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America's Next Top Model Cycle 13 - CW - Wed 8pm


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Well, it starts at 7pm for me, but I'll follow your format...


So, ANTM has begun.  Who do you love?  Who do you hate?


So far I LOVE Laura!!!  Seriously, I adore her!  And I also love Nicole even though she portrays herself as very weird.  Honestly, I believe she's a little socially awkward, but I'm thinking that all the extra weirdness is a put on.  Even if it isn't, she's Fabulous so far, so she's a front runner for me.


Who do I hate?  Nene 2.0(Bianca).  I was SO Glad she was in the bottom two right at the opening gate!  I'm hoping that scare will slap the attitude out of her.  Or at least partly.  Her photo was fabulous, but she'll never make it in the industry with that kind of attitude.  I always hate it when photographers say "models are here to look pretty, not think"  but her behavior on set was exactly what that phrase was Born for!  I felt kind of bad for Lisa going home.  But honestly, it was probably the best for her.  She seemed a bit depressed.  She probably would not have made it very far looking as sad as she did all the time.  But OMG am I ever glad that Amber didn't show up and she was the replacement.  Amber would have been right there with Nene 2.0 in the Super Hate category.


I'm sort of glad they got the makeovers over and done with right at the beginning, but it was rather uneventful.  I mean, Nene 2.0 had a bit of a meltdown, but even that was tame compared to makeovers past.


Here's a link to the models' portfolios



And here's a link to FourFour's episode recap, which is usually up on Mondays.  And remember, some of his commentary is not safe for work.  No nudity since there's none on the show, but sometimes his commentary can be rather crass.  I would not categorize it as PG-13 safe.


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So last night was the two hour premiere of America's Next Top Model--cycle 13. In this cycle, only girls 5'7" and under were allowed to apply.


There are a few rather unique personalities on there, but I find myself getting tired of this. Yes, it took 11 or 12 cycles, but FINALLY, right?



Anywho, Tyra dyed her hair dark and was looking all goth, which really made her look younger and sexy. That's about all I got.


Am I the only one watching this season?

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Okay finally watched. I'm glad Bianca got a smack down so early. Hopefully she won't be so cocky in the future, though I know that's a vain hope!


The redhead is really weird. I think she's gorgeous and so far she takes good pictures and normally I'm good with weird but I think she does some of it on purpose which makes it annoying.


I'm glad Amber and Lisa are gone though! ;D I'll have to watch more to get some favorites.

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I just want to know why Amber left! I'm glad she did, because I would have gone nuts from the urge to punch her in the face, but I want to know the drama. Bianca 2 needs to go soon, too, and Lisa wasn't worth the effort. I LOVED the ballerina shot from... Rae? I don't know all their names yet. It was gorgeous, and I usually hate fake ballet fashion.

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Bloody eyeball is my favorite. I think Amber left because Jesus told her to. :)


I agree on the Amber thing.  I thought at first she might be like last season's Jesus person (can't remember her name) but the girl from last person wasn't really in your face about it, and Amber seemed to be.  Also Amber seemed to be a bit of a poser because in the same breath as talking about Jesus she decided to do a little club booty-dance thing and that's just odd to me.


Anyway...haven't watched last nights yet...may post again after I do...depends on how good/bad the ep is.

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Oh wow.  One word...Smize.  Seriously?  Tyra.  You're killing me.  And I LOVE cheesy reality TV.  So you know that's gotta be bad if I'm rolling my eyes.


Bianca should have gone home.  She was still a bitch this week AND she was ugly in her picture.  Not just a little off, but UGLY.  And I think it's funny how she totally missed the point that she was supposed to stop complaining Completely, not just on set in front of Mr. Jay.  Complaining in front of Tyra still counts.  Cheerleader chick had one off day.  Last week they called her Art for crying out loud!


So I'm a little irritated. 

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She was still a bitch this week AND she was ugly in her picture.  Not just a little off, but UGLY.


Dale said she reminded him of Noxema Jackson from To Wong Foo (Wesley Snipes in drag ;D) 


Anywho...I agree...Bianca AND her attitude should have been sent packing and Cheerleader should have been kept.  She really did just have an off week once, and last week was great for her...so BAD TYRA...BAD.


OK...so on the preview for next week...what child is Ms Jay walking with...because if I find out Ms Jay has a little girl I think I'll keel over from PURE SHOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!! ???

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I'm gonna say it right now...My top two right now are Laura and Nicole.


Apparently we are being staged for a serious emotional breakdown/revelation with Bianca.  On the one hand I am not a fan of hating people and would like to see her turn it around, on the other hand, I really wanted her to go home for being a witch!  The breakdown/revelation will likely change that outcome.

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Glad LuLu is gone, and hope to see the other nasty one go next...although I doubt it somehow.  Can't remember her name, but she is the dancer and was tight with LuLu.  Now...don't get me wrong...I have no big love for Bianca, cause she's got a serious 'tude.  But I also understand why it's there with her past, and I think that Mendorah is right about the idea that we will probably see a big emotional break-down soon, quite possibly in the arms of Tyra (which we've seen on past cycles with certain girls).  But it seems like LuLu and the other one just had to constantly run their mouths about something, and if it hadn't been Bianca and her attitude, then it would have been someone else and something else.


On a different note, how cool is it that little miss 'drugged up' (at least that's how she looked in the first two eps to Dale and I) seems to be loosening up a little and starting to talk.  (can't remember her name, but the one with the flame red hair)

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yeah, lulu and the other one have reared their ugly heads.  And nasty ones they are.


You're talking about Nicole.  And honestly, I think that her odd behavior at the beginning was contrived.  Possibly due to her actually being different and actually being made fun of as a kid, but that girl is Whip Smart, I'm telling you and I think she does that to keep people away.  That kind of behavior also has the double bonus of gaining her attention as well.  And that's why she has attached herself to Bianca.  She knows Exactly why Bianca is behaving the way she is and she feels sorry for her.  I think that she knows the difference between her and Bianca is that she knowingly puts on her front and has somewhat of a control over it.  Bianca does not.


And that's one of the many reasons Nicole is on my top two.

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