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  1. So what's up with the seals? If they're unbreakable, why are they breaking? What weakens them? Can't you strengthen heartstone? Why should Rand destroy them? Basically what's going on?
  2. Ok, so we all know that when you balefire someone, it's like catching their thread in the Pattern on fire. It's like killing them in the past, so to speak. We also know that the strength of the balefire determines how much of their past is erased. My question then, is: what would happen if you balefired someone who balefired someone? To give an example - let's say when Moiraine used balefire to kill what's-his-face, Ishamael had turned around and balefired the crap out of her. She burned what's-his-face out of the pattern for mere seconds, but was then burned out for let's say hours. Would her balefiring have happened or not?
  3. phoenix


    uhhhh, chah! I'd never watched firefly when it was on tv, but my homecoming date and I saw Serenity the day it came out, cuz she's a fanatic. I. Was. Hooked. I have the movie and the series. Personally, I think that the thing is much better adapted to the big screen than the silver screen. Just like Buffy was a better show than movie. A lot of times, the show seemed kinda cheesy (not in the good way), or dry. But I LOVE Joss Whedon. Buffy is my all time favorite show. Angel was awesome. And I practically worship Astonishing X-Men.
  4. Yeah, that really bugged me. I just finished Knife of Dreams for the second time, but there was no mention in the book. ALL the other books have something to do with the title, so why not this one?!?!?!
  5. yeah, i know what it means. I meant, what is the significance of Taim saying it.
  6. In KoD Rand lists the tribes of the Trollocs. Among them are: Kno'mon - I think maybe gnome Dhavol - Devil I can't remember all of them, but they're things like banshee and other demons. Nynaeve and Egwene come from Gwenyvere. Morgase --> Morgause Al'thor --> Thor, Arthur Paendrag --> Pendragon Elayne --> Elaine Galad --> Galahad Lanfear --> Fear Ishamael --> Ishmael All i got for now kiddies, I'll be back
  7. Question: "does anyone care that egwene just died?" Answer: NO! As for Nynaeve and Lan: They go on to reclaim Malkier, become King and Queen of it, have 4 kids, and live happily ever after. As for Moiraine and Thom: Moiraine becomes the new Amyrlin Seat, the most succesful in history, and Thom becomes Consort to the Amyrlin Seat. They have a child name Myrlin, who goes on to find a boy named Artur, who rules a city called Ar Valon, and pulls a Sword out of The Stone, becoming "The One who Comes After." As for Bela: When Suan marries Gareth Bryne, the two of them ride Bela off into the sunset, tying some pots and pans to her tail, and a sign that says: Just Married
  8. OK, so I just finished Knife of Dreams for the second time. Now what the frick is up with the ending? These retarded Red Ajah chicks come to bond men who can channel to "protect the world from them." Of course, they don't realize that a) men are safe now, and b) rand already told egwene's ppl that THEY can bond men. As if that weren't enough, Mazrim Taim ALLOWS them to!! And then saying to "let the lord of chaos rule?" What? Is that just meant to confirm that he IS a darkfriend? And does that mean that ALL of his lackies are also darkfriends? Someone please help, I'm sooooo confused.
  9. ok thanks, just finished reading KoD for the second time, so now I know who killed whoever.
  10. yeah, i really didn't know what to do about Gawyn... maybe he'd become gay? As for Perrin not killing Faile: the giant pwning Elaida gives him would wake him up. He'd be so angry his wife basically turned him into a whiny woman, he'd strangle the life right outta her! And yes, Perrin was originally my favorite character, until he met faile. After that....tragic. About the Perrin Nae'blis thing: The forsaken were willing to make an exception. "Lord Perrin, even though you aren't evil, and even though you can't channel, you have done the world such an amazing service, we bestow on you the honor of Nae'blis"
  11. Phoenix's dream scenario: Egwene is held captive by Elaida. Perrin busts in to save her. Faile busts in, jealous of Egwene. Distracted, Perrin get's b*tch slapped by Elaida across the room. Egwene then kills Elaida. Faile then kills Egwene. Perrin wakes up, and in a furious rage, realizes that Faile has brainwashed him and chopped off his balls. Perrin kills Faile. The remaining Forsaken Travel there, bow down to Perrin, declaring him Nae'blis. They form a circle, and balefire Faile's dead body hard enough to erase her existence - or at least her excruciatingly long capture - from the Pattern. As Nae'blis, Perrin regains his masculinity, and uses the Forsaken to hunt down b*tchy men and women across the planet, including Tuon, and Travel them to the center of the sun. Perrin gets with Berelain, Mat get's with Aludra. As the Dark One continues to bend reality, all three of Rand's women are combined into one, perfect woman, who has the voice of Ilyena in her head. Everyone wins!! ...... except Gawyn
  12. NYNAEVE!!! I LOVE Nyn!!! I'm an 18 year old guy in Texas, and I started crying when she broke her block! She's so awesome, I love when she says stuff about "fool men" that's true about herself. Anyway, yeah, she's my other
  13. Sorry about the weird topic, I have 2 questions but didn't wanna make 2 threads.... Question 1). What happens if two people bond each other? Question 2). Who killed....Vandene?....or was it Adeleas?
  14. nah, not squeemish. Blood is okay, organs are awesome!! the only thing i can't handle is spitting.....vomit is okayish, but spitting is GROSS! guess i'll have to get over that...
  15. Hey y'all My name is Phoenix (p.k.a. Guardian Ian). I'm almost 19 (which would make me 18 lol) and I'm about to go to college as a pre-med student. And even though I KNOW I dont' really need to worry about it yet, I just wanted to know, what are some of the best med schools out there? I always heard Stanford was really good, and Johns Hopkins, and Baylor College of Medicine, but what do you ACTUAL doctor's think? Is your med school really important? Other questions: someone please explain to me what an internship is, as well as a residency! Are they the same, or different??? Also, how do you get a job? Do you just apply? Are you referred? Assigned? Asked? Someone please Help!!! By the way, if i seem totally clueless, that's because for the first 3.5 years of highschool, i was dead set on going into business, either as an administrator or entrepreneur. But then, over the Christmas break, I was walking my dog and realized that ever since freshman biology I'd had a secret yearning to do surgery/study medicine, but I had told myself I wasn't smart enough for it (which is a total lie, because i'm actually REALLY smart...but i have low self esteem...). ANYWAY....thanks!! Bye~~!
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