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Arrival (Attn: MoN, Minisamus + Jade)

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Allisia shifted uncomfortably in the saddle on her horse. Saddle sore only began to describe what she felt right then, and she had been a stubborn fool, refusing healing of any sort, insisting she was fine. Her resolve to prove her family wrong was becoming borderline less-than-intelligent, and she knew it. But she kept on as she was, persistent, to say the least, to prove that she didn't have an ounce of weakness in her, but her mind mulled over the possibilities. What if it's weak of me to act like a stubborn fool? Stupidity usually isn't considered a strength, you know. A voice inside her head nagged, and a rather large part of her agreed, but she had come too far behaving this way than to just up and change and whine about how much pain she was in or how tired she was. So she kept on, emitting a rather loud sigh of frustration which immediately made her face light up with a rosy blush. Quickly looking side to side, it seemed the Sisters had not noticed, but they were staring at something, small twinges of smiles on their faces. Looking to the Tarabon sister, Alyssil, Allisia traced the woman's gaze.


She couldn't help but feel like an idiot when she saw. But a scant mile or two off were two of the most magnificent sights she had ever seen. She had been far to busy this entire time arguing with herself and inwardly complaining about the pain to even notice the grand structures. One was a dark, impossibly large mountain, it must have been Dragonmount. Even from atop her horse and a mile off it seemed gargantuan in all of its majesty. It rose higher and higher, breaking through the clouds of the sky and seemed to keep rising ever upwards still. The other was no doubt the famed White Tower of the Aes Sedai. This was where the Amyrlin Seat ruled over Tar Valon and spun her webs across all the nations. It too had a majesty to it, a glittering milky-white structure, impossibly tall, as though to rival the Mountain not too far from it. The Tower stood in the center of Tar Valon, easily standing spans and spans taller then all the other Towers or buildings, many of those linked together by bridges seemingly made of lace. It was an awe-inspiring and truly beautiful sight to be sure, one that kept her from even noticing the two Sisters had already began making the final stretch to the shimmering, white-walled city. With another furious blush, she set her horse into a trot, quickening her pace so that she could catch up to the Sisters.


As they drew nearer and nearer to the Tower, her wonderment grew. There were villages at the very gates of the spectacular city, each quaint and almost misplaced next to the glorious, and indeed, legendary city. Yet despite the cluttered villages' almost ordinary appearances, it all seemed to fit together in a glorious machine, simply breathing with life. Even in the villages, people crowded the streets, children laughing and playing, their parents watching with amused grins. Making their way to the gate, the City guards merely looked at the Aes Sedai beside Allisia, bowed quickly but carefully, and opened the gates without hesitation. Dismounting gracefully and quickly, the Aes Sedai continued on, leading their horses. Allisia too dismounted, though her descent was far from graceful. Instead, it was painful jerking movements, her legs seemed to be ablaze. Almost whimpering she began painfully leading her horse after the sisters.


And once again, she was overcome with awe. Cities and their general bustle she was heavily accustomed to, having grown up in Caemlyn, and at one point, she had thought there would simply be no way any city could be more beautiful than her home. She was clearly wrong, however. Every single building, even the most meek, seemed to be a palace. Each was sculpted with such a seamless and almost flowing hand so that she could have sworn buildings looked like schools of fish, breaking waves, and shells, each blending together into a collage of an almost ethereal and unearthly wonderland. Smells and sounds drifted throughout the heavily cluttered streets, blending harmoniously into a cacophony, no, into a melodious tune. The majesty of it all was new and exciting to her, for certain it was a city in the respect that Caemlyn was a city - a large, beautiful, structured place with many people, but this had something more to it. Something not easily placed, almost impossible to believe.


Shaking her head to snap herself out of her almost catatonic gaze, she continued to trail behind after the two Aes Sedai, Alyssil, the tall Taraboner woman with honey braids and Delanna, the tall but sturdy Shienaran woman with dark eyes. Each was not quite as tall as Allisia was, but they were comparable, which was a new feeling. Not many girls were her height, none that she had associated with at any point, anyway, and most boys were only a small bit taller or shorter. They must have seemed an odd trio, but no one paid them any heed aside from the occasional warm greeting from seemingly random civilians, praising the Sisters and hurrying on their way.


