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  1. I think it'll make it so much sadder if they die, because they're all so young (obviously it's still sad if an adult dies but with a younger person there's all this feeling of waste, that they had this life ahead of them and it's all gone...). i know the portal stones show that it couldn't have gone any other way and ended well, but still...
  2. When Amys was telling Rand about how his father (Janduin - with an A!!!) died, she says that he couldn't attack the man who was killing him (who we assume is Luc), because he looked so much like Shaiel/Tigraine, who he loved. So, assuming that Luc and his sister look so alike, would you expect Tam to have recognised Luc as looking similair to the woman he found on the mountain (Tigraine - rand's mom)? Even if it isn't mentioned (it isn't) it could still be brought up later, if rand and his father meet up, and it'd be a pretty interesting point... Does Rand know what Tigraine looked like? There must be a painting of her somewhere in the Andoran palace as Elayne knows what she looks like and she ran away before Elayne was born...I would say not, but it might just not have been in the books.
  3. How do the forsaken know how to speak the 'new tongue'? Even when they've just woken up they're fluent, and that doesn't seem right... Also: after he loses his angreal at Dumai's Wells, Rand gets really scared because with it he's a match for the forsaken and maybe more, but withoutit, he says, 'death and destruction'. He's obviously scared of them.
  4. You have to remember that the seanchan have never seen trollocs; there aren't any over there. i think that if Tuon could see trollocs and the general destruction that they cause and the way that they would really mess up the world if they got hold of it, or if somebody told her that it was one of the forsaken who had killed her family, sent her empire into dissent etc. then she might turn and form a truce with rand. Otherwise i just can't see her doing it. i don't think she's just do it for love of Mat, because, well, she doesn't seem that type. She'd have to be given a decent reason to ally herself and her armies to Rand (under mat's control of course) otherwise there's nothing in it for her. Afterwards, of course, she can carry on with her 'invade everybody' plan, but i think with the right persuasion she'd help rand. But only at the last moment of course, for dramatic effect and all that. :lol:
  5. I really wanted to start a thread about the character’s names, because I keep finding echoes of characters from other books or biblical references or random words that sound like the characters names and are really funny. This is a list of all the ones I could find. Failte is Scottish for welcome I think there’s a place in Scotland called Callandor, or something that sounds a lot like it There’s a devil somewhere in the bible called Sammael If you look at that random list of letters that makes up website addresses when you’re a few pages in, then the word Rand sometimes turns up. The editor for Red eagle comics (the people who made new spring) is called Larry Mondragon. A moraine is a rock formation :D Does anybody else have any others?
  6. Who says that Rand has to remove all knowledge of the Do? If the second age always has no memory of him, the surely it would be the Dragon at the end of the first age who has to do this, and there are a fair amount of ages to go between the first and the fourth one that’ll be heralded by TG. And as the end of each age is marked by a large change (usually a large battle/mass extinction etc.) it can’t be that from the fourth age to the first it’s all fun, laughter and no DO. Frankly I think that Rand’s going to have enough problems just sealing him away, let alone doing it well enough for him to have no influence whatsoever. And does he even have a plan? I don’t think so, although he’s obviously good at thinking up weaves to do impossible things, like the one he used to cleanse saidin. And one of the Forsaken (forgotten who) does say that Lews Therin was good at that sort of thing. Can anybody remember if the male Choeden Kal melted? I remember that the female one did, but if the male one is still intact then perhaps he could use that. However we must remember that the DO has a certain amount of influence on SG, so maybe even if Rand tried to remove all memory of him in an uber-seal the DO could influence the weave enough to stop it.
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