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tGH darkfriend meeting


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What we know

Bors = Jachim Carridon, dead

Sheinaran=Ingtar, dead

Tairen Highlord=unknown, probably Weiraman

Domani=unknown, not enough info

Illianer=unknown, not enough info

Tinker=unknown, not enough info

Andoran=unknown, not enough info

Seafolk=unknown, not enough info

Aes Sedai=Liandrin and probably Alviarin


All the known darkfriends here are ones we saw, meaning a new character wasn't revealed and revealed as a Df at the same time.  From Weiraman's description in POD it seems likely that Weiraman is a DF.  To stupid to do anything useful but to high ranking to leave behind and all the other high lords and ladies have been sent to do inane stuff by Rand.  It seems by Min's viewing that it can't be Darlin and Weiraman has been consistently seen.

If we apply this to the Tinker, the only one we've consistently seen is Eayne(sp) and things seem to happen when he shows up,  True, they rest a few days without incident but Ishamael found them there the first time and Trollocs attacked in force the second time.

More than a few Andoran soldiers have been killed but I don't think that one has.  Bors said he was an officer and the three officers we've seen that have lasted are Bryne, Tallanvor and now Guybone(sp).  It seems min ruled out Bryne, however I'm unsure because seems likely Gawyn will lead Tar Valon's regular army by the banner Min saw in that viewing.  Tallanovor has been there since the beginning, he hasn't done anything that significant but that doesn't rule him out.  Guybone(sp) led the attack that freed Elayne and won her the throne.  I think chaos in Andor would be better than a mostly united Andor for the DO.  On Balance I think the DF is Tallanvor

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I don't remember RJ saying it was an Andoran soldier.  It was just an Andoran right?  If this is the case then this is what I have...Andoran= Lady Shiane.  We don't know about the Sea Folk or the Tinker, but I seem to remember a Domani DF, but I can't think of the name right now or where. 

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you can discount Mins viewings as being able to find darkfriends  i cant recall  her being able to tell who is a darkfirend based on a  viewing  she was in the tower being dragged along to  view sisters to  help siuan look for black ajah and never identified one. but no i dont think darlin is a darkfriend my  best guess is weiramon.

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I grant the point about Min not finding DFs.  I'm pretty sure it was an officer, at least Bors thought, I recall him saying something like, he saw a man with lion-headed spurs which meant a highranking Andoran officer in the Queen's Guards then, I think that's what Bors said.  As for Melar, he didn't appear until in Andor until WH and I don't think Sheiane was there in tGH but I could be wrong.  Hanlon could've been an Andoran soldier for Rahvin but I don't think Rahvin was free quite yet.

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