After walking for some time, they had arrived at their destination. At any point in the city she could easily see at least part of the White Tower, but being up close to it was a very different experience. It was somehow more magnificent up close and the size truly astounded her. It was made as carefully as any other building in the city and with as much attention to beauty, but the Tower easily outshone the rest. In it's sheer size, it was taller than many mountains she had seen, save Dragonmount, and most certainly taller than any building she had ever come across. She couldn't but help have a slight, yet giddy smile. She had arrived, her family thought she wouldn't even be able to make the journey, but she had, even if painfully.


Looking to the Sisters, both had let go of the reins of their horses and a bustle of stable boys had quickly came and led the horses away, then almost forcefully taking the reins of Allisia's horse from her hand and leading it off as well. Allisia bit her lip as they did so, her bedroll and luggage had been atop the saddle, after all. Letting out a faint hrm and twirling a lock of her hair, she looked to the two Blue sisters who were already gliding up the stairs to the main doors. Quickly following the duo, she tried her best to emulate their graceful and flowing step, however, the attempt was a failure. She had almost forgotten about her practically blazing legs and could only hobble up the stairs with a painful jerk every few footfalls. Biting her lip hard to refrain from groaning, she followed the two women inside.



OOC: Mmk! So, Delanna and Alyssil feel free to reflect or observe Allisia, think about how they feel about her, weigh her, measure her, size her up. All of that good stuff. Also, Delanna will lead Allisia to the MoN's office. Alyssil can come along if wanted, but there's no need. Thank you so much to Minisamus and Jade for volunteering to play NSWs! :D

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Ooc: Alyssil had a long day. She can share. :D


There appeared round the corner of the White Halls a young woman, clutching tightly to her long fringed blue shawl. She paused in one of the doorways and shouted.


"Come on, beloved! Pick up the pace. Here's sweet Lillian, looking just the same as ever. Dreadfully poised woman! You'll be glad you came when you see her. Beats the sight in Caemlyn!"


The pleasant smiling man beside her dashed to the door she wanted in less than two shakes of a lamb's tail, which was no time at all. He bowed to the woman Alyssil named Lillian then looked out as though scanning for danger, with the smile still on his face.


"My dear Sister," said El'Doan with some pride, "this is him! The pride of the cause. Companion of joys and sorrows and all the rest of it. In fact," in a burst of confidence, "my Warder."


Lillian bent her head almost awkwardly. The idea of Alyssil El'Doan bonded this young was something too overpowering to be readily assimilated.


"Chin up, Sis" encouraged the blonde Taraboner. "Surprised to find me bonded, right? Lillian, dear girl,"—sinking her voice to a whisper almost inaudible on the other side of the halls—"take my tip. Go and make the plunge yourself. You'll feel another woman altogether. Give up this lonesome business. It's a losing game. I regard you, woman, purely and simply as a missing cog on the social system. Go and get bonded, dear girl, go and get bonded. By the gods, I've forgotten about the young woman we picked up. On second thought, Delanna Sedai will take care of her. Lend me your chair, Lillian dear. How is it so comfortable when it is clearly made of wood?"


The echoes of Alyssil's last remark had ceased to shake the window. Lillian was left to entertain her young Blue friend. So far her share in the conversation had been confined to a few nods and the welcoming smile which was apparently her chief form of expression. Nobody talked very much when Alyssil was present. To interrupt would have stopped a good flow of information as the woman was fond of sharing whatever she fancied talking about. Right now the conversation concerned the girl Alyssil and Delanna Sedai found.


". . . The entire ride north she sat on the horse awkwardly, looking very small and quiet. Most of her height was in her legs, I'd imagine. I was conscious of feeling a benevolent pity for her. You know the view-halloos the huntmen cried whenever a fox broke cover? She was that hunted creature, elusive but had her hiding spot blown and trying to strain at her fate. I first picked up on her from my Eyes and Ears. You seemed surprised . . . they are not just in Tarabon I assure you. But then again, you have some of your own there have you not?"

