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New and from tarvalon.net

Niniel Lalaith

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Welcome to DM!


Where did you get that nasty rumour that DM is more of a roleplay site? Maybe in days gone past... Now, there is a healthy split for those who want to join the Dark Side and RP, while for others there are the ORGs which have various themes and foci (or is it focuses??). Plus there are other areas, like the Book Discussions, Fiddlesticks (spam galore!) and Debates and Discussions. So there is something for everyone!


Have fun exploring the site, and maybe I'll see you by the Campfires of the Band of the Red Hand ORG. Do not hesitate to ask any questions you might have as you get lost!

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I hear Tar Valon is full of poo poo heads!!!  jk


Wait... I am a member there too... 


Hi I am the Community Admin and also the Org Leader of the Seanchan.  Org Leader is equivilant to Ajah Head at TV and Community Admin is like Dralyn.  What up! 


Anyway the Seanchan are basically the Tech and Media group.





-Translater of all things TV to DM

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Welcome Nin  :D


I just wanted to point out that all boards at the lower half of the main board page are Role Play related (specifically, all the boards under Dragon Reborn Planning, Dragon Reborn Divisions and Dragon Reborn Role Playing).


All the boards above it are Community related, including all the various orgs and discussion boards.


If you have any questions feel free to PM me  ^_^







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Ok so do i just join 1 org then??


Yeah take one at a time. That way you get the feel before adding more to your belt. DM can take over your life! lol Its fun to be taken over though. **Grin**



Welcome! I am from Tv.net also. Torrie Le'Alma there. If you need anything my PM is open also! :)






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