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  1. no, you have me totally wrong. your first problem was thought. i am more of a "tired of you, kick your arse big man". folks like myself worked to get the internet where it is and small puddle, scum skippers such as yourself find it to be some new place to paint grafitti i wouldn't urinate on you if you were on fire. you are forever "luckers the anal"
  2. that's what i say to myself after reading everthing you post. especially after slamming me about parenting skills. have you any or a sense of decency to protect their innocence? however, imagine yourself at a renaissance festival in tights, tunic and, in your case, a laquered pink, oversized codpiece. the renaissance is always portrayed as british here in the USA but the medici family supposedly set off the italian and what would later be the entire european renaissance. i know a medici in italy. they don't speak english very well but his wife is beautiful. back to the american/uk version...knights had titles such as "blaeric the red", "ulrich the dwift" and others. yours would be "luckers the anal" and rather than a knight you are a jester because you must wear a jesterer's hat as well. it nearly completes my vision of you.
  3. luckers the anal wrote AMOL and is checking cribnotes.
  4. yep, none you a real either, i quit this thread.
  5. "very well." taim's move of giving into the reds - from the tower, no less - when they asked to bond 6 men was almost rehearsed. who is BA in pervara's little party and why were they treated amicably? it was as if they were expected and taim's actions were for show. taim distrusts all aes sedai and hates reds with passion. has he bonded an aes sedai as have some of the other ashaman from the black tower? i could only see it as an act of cruelty - like adopting a dog from a shelter for the reason of beating it regularly. he is my vote for next foresaken as he is very strong in knowledge of the wrong ways to use the power - from the very beginning - and in charge of the black tower. that last one gives him too much leverage and rand/LTT is going to have to balefire his arse soon. i vote LTT.
  6. you want to know the really senseless part of this thread?? there ain't no aiel, trollocs or aes sedai. there is no single nation on the face of this planet whose majority of population can run as fast as a horse and be effective warriors. think hard on it. i won't go into that craziness because 2 marathon runners from a single village is not representative of an entire nation. if one was to consider martial arts movies from asia to be accurate representation of all peoples from those lands it is ludicrous. the united states is not the corncopia of wealth and abundance that too many people in third world countries imagine is the end of the rainbow. its cool in the books but in real life, my standard trotter may run over the marathon runner. so may a quarterhorse and look out for a wild mustang or chincoteague pony. the last two bite and kick for fun. i haven't even thought of arabian horses with their ultra-deep chests(lungs). the closest thing to a war horse - now that i have been corrected - would be a breed of draft horse. the simple truth is none of the debated is realistic. the only way to find out how far an army can go is to decipher journals of soldiers, hopefully a lower officer, that participated in ancient campaigns. the american civil war is going to be spotty. roman campaigns may be fair while alexander or napoleon's campaigns might be realistic. as to how far a horse can actually go? ride one around a track all day. there is very little land open in the world that will allow one to trek - maybe australia? luckers alice springs? cool. lots-o-satellite dishes out there. what does this refer to? I don't entirely get your spiel about 'animals' breeding and the rest. I neither see how its on topic, nor indeed what it means in any context.
  7. glorfindel saved frodo, not arwen. it was an elven horse just like keebler cookies and baked in a hollow tree. how many horses have you ridden? most humans would have to train really hard to keep up with a farm horse at a canter. that is not a lope, that is running hard to a human and the horse is just settling to the pace and figuring how to get you off his back so he can eat grass in the shade. sure the horse is gonna stop or slow down but a horse walks faster than a man does and that runner has to stop as well. if you have ever seen a quarterhorse trained to race up close you are looking at something that is as close to a "warhorse" as we will see in this day and age. a horse trained to pull a sulky - harness racing - is able to trot-not gallup at a fast pace for miles before having to stop to rest. i've watched them train at the local track, they don't gallop. they trot really fast, near a gallup, in the race but in practice they go for longer than i can count just for training and execise. i rode horses when i lived i texas and though i never wore armor and rode at full gallop from trollocs, the horses know when they want to go for it and when to stop. they go until you really want to stop. none of them can run at a full out gallop for miles - riding a horse at a full gallup isn't fun anyway, it hurts unless you are trained along with the horse to do it. the trained quarterhorse will fall from exhaustion after three miles and the horse pulling the sulky is going futher than that - at an easy trot. that is the key word - gallop or trot. a dog moves easier in a trot than walking. a horse walks, canters, trots and full out gallups. we have the preakness on memorial day in baltimore and those horses are moving, but not for more than two miles max at those speeds. some can't keep up with the faster horses. it's true, you gotta rest them for hours at a time in a 24 hour period but a horse can go on day after day merely walking whereas a human doesn't have the strength for that unless trained to the point of "why?". long distance runners can't run for a month - their bodies have to heal or they will permanently injure themselves. the same goes with running a horse. however, he can walk for days when a man will not. feed him and water him and he acts like a big dog happy to be out. a plain house dog has more endurance than a human for a month long romp. we aren't conditioned to do that whereas an animal is still an animal. if you have two horses, alternating one for riding and carrying food and supplies, you can go at a steady pace that you wouldn't by foot. that's reality. aiel are in a story.