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Delanna Azurine Caval glanced down the long road and stared at Tar Valon and at it's center her home, the grand and majestic White Tower. She remembered well the day she had arrived here from Shienar, a land torn by ravages of the Dark Ones hand. She had never seen anything like this city, it had marveled her and yet made her proud. Del was so proud that one day she might become an Aes Sedai, as she had been told by an Aes Sedai, she could learn and that amazed her and humbled her. Someday she would do amazing works for this Tower and here she sat on top of her horse Masiara headed back to her home. She no longer thought of Shienar as her home, her home was that of the White Tower and would be until the day she perished or retired to some quaint village to study her remaining years away. She chuckled under her breath, oh yes she would study, more like run for the council and become the first female mayor, she thought. Serving the world and the Light was her destiny, she had known it since she was a very small child and had sat memorizing the twelve Tribes of Trollocs which her people fought and protected the rest of the lands from.


Glancing back at the girl behind her she took in how tired and sore the girl looked. Allisa had her share of pride and appeared to be quite stubborn, which may or may not have done her good inside the Tower. It wouldn't take long for them to whip that stubborn streak out of her. Why she hadn't just asked to stop she didn't know. The girl was taller than her, she stood 5'9" and this girl had 3 or 4 inches taller than her. The horse she rode wasn't tall enough for her and the stirrups were to short. She wasn't sure who's idea it was to give her that horse but she should be riding a big warhorse like her Masiara. The horse she was on made her look like a big warrior on a pony. Del turned back to the front and wondered how the girl would do, would she make it to the arches, through them, would she swear the oaths some day. There was no way of knowing, some of the women they thought were the strongest ended up lost in the arches. Content to live in that dream like world than face the real world outside. She pushed her long brown hair over her shoulder and adjusted her long robes, she didn't know why she was wearing them in this heat but she always wore them and she was getting good enough at the heat trick that she barely noticed it anymore. Today her robe was a pale gray color and was coated in trail dust, around her waist she wore a silver belt with different charms hanging from it. She sometime switched them out. Today the ones she had on were a rose, a flame, a Aed Sedai symbol, the serpent, a blue sapphire in her ajah color, a horse, a book, and she even had a well around her waist that was shapped like a shell. She of course had permission to use it from the Hall and wore it on trips to recruit.


She smoothed some of the dust from her dress as they reached the gates and she nodded to the guards who immediately let them through the shining gates and into the city. Del dismounted from her horse gracefully as she had been riding horses since she could walk and turned to examine her companions. She nodded at her fellow Blue and looked back at the tall red head they had brought with them who was climbing painfully off her horse and trying to pretend she could actually move faster than a snail. Shaking her head at Allisia she once again wondered how quick this girl would be broken. Turning around she led the way through the streets where people stepped out of their way and the buildings were like something out a dream. It was really to bad they had lost many of the secrets of how these buildings were produced. She could see the future Novice staring with her mouth partially open at the buildings. Oh she remembered having that same reaction as the girl so she couldn't help but laugh as she led the way to the gates of the Tower. She once more nodded at the Trainees and Guards on the wall and led the way into the courtyard of the Tower. Nodding to Alyssil who headed off to unpack, she led Allisia into the Tower and down the Hallways until they reached the Mistress of Novices office. She knocked on the door and waited for an answer...


Delanna Azurine Caval

Blue NSW

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Following Delanna and Alyssil into the White Tower, once again Allisia was overcome with awe. The city was spectacularly constructed, the White Tower specifically, but the decor was just as magnificent. Everywhere she looked the stone and marble was of the finest she had ever seen and tapestries and rugs of the finest quality were strewn about in a mish mash of beautiful styles and different cultures. In the same way, people of all different ethnicities raced about the gilded halls, some on business, it'd seem, others were servants of the Tower, bustling about to clean, and occasionally, ageless faced women one as different as the next left or entered. Smiling in wonderment, she absent-mindedly followed the Blue sisters, expecting both to calmly go about weaving through hallways. However, just as sure as Alyssil had been there, she had left and without any trace. Letting out a very faint "hm", Allisia continued on, following the remaining sister, Delanna.


