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a topic about laras, but not about her not being Mesanna (she's not)

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In TSR glossary it says that Laras is "a woman of surprising knowledge and a shocking past". Can anyone enlighten me on what this is about?

It references her youth. Despite her current appearance and girth, she was quite a beauty and flirt back in the day. That is what drew her to Min (Elmindreda, Min's alter-ego in the Tower, reminded Laras of her youth and younger self.)
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I would not call that ''Shocking'' either.


As for the ''Surprising Knowledge'' thing, my best guess would be that if you asked that to RJ (if he were here), or to RJ, your answer would be one of two things:






2 Simply meaning that working in a place like the White Tower all those years shed almost certainly had to seen, heard, observed and picked-up on QUITE a bit in her day...






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ok that makes sense with the shocking past. i wouldn't really call that shocking though. but what about the surprising knowledge bit?


The kind of knowledge that would be suprising to find in someone of the White Tower - especially in an aged overweight cook -  but not, say, in a 'hell' in Arad Doman. Sometimes the meaning of particular words used tells you more about the speaker than the subject.

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