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  1. No male Traveling is folding the pattern like when Rand explains it he makes two tents and brings them together so he Folds the Pattern. It's True Power that rips the fabric that's why the "world screams" when Moridin uses the TP to Travel after observing Sammael and Graendal
  2. Vo0


    Could Taim be Sammael ? In KoD when the Forsaken meet Moridin announces that Sammael must still be alive so could taim be him? I know it's far-fetched and all but you never know..
  3. Anyone else think they'll be the new dreadlords ? 'Cos dreadlords were men channelers too.. Just my two cents :D
  4. I agree with Cybertrolloc too taking for example Aviendha, she is about the same strength as elayne/egwene in the OP and she can't make a huge gate i believe it was 4 paces by 4 paces ? i may be wrong as i can't remember exactly but maybe what Cybertrolloc mentioned has something to do with that.
  5. Although Rand's loss of hand enforces his mythological connections (Tyr) technically he might be able to get his hand back, after all Semi was the best "restorer" in the AOL she could bring back people who should have been dead, so he could possibly torture her for that info but i doubt he will and i doubt it would work as it wasn't exactly a natural fireball
  6. For example on their flight from Emond's Field when Moiraine comes to "recharge" Bela she finds someone else had already done it and if you read the exact part when they're running flat out Rand's POV is that "egwene must make it she must keep up" and she's on Bela so it was actually RAND who "recharged" Bela before Moiraine could and that's why Bela could keep up with the rest of the horses
  7. I wonder where this "barrier" comes from? is it just a residue from the fold on the pattern. If so what about True Power gateways? they TEAR a hole on the pattern so do they act the same ? And Mydraal, how do they move about ? Even Aginor didn't know and he created them albeit as unforseen throwbacks from trollocs. Would a gateway into space not turn into like a black hole ? I may be wrong but awell :)
  8. also mat is prince of the ravens and mins vision of the ravens on his shoulders odin had two ravens huginn and muninn, thought and memory respectively :)
  9. Yes far shores there is a place called callander near the trossachs :) go there sometimes for a day out. There seems to be a lot of connections Sangreal/Sa'angreal Sangreal as we found out in the new Da Vinci Code mean's royal blood is that a connection or just coincidence ? :P
  10. Maybe it fluctuates :D i know i change my mind about a character sometimes through a novel but i like him because he's so... eclectic :P he is able to adapt to his situation which i find really intriguing.
  11. There was a Forsaken in the BT, Aran'gar (Dashiva) but i suppose it's not impossible that there could be two :D and as for him not being mad... we don't really know that, sometimes the most insane people are those who appear to be the most sane or not insane at all. But, i think he's a serious threat though no doubt about it..
  12. I was only asking a question there's no need to be so impolite about it i thought it said in "how to be liked on dragonmount" it said if you don't know ASK so i asked and i get burned Try to be more civil ? And thanks kadere it's probably because i wasn't looking for the connection i never spotted it. I'm sure if i reread looking for the signs i'd spot them.
  13. he said that we weren't told if moridin see's the saa so i replied that he does, and he said about his eye's going wonky.. Forget i said anything then :roll:
  14. I didn't say there wasn't :) merely said i would like to see the reason's behind it as i've not heard of that before i didn't mean it offensively I know i'm ignorant :)
  15. Which is why i said could it be the side effect of balfire connection and moridins TP saa passing on to Rand And, we are told that Moridin see's the Saa the first time we meet him..
  16. Was Only Saying :O But how did you come to that conclusion ? I don't get black flecks from staring at the sun.. and it seems if a fireball the brightness of magnesium came towards me it kind of makes sense to turn away so what made him look right at it ? pfft.
