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Whats up with Padin Fain??


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    I am fairly new to the seires, and in the middle of The Fires of Heaven.  Fain was just introduced again and I am so confused...what is he??!!  First he's a dark friend then he gets the dagger and changes some how, then he changes his name like a million times.  I thought he was just a darkfriend but he mentioned in this book that he was more because he went to Shayol Ghul.  Is he working with The Dark One or is he on his own???  Oh and please do not tell me anything past book five or nothing in book five.  I'm just confused about whats happened to him, i don't want to know what he's going to do, last i remember her was a pedler, then a darkfriend, then working with the whitecloaks, can anyone just give a very confused guy some info on who he is?

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UMMMM...Just read the thing about not going past Book 5...

you might want to be wary reading my post...I don;t remember when things happen, only that they did.


This is the basics (no spoilers, pretty much).


When he got the dagger, he became more than a DF or a hound for the DO.

He was taken to SG and twisted so he could sense Rand, Mat, and Perrin.


He was a DF for a long time, using his career as a Peddler to help him find Rand and Co.

After escaping Toman Head, he wondered about and went to Amador (I am pretty sure).

He was with the Whitecloaks later, because he always latches onto power (like with Turak). That is what the guy did to Aridhol. He twisted the King, and then the people. He never really takes the forefront, and instead works behind the power, while having the real control.


He sort of wanders around.



Here is more info that I think is past Book 5...


He hides. All the time. He wanders in and out of the series.

He can easily get people on his side, because he can tell when people have evil in their hearts.

IIRC, he can sense when someone is a DF, even if they have made no pledges yet.

You see him later, in Book 5 I believe. He has an important part with Rand.




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Fain was a Dark Friend, but the evil of Shadar Logoth changed him. Fain clarifies a bit what sort of happened himself, so I won't mention it, as I'm not sure WHEN it was mentioned.


But Fain's a freelancer now. He's not an agent of the Shadow nor an agent of the Light. He just absolutely has a burning desire to kill Rand. It's not stated in the books, but Fain's fate is also no longer guided by the Pattern. He's operating independently of it, which is really quite the anomaly.

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re-reading the following chapters (maybe multiple times each) might help give an understanding of Fain::


Eye of World Chapter 2

Eye of World Chapter 3

Eye of World Chapter 7

Eye of World Chapter 15

Eye of World Chapter 39

Eye of World Chapter 46

Eye of World Chapter 47

Eye of World Chapter 53

Great Hunt Chapter 3

Great Hunt Chapter 5

Great Hunt Chapter 11

Great Hunt Chapter 19

Great Hunt Chapter 30

Great Hunt Chapter 33

Great Hunt Chapter 34

Great Hunt Chapter 42

Great Hunt Chapter 45

Great Hunt Chapter 49

Dragon Reborn Prologue

Shadow Rising Chapter 1

Shadow Rising Chapter 31

Shadow Rising Chapter 45

Shadow Rising Chapter 56


Eye of World Chapter 4

Great Hunt Chapter 6

Great Hunt Chapter 7

Great Hunt Chapter 14

Great Hunt Chapter 19

Great Hunt Chapter 28

Great Hunt Chapter 41

Great Hunt Chapter 42

Great Hunt Chapter 44

Great Hunt Chapter 45

Great Hunt Chapter 49

Great Hunt Chapter 13

Shadow Rising Chapter 29

Shadow Rising Chapter 32

Shadow Rising Chapter 42

Shadow Rising Chapter 45


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