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Character's names

far shores

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I really wanted to start a thread about the character’s names, because I keep finding echoes of characters from other books or biblical references or random words that sound like the characters names and are really funny. This is a list of all the ones I could find.


Failte is Scottish for welcome

I think there’s a place in Scotland called Callandor, or something that sounds a lot like it

There’s a devil somewhere in the bible called Sammael

If you look at that random list of letters that makes up website addresses when you’re a few pages in, then the word Rand sometimes turns up.

The editor for Red eagle comics (the people who made new spring) is called Larry Mondragon.

A moraine is a rock formation :D


Does anybody else have any others?

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Other names..

Graendal. That's the name of the monster the hero Beowulf slew in the old Anglo Saxon epic of the same name. Graendal himself was male, but interestingly his mother (who I think was unamed) was even more dangerous.


Shai'tan- The Muslem name for Satan (Shaitan)


Ba'althamel, Baal is the name of an ancient pagan god (canaanite I believe). I'm not certain of the rest, although it seems familiar somehow.


There’s a devil somewhere in the bible called Sammael


I don't think there is. The name might appear in one of the apocryphal works but I don't think it appears in the Bible (but I could be wrong. I think I would have come across it by now though).

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Aka : Samaël, Samiel,Satan, Satanael


Element/sin : Angel of Death and venom of God. Sammael plays the role of the accuser, seducer, and destroyer.


Shape : a serpent,a camel possessing hands and feet, a dark angel with a sword. In T.B. Abuda Zarah, Sammael is represented as standing by a dying man with a drawn sword in his hand. The point of the sword has a drop of gall on it. When the dying man sees him, he is startled and opens his mouth. The drop of gall then falls into his mouth and the man dies.


Rank : Prince of demons, before the fall he was the highest throne-angel. According to the T.B. Baba Metzia, the Angel of Death did not fall but remains one of God's angels. He is the executioner of the death sentences ordered by God


Origin : Hebraïc - Samiel or Simoon, was the name of a desert wind.


Myths : Sammael, under the guise of the serpent, tempted Eve in paradise. Sammael is also said to have brought about Moses' death.


Association : Sammael and Lilith have a huge descendance of demons. According to the Kabbala,the dark blemishes on the moon's surface are supposed to be this archdemon's excrement. Sammael is also said to be the father of Cain (with a mortal).


Wasn't trying to prove ya wrong, Mardragon, don't worry! I just thought it sounded familiar and found this, seemed interesting. *shrug*


There's also an Asmodeus, very similar to Asmodean...


This might be pushing it, but there is a Mastema, which makes me think of the name Massema. This is his definition on that site. Not exact, but does sort of remind one of the crazy prophet, eh?




Origin : From Mastim (Hebrew) the Hiphil participle of Satam which means 'one who is adverse' or 'inimical.'


Myths : Mastema helped with one tenth of the spirits who rebelled against God, has the mission of tempting men to sin and accusing them before the Throne of God. He is said to have helped the Egyptian sorcerers achieve their wonders and urged the Egyptians to pursue after the children of Israel.


Source: The Book of Jubilees, Fragments of a Zadokite Work.


Association : Satan


Quote :


"When Mastema, the leader of the spirits, came, he said: 'Lord creator, leave some of them before me; let them listen to me and do everything that I tell them, because if none of them is left for me I shall not be able to exercise the authority of my will aong mankind. For they are meant for (the purposes of) destroying and misleading before my punishment because the evil of mankind is great.' Then he said that a tenth of them should be left before him, while he would make nine parts descend to the place of judgment." - Jubilees 10:8-9


"And they made for themselves molten images, and they worshipped each the idol, the molten image which they had made for themselves, and they began to make graven images and unclean simulacra, and malignant spirits assisted and seduced (them) into committing transgression and uncleanness. And the prince Mastema exerted himself to do all this, and he sent forth other spirits, those which were put under his hand, to do all manner of wrong and sin, and all manner of transgression, to corrupt and destroy and to shed blood upon the earth. For this reason he called the name of Seroh, Serug, for every one turned to do all manner of sin and transgression. - Jubilees 11:4-6