  17. Thom will marry moiraine ? lmao that's a crooked theory i would like to see the reasons behind that... As for cheating the aelfinn/eelfinn the aelfinn aren't bad it's the eelfinn who are worse.. they're the one's making clothes out of human skin. Yes they are in the tower of ghenjei but what does slayer have to do with them ? ... the encounter within the tower of ghenjei will be interesting as for the iron music and fire.. well Mat knows how to use iron (he is a reputable warrior after all) Thoms a gleeman, there's your music and fire well everyone knows how to make fire and Mat has they wicked awesome sticks Aludra gave him so who knows. Also even though WE may think the Eelfinn are evil or bad.. as it says on Wiki "they are so different from humans that it cannot be applied" because they're so different from us we can't say they're evil.. lol Interesting. :D
  18. With Rand's eye's could it be another side effect of the Balefire/Moridin link ? "the black flecks were gone" sounds like saa.. what if Moridin's over-use of the True Power is affecting Rand in some way ? No ? Oh well :D just a guess :P
  19. aMoL ? :) I Like Rand too. Obviously he's arrogant if you were in his shoes wouldn't you be ? :D as for being whiny i think he's got a hell of a lot to whine about! Unless you can just go "SO yeah um i've got three wives who i'm going to leave as widows.. children without a father um i'm going to die a most horrible death by the embodiment of evil but hey it could be worse!" Give me a break. Wouldn't you be whiny and maybe just a tiny bit petrified ? lol. I admire him, i think he's come a long way since being that shepherd in disguise and he's matured in such a fast time i don't think the "forging his soul in fire" is an entirely good route to go down but hey whatever floats..
  20. This is slightly off topic but i just thought i'd ask In KoD when Elayne gets Avi to pick up all the T'Al and see what they do, the "smooth curved" blue ter angreal that can be used to grow something ? Could that be one of the amulets or whatever you call them for growing waygates ?
  21. There ARE a lot of things working for him being Demandred but i think that's the point. It's SO obvious that everyone believes it's him and overlooks others. But how did he know "Let the Lord of Chaos rule."? it's only known to the forsaken and/or Friends of the Dark (he said it at the end of KoD) There ARE a lot of pointers to it being Demandred, he can hold the same if not more of the power as Rand, he knows weaves he hasn't been teaching the rest of the Asha'man only a select group... No i believe either it IS Demandred and we've been double bluffed because the Dark haven't got any male channelers but where could they get them hmmm :P the select group! I think Taim and his select group will be the new Dreadlords at T'G and Taim either the "top dreadlord" or he is Demandred and we've just been cleverly fooled. On the other hand there is a lot of pointers to Murandy too so it's a puzzle...
  22. I don't think it's Graendal it's too flamboyant and out in the open.. Graendal wouldn't risk confrontation in the palace even by being recognised by another Aes Sedai.. i don't think it was Lanfear either because why would she let him teach Rand then kill him ? doesn't make sense. As for Moridin and SH not being introduced, We're not introduced to Slayer until AFTER the attempt on SS's life and AFTER the darkfriend killing in the tower so why does it make it impossible to be Moridin or SH ?... although it doesn't make sense for Asmo to say You? No! to SH as he wouldn't know WHO SH was rather than WHAT (after all if you don't know he's a Mydraal you're plainly blind or just stupid) as for Moiraine... i doubt that because she still didn't know about him at the time. As for being a male channeler wouldn't Rand have felt the gateway ? If any of these theories/thoughts have been brought up before and have been rejected i apologise but i cbf reading 95 pages :P
  23. How is Trollocs like TROLL ? Considering you pronounce it "Trah-locs"... heh :P
  24. I seem to be right no times though :P hehe
  25. I suppose he's just been wandering in the blight lol :P And my point wasn't that Moridin is the only Forsaken :S my point was that it said Slayer takes orders or commands or even requests by few save the chosen, when it says "Few save the Chosen knew how to reach him, and none of the men among those few who could channel, or would have dared trying to command him." that's saying that none of the men among the few who knew how to reach him could channel and none would have dared try to command him. So who DOES know how to reach him apart from the Chosen? In fact never mind i'm too confused lol haha
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