Again, her amazement returned as she absently followed Delanna, staring at the many tapestries of which there was a great myriad of subjects and colors. There was a landscape with snow woven in cool, dusky blues, another was a glorious battle scene of ages past, trollocs swarming around women who called the lightning from the sky with gleaming warriors cutting a bloody swathe, protecting the aforementioned women. All of them seemed to be different, and yet like everything else in the city, they blended together in a hard-to-believe mixture. This place, this magnificent wonderland could very well be her new home. A sudden pang of regret and pain swelled within her. This would be her new home, she'd probably never return to see her family. She had never heard of Aes Sedai living with their family's after the Tower training. Taking a deep breath, she gathered her thoughts and focused her mind, and the sudden sadness quickly faded. She would not regret her decision.


Coming to an abrupt halt, Allisia blinked in confusion for a brief second, her mind not connecting with what was going on. She watched as Delanna pounded her fist gently on the door to, what she had been told on the journey, the 'Mistress of Novices' office. Suddenly butterflies swelled in her stomach and she felt like she was going to vomit. Visibly paling, she looked around, desperately straightening her hair and her clothing. For all she knew, this Mistress of Novices could decide her very fate at the Tower. Maybe she had some absurd power where she could choose whom could be entered in the Novice Book or not! Feeling light-headed, Allisia watched the door in heavy anticipation, her mind mulling over everything that could go wrong instead of anything that could go right.

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Larindhra pinched the bridge of her nose. Even with sunlight streaming in by her window, it felt as if her eyes were coated with sand from peering at scrolls and ledgers. She loved guiding the novices and Accepted in her charge, but Light sometimes the longing to travel and see only the horizon was like a physical hunger.


Her musings were interrupted by a firm knock on the door. Glad of the interruption, she called out an invitation to enter. The Blue who entered, followed by an extremely tall and gangly girl, surprised her, but she let nothing show except a welcoming smile.  "Welcome home, Delanna," she said warmly to her fellow countrywoman. "Dare I presume that your trip has been rewarded?" she nodded towards the tall girl.


"Thank you, Larindhra. And yes, it has, I am pleased to say." With a smile of her own, Delanna drew the girl forward. "This is Allisia. Alyssil and I found and tested her in Caemlyn. We are all rather travel weary," she swung her eyes significantly towards the child, and Larindhra nodded briefly in understanding, "so if you will forgive me, I'll be heading towards my rooms and a hot bath."


"Of course, Delanna. We will catch up later, when you are rested?" Larindhra saw Delanna to the door, then turned towards her latest initiate. "Sit down, child," she said, not unkindly. By the gingerly way the girl moved, it was clear that she was in quite a bit of discomfort. "Let me see if we can ease your travel weariness a bit, shall we?" Without waiting for a reply, she placed her hands on either side of Allisia's face and delved her. Larindhra was not very Strong in the Power, but she was at least capable of easing sore muscles and taking away fatigue. She adjusted the Weave, and held the girl still as shudders ran through her body. "There - all done, and as soon as you have something warm in you, you'll feel much better."


She quickly made the girl and herself a cup of tea, adding quite a bit of honey to the one she handed Allisia. A plate heaped with biscuits were also handed over. "That should help for now - I'll see that you get something more substantial in you as soon as we are done here, child. For now, give me your full name, age and place of birth, if you would?"


She seated herself behind her desk and drew the Novice Book towards her, flipping it open and paging to the first empty space. She looked up briefly at Allisia. "Tell me a bit about yourself, child."


Larindra Reyne

Mistress of Novices

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A pit of ice formed in Allisia's stomach as soon as she heard a serene invitation come from inside the room, upon the invitation, Delanna opened the door and entered into the office, Allisia trailing behind her. Upon Allisia's entrance, she stumbled forward, wincing uncomfortably at the still searing pain in her legs, but the ice seemed to melt upon the Mistress of Novice's smile, it was warm, almost motherly even.

