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The Big (Currently) Unoticed Thing In Books 4-6 (Mistborn Spoilers)


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All the wildfires around Moscow made me realized what the BUT is:


Even though there is this unnatural heat wave and drought during books 5-6 there is not a single one wildfire mentioned in the books. What else but the BUT can that be? I think it has something to do with the Creator intervening on the world to counterbalance in some way the influence of the Dark One which is going against all notions of balance.


I am now going back to my cell.



Though I'm kidding, I still think that's something RJ may have forgotten. Just a detail.


He didn't forget it:


TITLE - The Fires of Heaven

CHAPTER: 13 - A Small Room in Sienda


Cleared fields dotted the distant hills, too, like brown patches on a mostly green cloth, the men working them seeming ants. Everything looked dry; one bolt of lightning would set a fire that could burn for leagues. But lightning meant rain, and the few clouds in the sky were too high and thin for that. Idly she wondered whether she could make it rain. She had learned considerable control over weather. Still, it was very difficult if you had to begin with nothing.


TITLE: Crown of Swords

CHAPTER: 9 - A Pair of Silverpike


Back among the tents, the last of the fires had been doused with dirt; no one took risks with fire when the countryside was tinder dry. A few tendrils of smoke rose lazily in the moonlight where the job had not been well done. A man murmured drowsily in his sleep inside a tent, and here and there a cough drifted out or a rasping snore, but otherwise the camp lay silent and still. Which was why Egwene was surprised when someone stepped from the shadows in front of her, especially someone wearing the simple white dress of a novice.


The heat lasted through TPOD when the Bowl was used.

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