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  1. Haha. The sound of his voice alone is pure ecstasy. Definitely a keeper. ...fight you for him....or her.
  2. Chill out mate. It’s a fantasy book forum. This topic has come up a sh*t load of times and whilst I can’t be bothered to engage in Quote wars, this guy knows his sh*t. Peace.
  3. Rahtid!! Laughing my way to a sixpack. Caps lock on or Caps lock off?
  4. Haha. Love it. Snap. Yours is Awesomely Seth Rogen-ish. ;D
  5. One question mate, does she come in before or after Cadsuane.
  6. I ain’t gay... ...but f**k it I pick Birgitte. A-freakin-men. Dudes, she’s a female Gandalf. Not good. ;D
  7. I doubt if that's possible. I've always assumed Mr. Ares is some kind of auto-response bot for Wheel of Time info. That would explain his extreme lack of personality and one word replies.... Excellent. Then I will not correct your misapprehension that you gave me a heart attack, that really I was referring to it being a bit late for an early heart attack, and shall instead leave you to suffer alone. Highlight is mine. If Mr Ares were indeed some kind of software created to reply to Wheel of Time questions his response would have been different. He notes that it is a b
  8. ;D You really thought that one out, hey...
  9. When the Tinkers came to Eamon's Field and some guy in the crowd was like “no, don’t let ‘em in, bloody take everything that’s not nailed down.” And then some other guys like: “f*ck off mate that’s you, only you’d take the nails as well.” Good stuff. Not sure who they were though. they were my other. Oh yeah and the maidens.
  10. Perrin is gayer than Galad. Yeah but the whole ‘doing the right thing’ stuff would get so old so quick. He’d get me kicked out of college. Fast. ;D Now, if there was some sort of Ter’angreal paper bag that would just cover up his personality...
  11. Come on Marta Sedai. If you’re female you can’t hate Galad. Not completely.
  12. Speak for yourself. Else Grinwell is the shit. Just think. Else as AS and Lini as her warder. ...don’t worry Seryth, you can always change your vote.
  13. I thought you were taking the piss out of the DO. I’m gonna shut up now.
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