"Welcome home, Delanna," the woman had said in a tone that matched her smile, "Dare I presume that your trip has been rewarded?" she continued, nodding to Allisia and through instinct, Allisia stiffened, but took a few more painful steps forward.


It was then Delanna's turn to speak, and the Blue did with gratitude, "Thank you, Larindrha. And yes, it has, I am pleased to say." Smiling, Delanna took ahold of Allisia gently and lead her forward. "This is Allisia. Alyssil and I found and tested her in Caemlyn. We are all rather travel weary." Pointedly, Delanna looked to Allisia which caused the Mistress of Novices to nod, in understanding it appeared. "So if you will forgive me, I'll be heading towards my room for a hot bath."


"Of course, Delanna. We will catch up later, when you are rested?" And without waiting for reply, the Mistress saw the Blue to the door, turning to Allisia and she spoke warmly. "Sit down, child," she had said and it took Allisia a few moments to register. Nodding faintly, Allisia moved towards the chair, each step taken with almost hesitation at the pain and she sat herself down uncomfortably. The woman then started towards Allisia, and for a brief moment, fear overcame the fragile girl as the Mistress spoke, "Let me see if we can ease your travel weariness a bit, shall we?" The woman did not bother to wait for a reply and clasped Allisia's face in her hands.


Allisia's eyes widened considerably, though she felt nothing - at first anyhow. The Mistress did not seem to be doing anything for a small moment of time before an intense chill ran throughout Allisia, the frozen feeling searing her to the bone and she almost gasped and convulsed at it. Just as quickly as the chill had come, though, it disappeared without even a trace of a shiver. Strangely enough, with that frozen feeling, the pain and ache in her body was entirely washed away, as though she had gotten a week's worth of rest.

"There - all done, and as soon as you have something warm in you, you'll feel much better." The woman had said and silently moved away, making herself and presumably Allisia tea as well. Allisia watched her as she made the tea and awe came over her. The Power had touched her and it did not, at least, she hoped it did not, harm her in the least. This must have been the healing Alyssil and Delanna had offered so many times but Allisia had refused every time.


The Mistress of Novices came back over to Allisia and handed her one of two cups of tea. Taking a small sip, Allisia's mouth twisted, though not in disgust, moreso of shock. The tea was exceptionally sweet, clearly with a heavy helping of honey, but she eagerly sipped at it with a vigor that almost surprised herself. The woman spoke on, at first clearly referring to the tea. "That should help for now - I'll see that you get something more substantial in you as soon as we are done here, child. For now, give me your full name, age and place of birth, if you would?" The woman sat herself behind her desk and pulled out a rather massive book, flipping through it to a blank page.


Wonderment came over Allisia, this must have been the Novice Book. It had been referenced a few times by the Blue sisters who escorted her to the Tower. It was something that once her name written in would officially make her part of the Tower, at least, she assumed so. Taking another sip of tea, she looked up to the woman, awaiting her answers which Allisia had almost forgotten in her thoughts. "I.. Yes, right.. sorry. ..I was just thinking. Ahem. Right, well.. My full name is Allisia Evendra Mirobell, I'm seventeen, and close to my eighteenth naming day, in a few weeks or so. I was born and raised in Caemlyn in Andor," taking a small breath, she looked to the woman for any sign of reaction, but the Mistress kept a placid face, writing down what - Allisia assumed - was being said. Continuing on, "And a little bit about myself.. I'm the eldest of six children, my parents were tailors you see. And.. before Delanna Sedai and Alyssil Sedai found me, I was to inherit their shop upon their retirement. ..I was trained to sew, so, that's a small skill I suppose.. and I rather enjoy drawing clothing designs. Clothing is very interesting to me." Clearing her throat, a light blush came over her, as though embarassed she had said so many words at once. "Ah.. and.. sorry if I am overstepping myself.. but.. I had never actually caught your name, erm.. Aes Sedai." Her blush increased in intensity and a look of worry and fear came over her face as soon as the question came out.

