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Galina Casban


What should happen to Galina Cashban?  

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  1. 1. What should happen to Galina Cashban?

    • Continue to serve Therava
    • Be captured by seanchan then be collared
    • Be captured by Perrin's camp then be sent to rebel Aes Sedia camp
    • Be found by White Tower's Black Ajah hunters then be questioned
    • Become burned-out or stilled
    • Be killed
    • Be set free
    • Be rescued by Black Ajah friends
    • Other (please specify)
    • Undecided

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I don't. i think Galina's fate is very fitting, considering her crimes. I do understand the impulse behind wanting some kind of punishment for Therava, because she was also a naughty bunny. But Therava didn't sell her soul to the Dark One. She still walks in the Light.

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Voted the first 4 & 'Other'.

My choice was that Galina should get what she deserves.


Since part of her treatment was due to herself, she deserves to either stay with the Shaido or face some judgment from Light-sided forces.


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Galina is bound against lying as I recall.  Perhaps someday Therava will ask her if she knows any darkfriends.  ;D


No, only to obey the Wise Ones. They had no reason to believe Galina could lie in the first place, so there were no reason for them to demand she took such an Oath.


But if Therava dies....


I would think Galina would then be free from the Oath.  Of course I think Faile should be able to claim a little toh.  Even better, Rand, for the whole box thing. 


Why would she be free of the Oath if Therava dies? The original Oath she gave was to obey the Wise Ones, with Therava and sevanna first among them. If Therava dies, the general obedience to the Wise Ones still stands.

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I suppose that wouldn't cover the "don't touch the rod" oath.  Just a thought.  I guess my point was that it is a long way to the waste from Ghealdan and any number of obstales and such could pop up to slow or stop the remaining Shaido retreat. I believe this is an end to this part of the story but it would be interesting to see more.  Galina at the last battle anyone? ;D

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