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  1. Ful leaned on his chair with a faraway look. He was inside the kitchen of Isha's house. A pot of tea and two cups were set out, next to an untouched plate of cut cucumber sandwiches. "Just . . . what did you say?" "Oh I mentioned it yesterday. Weapons training. I recommended you join in it." "Wait, wait a minute . . . what?" Hands clutching at his cup, Ful frowned. Weapons training again? But he was too slow to qualify for Skechid's private class; he had made sure of that fact. "It's a great opportunity for you to learn with others." "But . . . so sudden!" "Don't plan
  2. Frowning, he shuffled behind Nandiel to get "healed" at Baran's suggestion. At least the boy had tried to spare Ful's feelings, but he shouldn't have eaten if he were just going to doubt Ful. He crouched so Nandiel wouldn't see him at the tent, although when the dedicated heard Ful's story he was doubly horrified and asked if anybody else consumed any peach crumble. "Just a dog" Ful said, and the dedicated said the dog was just going to have to fend for itself. Ful didn't want to get healed, since he didn't think it was necessary, but it seemed better to fit within the crowd even if he kne
  3. When he came to, he saw Tirzah's face. "You awake?" Ashley frowned with an expression that did nothing to ease the girl, who said, "really, fainting again." "If it's a lecture about eating more, I know already. I just . . . forgot and then the mess hall was closed." he said to his friend "how's the situation?" "Not sure," she shrugged, "but you're now late to your first ever weapons training class!" ". . . Aaaah, I forgot about that too!" Now standing up and struggling into his white and black uniform, Ashley took a look at the sky. At least it seemed to be a nice day.
  4. Pretending--although he didn't have to pretend too much--to have more trouble with saidin than he actually had, Ful waited for the first three to finish before he got started. There was no way he'd actually want to be in a weapons' training class with this man if chucking logs at dummies was his idea of a fun task. He observed that Nandiel had been one of the three to finish first, but didn't have too much time to reflect on this new development since the clock was ticking and Ful wanted to make sure he wasn't among the last three to finish this task. In truth Ful was having a great deal o
  5. How embarrassing. Can't even give away sweets without somebody accusing you of murder. Ful hated the black tower. The suspicion, the distrust, the absolute madness that was the place he now inhabit. But he needed to get along with them, otherwise all that power Baran had would be released on Ful. He frowned. What bad manners! "Really! You could have just refused instead of sparing my feelings," Ful said, slowly removing his gloves "mama Ful's cooking is not poisoned. I'll eat any piece of that you want. See?" Picking up a part of the crumble he ate it and deliberately licked his f
  6. " . . . Ha" Rydia replied. She lifted her head and saw Miahna standing over her, nodding. They had the same reason for being here. A chore. Rydia cocked her head as she calculated the intent behind the accepted's presence. Though she didn't know Miahna's intent, she was sure the accepted had some sort of purpose. Or maybe the aes sedai just felt like sending the accepted here to supervise a mundane task? No, but even Miahna said the reason was usually more obvious for the accepted. The plan seemed obvious. To gather more information about the accepted, and then assess the situation onc
  7. Lillian nodded. The answers the boy had given confirmed the knowledge most women in the circle already knew. She didn't understand some of it in the past, and it seemed like she still couldn't get to the bottom of it now, but she was here. Right here where saidin is being taught at the present. It wasn't like her to worry about strength. She was still insisting on doing this. That's her style. After all, nothing was more important to Lillian who was tortured by a sense of impotence than "what can I do" in any given situation. She quickly sorted the messy flow of saidar and gathered th
  8. "Really," he gave an expression of being in low spirits. He was patting his chin while looking at the surrounding scenery. It was an attitude that suited the reputation of Ful as someone who hated socializing. But for some reason, he had come here to where the other soldiers were. It was a spacious area at the outskirt of the farm. Why was he here rather than at his own house? In one hand Ful held a small pan. He wore a pair of leather gloves with white padded tips to protect his hands from the heat. Also worn was the pink apron with ribbons Isha said suited Ful. No matter how many p
  9. While the woman muttered her question, Lijah drank his own kaf. Ruan's letter always gets this reaction. The caution with which the woman spoke was tinged with reverence. Particularly, false responses were seldom uttered. Not by those who lived under the dominion of the empress and her royal family. Hence . . . for the time being, nobody must know about lady Ruan's disappearance. He reached for the letter and tucked it back into his sleeve. At any rate, the woman needed to act natural and not draw attention. Lijah was glad she didn't try, as some unfortunate informants had, ac
  10. Although it was technically the mistress of trainees' task to ensure that the recruits were properly placed, sometimes she would find people who were already doing their own stuff to assist with the training process of newcomers. Be it as may, it was a short-term placement that places the trainee into the care of the person until they get settled in and assigned to a more permanent mentor. Visar Gaidan, at the mistress of trainees Thera Gaidin's behest, had found himself in such a situation. Lillian wondered if he was happy to be pulled away from whatever he wanted to see Thera about.
  11. When a sister lived the majority of fifty years in the tower until fairly recently, she would naturally come into contact with many people who made their homes here. Lillian had gotten to know Thera Gaidar well on a campaign to the borderlands in which Thera was protecting Serena and a few other sisters. It had not ended positively, with the interference of an unnamed dreadlord, but at least the months they spent travelling exposed the white to much useful knowledge, particularly concerning the other members of her group. Most of all, Lillian became familiar with whenever Thera became distrac
  12. Forgetting his stomach for a moment Ful took a good hard look at the puppy. "Waaaah so evilly cute!" Ful tittered. "So he's got you whipped!" What, he was fifteen after all. Then their instructor wanted them to perform another task. This time moving three logs with saidin. He spoke as though it were the most matter of fact thing to do in the whole world. His nausea returned as Ful regulated his breathing with eyes closed, restoring, with a few fumbles, saidin and the oily crap that was the taint. Ful couldn't believe that stuff was battling within his body. It was so horrible.
  13. Miahna thinks I've done something. Though it was a staggeringly hard opinion had to accept, Rydia's head was lowered and she did not argue. She just kept her head down, scrubbing at the same spot. Her body felt heavy, as though she were feeling all of her exhaustion at once. She recalled the aes sedai leaving the room with her skirts swishing after waking and assigning Rydia to this task. Was it really something she had done? At least her back was still turned so the accepted couldn't read her expression. Rydia wasn't sure what expression she was wearing at the moment, but it probably
  14. Kohl darkened blue eyes narrowed over her kaf and soon he heard the two inviting knocks, one after the other in quick procession. He could ignore it, but having made the first move, the sounds strongly attracted him. He walked toward the woman, carrying his mug of hot kaf in his hands. Nodding contently he set the kaf down in front of him and sat next to the woman. But, for sure she was . . . No, it was better to proceed officially since she appeared cautious. Rightly so, thought Lijah in approval. His voice was soft, lilting but still holding an accent. "I am strange to this land.
  15. The Return had gone well in Amadacia. Here in Tarabon too, they were scouting out the area, sending out feelers. All good and well, as efforts go, but where was lady Ruan? She wasn't there, and she wasn't here either. Still there was no way Lijah, as her Soe'feia, would speak the truth about her disappearance. Nobody must know that Ruan had gone missing. Running his fingers through his beautiful golden hair, Lijah leaned back into the chair and sighed. What did he do wrong? He thought of the possible reason she might have ran off and abandoned him. It connected to what had
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