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Big fan, new member

Chel Vanin

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I haven't really seen all that this site has to offer, but after reading countless posts about the WoT i figured I should join so I could make my voice heard (I already made a post concerning Asmo's death and I'd love to here other people theories). I understand there is a sort of RPG also (which might be the main purpose of this site as I said I have only visited the forums so I have been missing a lot) and I would like to know more about that.


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Hi and welcome to dragonmount! :)

If you haven't already, you should read the stickied threads in this forum. The one most useful to you would be 'how to join divisions/orgs..', you should be able to find some information there.

Otherwise I'm sure there will be someone around shortly to tell you more, since I don't know that much about the roleplaying side of dragonmount :P

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Hi and welcome aboard Chel Vanin! I moderate this board for the roleplay and I'll be more than happy to field any questions you have. I suspect the roleplayers would argue that roleplay is the main purpose of this site, whereas the community folks would argue that community is the main purpose. ;)


You need to register for the Dragon Reborn PSW using the usergroups link on the right hand menu. After that, you'll be able to view and post on all the roleplaying boards - but please don't post until you have an approved character biography. If you need help fixing that up, fire me off a PM telling me what type of character you want to play, and I'll get you started.




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Guest Egwene

Hello Chel Vanin,


Good on you to have already posted on the Asmo thread... wonder who you voted for *g*... I'll have to have a look in a minute.


The nice thing here is that you can get involved with a lot of very different things. You don't have to restrict yourself to just RP or just Discussions. Have a look around and join in anywhere you like.


Have fun 8)

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Well there are many different forums here, there are the orginazations such as the Aiel, the white tower, the black tower, the ogier, the band of the red hand, and many more. Then theres the newmembers, and discusion threads where you can discuss theories on the series till all your questions are answered. Also there is fiddlesticks, the spaming capital of this site. And of course as you already know there is the rping area, with numerous WoT style rps.

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