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  1. Concerning the statement that the dead don't cause any harm to the living... While it's true that the ghosts themselves don't attack anyone, there is an example of someone dying a horrible death due to apparitions. I forget the name of the book, but there was a scene in one of Matt's POVs where a someone wanders into a ghost village, which then sinks into the ground taking them with it, them screaming in agony as their legs go into the ground. I'm not convinced the Dark One has access to the dead either, (apart from those that purposefully sell their souls to him like the Forsaken and possibly Dark friends) . So does that mean the phantom village was actually a bubble of evil rather than actually ghosts? Or a mixture of both? Personally I'd put it in the category of the harm being accidental, much like someone stepping in front of a truck. I.e. those caught in the phantom village would be killed as it vanished, but I don't think it was intentional. Merely people being in the wrong place at the wrong time. But the harm was still done, albeit it was the ground, village rather than the actual ghosts of people.
  2. I interpret Taim's reference to 'so called Aiel' more of his disbelief that Aiel would follow Rand or anyone apart from their own Clan chiefs for that matter. Hence in his mind, they can't really be Aiel. Taim often considers Rand with contempt (although he respects his level of power). I can't speak for other possible AoL terminology he might have used as it's been a while since I read those earlier books and my memory is hazy. As for when Taim turned? I think he was a Dark friend pretty much from the beginning. Before he came to meet Rand and was placed as leader of the Black Tower anyway. I wouldn't be surprised if the Black Ajah were involved as has been mentioned by others earlier. He came along to suss out Rand, and when recruited to train men for the Black Tower jumped at the opportunity of recruiting Dreadlords for the Shadow. That works for me. And yes, I think a confrontation with Logain would have been satisfying. What we got worked well though. It's nice to be surprised, although I wish they'd done more with Taim and Logain as well. (That being said I like Androl a lot.)
  3. Considering the Seanchan beasties that one of Matt and the Velociraptor isn't as far out as you might think! Of course the raptor would be squashed as Velociraptors were actually around the size of a turkey...Don't believe Jurassic Park. (Good film though.)
  4. When she was Selene, she didn't appear evil to Rand. Evil people often don't look evil. Lovely artwork. The third picture is quite close to how I imagine her.
  5. "Is that Min wearing a crop top and leather pants?" Considering the spear, I'd say it's meant to be Aviendha, although the hair is the wrong colour. It's a great image nonetheless.
  6. George R R Martin's rating is well deserved. His books are pretty popular among fantasy fans and I like them a lot. I think he should tone down the gratuitous sex though. Heh.
  7. "Sweet's Wheel of Time covers are SO bad!" They're not bad. The art is wonderful in fact. There certainly is inaccuracy though. I'll agree with that. What's with Mat wearing that full plate Samurai armour, for example. Strangely that was one of the pictures Robert Jordan loved too, according to that video. Then again, maybe he was just judging it as an art piece. And maybe the armour should be interpreted as symbolic rather than literal... but I'd have preferred something more accurate.
  8. Oops. I live that side of the pond, and I missed this! I saw it advertised, it just came quicker than I expected. Mind you, I'm a bit broke so I'm not sure I'd have made it anyway. Looks like they all had a good time anyway.
  9. Nice pictures! Not sure why she's trying to grab her brother's, erm, 'little brother' in the last picture though. Sorry, trust me to lower the tone. The pictures really are good.
  10. I think it might be just a mixture of that and compulsion (or just compulsion, as long as she wasn't off-balance when he exerted his power.) I.e. he freezes the person's mind, says his bit and leaves releasing her. Time seemed to have stopped simply because the people affected by the compulsion were not privy to it. Kinda like if you're watching the telly and fall asleep. You wake up and the film is open but to you it's as if no time has passed at all...
  11. Since the a'dam causes a form of linking, I'd imagine it still requires weaves to touch her though, albeit through the a'dam. I'd imagine the medallion would deflect the weave just as it would normally, effectively breaking the connection.
  12. I really liked Perrin's arc in this book although I agree with the comments that it was a bit slow earlier on. It was very interesting to see Perrin getting more to grips with the Wolf Dream. In the past Egwene always seemed the more powerful in that world. She (and the other girls) could just think their way to different locations. Perrin always seemed to move the ordinary way, albeit at great speed covering large distances. (So not that normal.) Point is, he never seemed to move himself around just by thought. I thought maybe that was a particular limitation he had, being there through his connection to the wolves, so it was interesting to see that wasn't the case, that he could have that power too. What's more, in his crash course, he seemed to overtake Egwene! That was brilliant to see. In some ways I think it's a shame they didn't stretch his Dream lessons over the previous books, but it was still very interesting to see. It's curious that Slayer didn't show the same level of Dream manipulation in his previous encounter with Perrin. He seemed to just move around in that blurry way rather than doing the environment manipulation stuff he does in this book. On the other hand, he probably thought Perrin would be an easy kill and underestimated him. This time he stepped up his game. (Incidentally I don't think Isam/Luc had anything to do with Dark Hounds as we've never seen them together. That being said, there was a dark prophesy in book 2 which mentioned Luc/Slayer and the dark hounds. I forget the specifics, but I think that's where people see the link. I don't think it means he is linked to them though. The prophesy was just covering a range of things.) I don't think Perrin will necessarily remain more powerful in the Dream than Egwene. She learns quickly, and if anything her confrontation with him led to her rethinking her tactics and besting Mesaana.* (I'm not sure I quite buy Mesaana's complete break down though, but there you go.) I think Perrin will always have the advantage where tracking is concerned what with that special 'nose power' he has. Mind you, Egwene would probably go about it another way using hope to point her way. Forging, the hammer- I agree that was a great scene. It's also more than just the average power forged weapon like the swords Rand and Lan own. True the power didn't seem to do much more than burn shaddow spawn, but I wouldn't be surprised if that ability would increase when Perrin becomes more used to the weapon. As for those who complain about how heavy it was in one hand, this kind of weapon is a two hand thing at best (although it might lighten when used, as others have said. I don't remember that being mentioned in the book though). Even if we don't see the weapon manifest more power, the main point of the hammer and it's forging is what it represents. It is an icon of the fact Perrin has accepted his fate as a leader and gained balance within himself. That being said, considering the amount of power used by the Ashaman and Wise Ones in their channelling, I think it must have a lot of potential in raw power too. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a ter'angreal as well as being a power wrought weapon. In fact I'm sure it is. That burning power had to come from somewhere after all, so I'm thinking the One Power. (The only non- OP weapon we've seen with special powers is Fain's dagger, but we know the source of that. Since OP was used to make the hammer, I'm thinking it's using the power too.) I'm sure one talented Ashaman would be enough to forge ordinary power wrought weapons like the special 'edge-keeping' swords. *Incidentally, if anyone is wondering why Egwene was able to beat the Adam and Moghedien, who had much more experience in the Dream than Egwene could not, it's down very much to personality. Moghedien is a coward at heart. She feared the Adam, and thus it had power over her. One on one, I think she would still have more power in the Dream than Egwene, but Egwene has the advantage where guts and confidence are concerned. Confidence and how you see yourself go a long way in the Dream.
  13. I'm in the same boat more or less. Even worse, after this book (which I might put aside, it only being a bunch of short stories, I can always go back later) I have another library book after that. I don't really want to put it aside though as I know I only have it for a limited period while Towers I can read at any time. And no, I don't think you're mad. As you wait you'll look forward to it all the more. I'm not going to do what you are though, putting it off to shorten the gap with the next book! I don't have THAT much self control. I'll get to it soon.
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