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Larindhra glanced up with a half smile. "I hear sewing can be quite relaxing. Personally, I would rather stick a needle through my tongue than through a bit of cloth..." she chuckled softly. She entered the last details in the book, sanded it and rose. "Now let's get you dressed properly, shall we?"


She led the way to a small storeroom leading from her office. She measured Allisia with her eyes, then picked out two sets of novice Whites, from dress to slippers to pure white belt pouch. "Try these on and see which fit you better. We can have them adjusted later, if need be. Make a bundle of the clothes you are wearing and give them to me when you are done. If you have any valuables you would like me to store for you, please put them in a pile here," she pointed to an empty spot on a shelf. "Any jewellery you wish to keep with you, please put in your belt pouch or in a box in your room." She left Allisia alone in the storeroom and headed back into her office to put the Novice Book away and tidy up her desk.


When the girl came out of the storeroom, now all dressed in white, she held out her hands for the bundle of clothes the girl was carrying. "Before we get you settled in, there is just one more thing to take care of. Please follow me."


Silently she led the way down to a secluded courtyard, where she placed the bundle of clothes in the middle of the paved floor. “What I am about to do is a symbolic gesture of the end of your old life. Once this is done, you enter a new life, breaking all bonds with the past. The White Tower is your life, your future.” Her face solemn, Larindhra looked Allisia in the eye as she spoke. Embracing the Source, she channelled a Weave of Fire at the clothes, setting them alight. Quietly they watched until everything was burned to ashes.



Larindhra Reyne

Mistress of Novices

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She heard the voice from within and gracefully opened the door, leading the new Novice inside she smiled at the Mistress of Novices, who was a friend of hers. "Welcome home, Delanna, dare I presume that your trip has been rewarded?" Larindhra nodded at the girl standing next to her and she stepped forward a few steps and spoke with a twinkle in her eye that only the other woman could see, "Thank you, Larindhra. And yes, it has, I am pleased to say." She smiled at the other woman, letting the dimpled at the corners of her mouth deepen before she gently pulled Allisia forward to face Larindhra at a closer level. "This is Allisia. Alyssil and I found and tested her in Caemlyn. We are all rather travel weary." She carefully moved her eyes toward Allisia and watched as she saw the Mistress of Novices acknowledge what she was getting at. Larindhra nodded slightly in understanding and so she continued, "So if you will forgive me, I'll be heading towards my rooms and a hot bath." She smiled again at the other woman as the Mistress of Novices responded, "Of course, Delanna. We will catch up later, when you are rested?" Delanna nodded and walked with Larindhra to the door, where it was closed quickly behind her. She headed off to her rooms and that bath, she also needed to write in her travel journal about the newest girl they had found. It wouldn't be long before they were out on another to trip to find more Novices...



Blue NSW

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(( I have been gone for quite a while and as far as I know, there's a new Mistress of Novices now. Buuut Elgee told me I only needed one more post in here to finish up this thread and I fully intend to RPing in full again as soon as possible! ))


Allisia's eyes widened as her discarded pile of clothing lit on fire unexpectedly. She took a step back, but found her eyes were glued to the smoldering flame. She fidgeted with the white skirts she now wore, a tinge of regret staining her features as the fire died down and all that remained of the clothing were ashes. She looked to the Mistress of Novices for any reaction, but the woman remained serene before turning on her heel, giving Allisia a look that seemed to demand for her to follow.


Following her out of the chamber, Allisia listened intently as the woman began a stream of further instruction, explaining the rules of the White Tower, elaborating on the daily schedule, telling her of the numerous chores and giving a few encouraging words with the delicate warning that living in the Tower would be the most difficult thing she had ever experienced, yet also the most rewarding.


Running her fingers through her hair and tucking her fringe behind her ear, she smoothed her skirts and attempted straightening her back. If she were to be Aes Sedai, she would need to practice that unflappable calm, commanding presence and graceful manner.  Her head swam with the new information, excitement for the future building and remaining even as the Mistress of Novices left her. Allisia had arrived, her life had begun anew and her resolve would not falter. She had come this far and she simply could not quit now.


As she made her way down the hallway, she tripped.


So much for serene Aes Sedai grace.

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