"And the prince Mastema stood up against thee, and sought to cast thee into the hands of Pharaoh, and he helped the Egyptian sorcerers, and they stood up and wrought before thee the evils indeed we permitted them to work, but the remedies we did not allow to be wrought by their hands." - Jubilees 48:9-10


"And notwithstanding all (these) signs and wonders the prince Mastema was not put to shame because he took courage and cried to the Egyptians to pursue after thee with all the powers of the Egyptians, with their chariots, and with their horses, and with all the hosts of the peoples of Egypt." - Jubilees 48:12


"For on this night -the beginning of the festival and the beginning of the joy- ye were eating the passover in Egypt, when all the powers of Mastema had been let loose to slay all the first-born in the land of Egypt, from the first-born of Pharaoh to the first-born of the captive maid-servant in the mill, and to the cattle." - Jubilees 49:2

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i often wonder how much christian theology rj purposefully writes into these books.


the prophecies of being reborn or to "come again" is just slightly stroking the surface but if one reads into the prophcies or pays attention to how the world in general shuns him...


yep, it is something i have thought about.

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Wasn't trying to prove ya wrong, Mardragon, don't worry! I just thought it sounded familiar and found this, seemed interesting. *shrug*


No worries Arya, it was interesting.


I wasn't proven wrong anyway as none of the quotes were actually from The Bible but rather from the book of Jubilees (which I believe is part of the Appocrypha) and (possibly)the Kabbalah...(although I don't know that one much). Also very few of the demons mentioned on that link are actually mentioned in the Bible although they are set in that time period.

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Guest Majsju

Tuathan comes from Irish mythology. Tuatha De Danann, "People of the Goddess Danu." A magical race of beings who were supposed to have inhabited Ireland at the time of the arrival of the Milesians (i.e. humans).


Aes Sedai also comes from Irish, Aes Sidhe were 'the people of the hills', collective name for the old Irish gods who dwell in hills. According to the Encyclopedia Mythica, they "still live as invisible beings… In a just battle, they will fight beside mortals. When they fight, they go armed with lances of blue flame and shields of pure white

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The names of the Forsaken largely come from Christian demons although there are other sources as well. There was a list of the connections I read somewhere once, but I don't recall where.

The ones I do remember though, were (keep in mind these are just names)

Be'lal = Belial

Graendal = Grendel

Asmodean = Asmodeus

Sammael = Sammael

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Yes far shores there is a place called callander near the trossachs :) go there sometimes for a day out.


There seems to be a lot of connections




Sangreal as we found out in the new Da Vinci Code mean's royal blood is that a connection or just coincidence ? :P

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Sangreal is usually a name applied to the holy grail (be it a chalice or a bloodline). :wink: I'm thinking chalice...relic...


Gawyn and Galad I think are from Arthurian legend, Gawain and Galahad, the latter being the most perfect knight, pure of heart ect ect. Take a look here http://linuxmafia.com/jordan/3_sources/3.05_king-arthur.html Caliburn which isn't so far off Callandor was the probable original name for excalibur...the sword in the stone..stone of Tear link maybe.


Andor is very close to Endor as in the biblical witch of Endor.Possible link with Tom Merrilyn and Merlin too.[/code]

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In KoD Rand lists the tribes of the Trollocs. Among them are:

Kno'mon - I think maybe gnome

Dhavol - Devil

I can't remember all of them, but they're things like banshee and other demons.


Nynaeve and Egwene come from Gwenyvere.

Morgase --> Morgause

Al'thor --> Thor, Arthur

Paendrag --> Pendragon

Elayne --> Elaine

Galad --> Galahad

Lanfear --> Fear

Ishamael --> Ishmael

All i got for now kiddies, I'll be back

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