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  1. An arrogant woman with a black coat who weaved weaves that served as weapons and has pins on her collar would be an asha'man in my book.
  2. When they use the Bowl of Winds is a low point for me. I was ready to throw the book into the wall because of the Sea People.
  3. Alviain Freidhen Sarene Nemdahl Tarna Feir Thomdril Merrilin
  4. Excluding the horrible Wheel of Time soundtrack CD, what kind of music do you guys associate to the books? It can be music you listen to while youre reading or music you'd like to see in a movie. I'm basically just making this topic because there are some songs by Nightwish that just reek wheel of time to me. "Away" was the first one, I really associate that with Elayne and Nynaeveäs travel from Tanchico to Salidar for same reason. Then there's one called "Walking in the Air", that I feel really fits Tel'aran'rhiod. And also "Forever Yours", which I would call Elayne's theme. I can recommend downloading these songs, they're really beautiful and atmospheric. So if they make a Wheel of Time movie I'd definetely want the guy who writes the songs for Nightwish to do the music. I know he's a fan of the series. Anyway, any other ideas?
  5. The So Habor bit has been the only rejuvenating thing so far in my reading of CoT.
  6. I was thinking Sandra Bullock would be a pretty cool Moiraine...
  7. Good explenation. I'm proud to live in the same town at you.
  8. Well, Andor is your generic nice place so i find it kind of dull. But then every other place has such weird customs, Tear is slums and social differences, Saldea seems to have weird marriage ideas, as does Ebou Dar. I'd have to say Far Madding would be a nice place to live. I could be a trader and live a good life.
  9. Wow, you really do have an insomnia problem.
  10. Hey thanks everyone. I dont know about RPing yet but I might look into it in the future.
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