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  1. I personally hope he writes about jain farstrider
  2. perhaps she sleeps in a stasis box?
  3. You are reading some book in your room and out of nowhere a gateway forms in the middle of it, through it you can clearly see the White Tower. Then a man dressed all in black steps into your room stating that "You better hurry up and get your things together, i'm leaving in fifteen minutes." So, you have 15 minutes, what do YOU grab?
  4. what exactly was the contest?
  5. Four words... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . READ AND FIND OUT!!!!!!!!
  6. If the Dark One had been sealed in his prison with both halves of the true source (Saidar AND Saidin, as opposed to JUST Saidin) would both of them have been tainted? Which do you think would happen?
  7. i just had a thought. If the dark one can tell who is using the true power, that would mean there would have to be some sort of distinguishing characteristic left as a residue or something whenever someone draws from it. But what if when Rands and Moridins Balefire crossed, their "imprints" became mergd and became one? That way, whenever Rand drew from the TP the dark one would think it was moridin?
  8. i was under the impression that Rand hurt his eyes looking at/into the fireball that semirhage threw at him in KoD. You know, where he lost his hand? Looking into any bright light, whether the sun, or an intense fire can damage your retinas, even if it was for just a moment. not to mention head trauma that can occur from falling off a horse.
  9. he doesnt necessarily need permission as long as the DO doesnt realize hes doing it.
  10. howdy, im sorta new here because its been about a year or two since i last visited and i sure did miss these forums... Anyway, i have two thoughts concerning AMoL. One concerning Mat and the other Rand, although im not so sure the one with Rand will happen at all. So, we all know that Mat is supposed to "sacrifice half the light of the world" to save the other half, and alot of people have been going on about how since he thinks the Eelfinn can see through "his" eyes, he is going to get rid of one. I am absolutely certain that that is a load manure. The Eelfinn like to bargain, they always negotiate a price with the wishes they grant and if no price is set by the wisher they set one afterwards. Therefore I propose that Mat is going to bargain for Moraines life using an eye as his "chip", hence Egwenes dream of him with his eye on a scale. I would assume that the 'finnys would be weighing it to determine whether or not it is acceptable and that MAt would have learned more about the consequences of his wishes by that time. Now moving on to Rand.... This is a tentative theory that I came up with and probobally shouldnt be taken with a grain of salt. We all know Rand gets sick from holding/using saidin, and that he can barely stand when trying to channel because of the nausea. Well, if you remember when his and Moridins balefire crossed in Shadar Logoth they seemed to form some sort of link between them. I propose that Rand may eventually be able to tap the True Power because of their "crossing" and therefore be free from his handicap. However, since the True Power is that of the Dark One's, I would assume that this would never happen. And even if it did there would most likely be horrible consequneces. I know that there is no basis for this theory at all but it does have at least a little merit. So that, my freinds, is all i have to say about that. So feel free to flame away.
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