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Got my prize

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For anyone thats interested I recieved my prize for the KoD contest yesterday. Let me tell you that I was pretty happy.


I recieved a leather bound copy of A New Spring, signed first editon lettered X52 out of 52 lettered copies. That is pretty darn exciting IMO. Can't think of a better prize except for a signed first edition letter copy of the first book. I'm not bragging or anything, I just figured that most of us tried the contest and thought I would let you all know what they gave as a prize.

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The contest only ran for like 3 weeks or so before they realized that the idea didnt work as well as they would like. I only answered the first question. They decided instead to draw ten names of people who had answered the questions up to that point and then sent us prizes.


I will take some pics tomorrow. I need to charge my camera first.


There was a signed number copy of New Spring for sale on Ebay going for like 100 dollars, the lettered copies are even more rare than that.

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