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Toy and Minion

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Book of Flood



   i   In the beginning, the Nomads roamed the land.

  ii   And the Eternal Wanderer lead the way.

iii   And Innos spoke to the Eternal Wanderer, "lay aside your


  iv   And in its stead, Innos gave him a scepter. And the Eternal

       Wanderer became His servant.

   v   And Innos gave him a part of His divine power, so that he

       might curb the doings of Beliar.

  vi   And the power was fire, and he controlled it as he saw fit.

vii   But some among the Nomads would not follow Innos. And the

       people of the Nomads were divided.

viii   And those who followed Innos erected great temples, and they

       became the people of Varant. And the scepter became the token

       of their rulership.

  ix   And Innos spoke to His servants, “erect a portal for me, so

       that I might reign over this world in all eternity.”

   x   And His servants did as they were bidden.

  xi   But when Beliar saw what the servants of Innos were doing, He

       screamed with rage.

xii   And a Being of ancient power heeded His call, and arose from

       the earth. And some other great beings arose as well.

xiii   But the time of the great beings had come to an end, for thus

       was the will of Adanos.

xiv   And Adanos called a flood, and the Being was washed off the


  xv   When the servant of Innos realized what was happening, he had

       the five divine artifacts brought into the temple.

xvi   And the people of Varant perished, staff and scepter sank down

       into the waters.

xvii   And Adanos said to His brothers, “nevermore shall you set foot

       in my land, for it is sacred.” Thus shall it be.

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