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Can Aes Sedai tell jokes?

Master Norry

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This question came up to me when I was reading in tFoH, in the chapter where Rand tells a joke to the Maidens, and is hugely annoyed by their not understanding of "normal" humour. It made me think about jokes in Randland, and the following question came up: Can Aes Sedai tell jokes?


For example, can an AS say: "Two men went to the docter (or the yellow AS, in this case) and complained about their headaches" if she knows that has never happened?

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I guess if they're stating something in the context of a joke there would be leeway. As the whole thing is meant as a jest. However, I'm not too sure on this. I still got an image of an Aes Sedai getting excited and telling a joke but choking half way through it in my head  :P

A better question for me would be if Aes Sedai even have a sense of humour. If they can bring themselves down from their perches for a while ;P

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