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It says to introduce myself...


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So here I am. My name is Layla and I have been reading and re-reading WoT for 10 years now. Unfortunately due to a bad break up 2 years ago I lost custody of my books and only just got new copies two months ago and there has been no stopping me...


Really looking forward to the next installment, I should have them all finished by then and be clamming for the gathering storm.


Even better for me is this forum, no one I know is into WoT books and the fact that there are so many tend to put my friends off even trying the first one. Nevermind, now I can chat away to my hearts content.



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Welcome to the Mount.


You will definately like it here. Since it seems you are interested in discussing the books, we have forums for that, even one dedicated to The Gathering Storm. I am sure you will enhoy that.


If you are into music, or entertainment, then we have the orgs. They consist of like minded people concerning a certain theme. The Band is music and travel related, the Seanchan are movies and entertainmemnt, and the Black Tower is the gaming Org.


If you want to create your own character and make your own story, there is the RP side. Not my thing, but the mods know lots more, Raena and Quibby seem to be the people to talk to.


So enjoy, and dive in.



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Hi all


I think I am just gonna spend a few days trawling through the old threads before I do much within the forums, dont want to re-hash old discussions and all that. I didnt realise there was RP WoT but I am gonna try to stay away for the moment cos I tend to get a bit addicted to fantasy RP lol


Thank you all for the welcome, its made me feel right at home.



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