  8. you are correct! in modern times 30 years is a generation unless mankind begins to reproduce as animals do...the rash of teen pregancies, especially in my area of maryland can cut that in half. most people of our civilization plan a bit more than a 13 year old girl out with the wrong crowd. meaning? as soon as the body is mature - the hormones have allowed all organs of the body to perform fully - humans can begin to procreate. the level of growth hormones we have subjected outselves to over the years put this at the age of 13 in most cases. i wonder how old they began before there was true civilization? - our own american indians or those in mexico as examples. it blows the level of experience and maturity one would hope to pass on out of the rearing years... we don't exist by hunting down wild game nor mindlessly farming on wide open spaces we are squatting on to justify reproducing like thoughtless animals in today's society. that sounds like the kind of activity that happens in a zoo or farmyard. if we needed a surplus of babies to be on the adoption market it would work but that is highly immoral.
  9. mike


    i come away with the question of "after what?". there are far to many "happens" to nail one down at this point... we wil learn as we RAFO.
  10. meh :? why do you persist against each other? where are verin, moiraine and the ogiers that will come with loial? what happens when mat blows the horn again? pay some attention to the fine details that have agonizingly built up during the past few books. some of the POVs are too important to glaze over for the want of war. a lot of the battle is going to take place off of the battlefield because, in the end, those young ladies aren't as powerful as they are for paper filler alone. consider that one is helping to rally an army together for her husband in the north, one is amyrlin seat, one is heir to the throne of andor and the other is a crazy strong aiel wise ones' apprentice tied to rand and elayne by more than just friendship. no aes sedai in the recent past, that we are privy to, has had the kind of power these ladies possess. think of the truces that are all but said between randland and the seanchan. these are due to perrin and mat. theoretically, mat can put a stop to seanchan fighting with a word. tuon lives to serve the empire. duh...that is on seanchan and not where they think they can make it. she serves best to order her "ever victorious army" to cease fighting with randland's people. she probably dies in book 12 due to actions of another of "the blood" anyway. mat is of the blood now due to marriage. blowing that horn will no doubt blow the minds of any seachan that sees artur hawkwing and the 100 companions. what happens to birgitte when he does? does she come face to face with gaidal cain and ride off with him? still, we still don't fully know what is meant by "let the lord of chaos rule". is taim the lord of chaos? he makes it seem so. who told him of that phrase??? it came straight from DO's mind to one who told a few more. rock, paper, scissors. fine details
  11. this is another brunette actress that fits the randland casting of women, maybe a good faile or min. reduce her to that of an aes sedai; she has an ageless look. http://www.alanadelagarza.com/
  12. after reading that 4 page back and forth cancelletory i assume RJ can call it quits. it wore me out to hear that many spins put on it and i don't know what to think. what i always wanted to know... 1. what makes the island and city of tar valon so desirable other than the aes sedai that are there? mat needs the horn and can call a cab outta there. 2. where do galad and the whitecloaks fit in. everything i remember about the whitecloaks theology would put them right in the middle of the action against any battle against the shadow. they have erroneously been ordered around to stir up trouble by their commanding officers and the fact that too many of their officers were taken by the dark side puts a star wars/crusaders spin on it. the children will have to come into the picture sooner or later. galad, rand's half brother, is going to come into play once he learns of matters. "he always does right" and in this case it will be fighting alongside his brothers and sister against the darkfriends he has learned to hate. his sense of what the children of the light stand for will come to full circle by that point when he realizes that his family is fighting against and the propaganda tht has been smeared on the aes sedai will rub off for him. 3. what were the whitecloaks when they were first founded? what was their original purpose? i would say they were the army of someone and the whole thing got twisted around somehow. so much fore my whitecloaks/galad thoughts. the ways... the ways seem to be an easy fix...go inside and look at where you would like a gateway to lead. go to the entrance and just before you exit open a gateway that leads to the place you selected, preferably, just behind you. tie off the weave and you have created a death door for any shadowspawn. you can open another gateway and walk on out. do the same for the outside and put wards on both that kill. no trollocs or fades will come through that gateway. too easy, right? :arrow:
  13. i can't be happy until i have caused a row?!! you cry foul too aften. i suggest letting folks answer before inserting yourself in a mother goose, knee-jerk traffic cone fashion. step back, ma'am, and look at what i pointed out. too many here get pumped full of air if one disparaging word is muttered about this story - or should i say "THIS group of folks that clammer on about it"? one of you posted asking "if there are any scenes you dont like or simply hate and always skip over" and it was acceptable. if it were my post it would have gotten the "danger" traffic cone or an edit job courtesy of majong. some of the replies were as bad as the reason of dislike. how can you dislike that which you hold so dearly?? if you close your eyes during the scary parts of a movie you will never know what actually happened. the title of the thread should have been "WHAT DO YOU HATE ABOUT WoT?" the british form might of been "WHAT IS IT YOU DISLIKE MOST OF THE WoT?" the lag time between books it comes down to this, is it? why not dice or cat's cradle? rather than intelligent literary conversation, discussion centers around personalities of imaginary people and if someone "out of the clique", such as myself, joins in it tends to be swept away as rubbish and smoothed over as if it never happened. i take the phrase "off topic, out of order, spiteful and unneccessary" to be your attack on my being. this whole dealio started in 1989, correct? i picked it up in 1991 and have had to reread several of the earlier books X times over to keep abreast of a new one on the horizon. the last reread caused me to look on the internet to find any hope for closure. if any has an "overall appreciation of a fantastic work" i would most certainly include myself. ...taking a van halen break to chill ... do me a favor and lay off of my replies as they have as much weight as any here. i "may" evoke different insight than some and spur conversation other than what you might be used to seeing here. i have been involved with the moderation of websites for years and have read these books, as well as others. though i might not follow every book on the "dragonmount reading list", i am quite literate.
  14. its the head cook in the tower
  15. vaccine=jenner there isn't a recipe for black&white cuendillar as it has to be relearned just like everything else.
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