then I'd say that the Dreadlords/Forsaken (save for Ishamael) just didn't understand that fact. They were all seduced by the lure of ruling under the DO, unaware that he wanted to actually destroy everything. But like I said, your question is valid, but it needs to be asked of Ishamael and those like him. Why wouldn't they be out just tearing things up with balefire? Sure, it might draw the ire of the other Forsaken who don't understand why Ishi would just be hosing cities out of existence, but he could stick and move.
  3. You're already past the one thing I make sure I tell a new reader of the series... If I want someone to read the series, I make sure to by them book 1 AND 2. I tell them that Book 1 is something of an artificial ending because RJ/Tor didn't know if it was going to sell, so they should give the series until Book 2 to really understand the scope and payoff that the series promises.
  4. I say no. A lot of people are going to say Elayne, but... If we say that Rand's love for Min, Elayne, and Aviendha is roughly equivalent, and we use Gaidal/Birgitte as a guide, then I have to think that either all 3 are tied to Rand's soul or none of them are. If Ilyena is reborn as someone in Rand's life... if she is important enough to *be* reborn... then she should be important enough to be exclusive in Rand's life. We know that Ilyena did not become split into 3 people, so if Ilyena *is* Elayne, then who *were* Min and Aviendha? So, no. I'm not buying her being reborn.
  5. OK, but that's part of what I'm trying to understand. There was plenty of time from the drilling of the Bore to the seals being put into place where the DO had unmitigated contact with the world -- if only through the Bore. All of the Forsaken eventually turned to the shadow, and then earned their various nicknames destroying cities, or raising street urchin armies... you know, like you do when you're an uber-baddie. What are we to expect when the seals are finally broken? Are you thinking that the Bore is going to be bigger than it was when the seals weren't stopping his access? Big enough to finally let the DO do something Pattern-destroying? Or does he need something else at the same time?
  6. I thought we had a quote from RJ that said basically that, yes, the Light's champion had gone over to the shadow in ages past... that Rand's defiant statement to Ishi was more belief than factual knowledge. I could definitely be wrong about that, because I also remember the quote from RJ that "Ishamael is a lying liar who lies." So, I'm not exactly sure. That said, everything that the DO has managed to do by himself thus far is only color/texture to the greater goal of destroying-the-Pattern/ending-Time. If he can't do that from outside of the Pattern (or can't do that from solely outside of the Pattern), then what has to happen within the Pattern? I guess it comes down to two questions... What would let him win (ie, enable him to win)? What would enable him to destroy the Pattern?
  7. The chaos seems to be a tool rather than an end in and of itself... you know, keeping the forces of the light off balance and unable to respond/retaliate when he makes his move. But you have a good point that we might have to define the form of the battle in order to understand the victory conditions of the DO.
  8. Very simple question, what does the Dark One need to win? What does God need with a starship? Sorry, wrong universe. Back to the point... We know what the DO would do if he were to win. We know that in the past the champion of the light has gone over to the shadow, so that alone cannot be what the DO needs... else he wouldn't be trapped anymore. So what is the DO's game? It seems he has been maneuvering for this particular Turning of the Wheel for several Ages now... maybe even several Turnings of the Wheel... to get the dominoes aligned just so. What is he missing?
  9. Brandon refused to verify whether the Seanchan can make cuendillar, and when asked about that copy that survived after Rand balefired Semi and Elza, Brandon said that the question of whether it was cuendillar didn't matter to the scene. IOW, even non-cuendillar items would have survived because the bracelets were deemed "not integral to the person" by team-Jordan.
  10. Relationships without love seems rare in this series. Relationships? Yes. Hookups? Not rare at all. You have read Mat's storyline, right? Not only his many dalliances (hookups) but his marriage... That's what you'd call a 'relationship', but it's the coldest, most loveless relationship in the books, IMO. Or the whole notion of "pillow friends"?
  11. Question: Before tGS, did we ever see floors of the White Tower referred to by number? Or did we instead only get a sense of how many flights up or down someone climbed? The references to a particular floor by that floor's number (like the novice quarters being on the 22nd level... a second command center had been established on the 22nd level... the Captain-General of the Green Ajah wonders to herself how many flights she has climbed and guesses that she is on the 22nd level) seemed to be an imposition of the modern world on the WoT universe. Or have we seen this before?
  12. Here's to being patient. ...and hopelessly optimistic.
  13. It had a part of the city on land and another portion on an island (where the true wealth was). You bring up an interesting comparison in that Tyre was the subject of a prophecy that it would fall (to Nebuchadnezzar), which it did not*. Sound familiar? "The Stone of Tear would not fall until the people of the Dragon..." I don't know that there is very much more in the way of connection, and even this seems coincidental, at best. But still interesting, though. *This is something of a hotly debated topic -- Ezekiel's failed prophecy -- which I don't think is really right to drag into the thread. There are apologetics regarding the prophecy (and Ezekiel's admission that it failed, later), of course, and it is a matter of personal belief.
  14. Had to recall this thread. Ahh, good times. Put another WoTLOLcat up, but since it has tGS spoilers, don't click on the link unless you have read that book... SPOILERS IF YOU CLICK ON THE LINK: http://cheezburger.com/View.aspx?aid=3292329728
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