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  1. 18 c'mon dont you want to be the cool aunt? I gave my cousin (12) the first Martin book last time I saw him. He had already burned through RJ at 10 and 11. Of course other members of my family were giving him James patterson serial killer books at 10. Woe is the day he comes to me and tells me that he found a new great author, Terry Goodkind. I did tell him not to tell his parents graphically about Martins work in order to save me a headache.
  2. I agree with you. During the 80's and 90's alot of the stories followed the same cliche fantasy ideas. Now in the new millenium though we are getting some fantastic new authors who are breaking away from the Fantasy Mold and creating some really brilliant works, like Robin Hobb (her new shaman series is brilliant) and Scott Lynch. Although RJ started out writing a series that was alot like LoTR, I think once he wrote book 3 he kind of hit his stride and took the series to a whole new level.
  3. I dont have an opinion about you for good nor ill. The problem here is I am just as vehement in my hatred of this story as you are for your love of it. I also believe that there are better series out there that could have been optioned rather than this one. I for one would love to see a SoIaF weekly series or perhaps Robin Hobbs Liveship series than this one. Hell even a Dragonlance Chronicles show would be better imo.
  4. Im only adding this because I thought it was funny and thought maybe others would too. "What a great idea, a pick-up line for ICE & FIRE readers! Don't know what to say to that cute girl you just spotted at the con party? Just stroll up and whisper, "Valar Morghulis." If she replies, "Valar Dohaeris," you know you've got something in common, and you're off and running, talking about your favorite characters and the books in general and other books you've liked and... who knows where it will end? And if she gives you a blank look instead, that's good too. Either she doesn't read at al
  5. Yeah if it was just vague fantasy themes it wouldnt bother me. These were pretty darn blatant in my opinion. Who knows maybe he came up with it on his own, but I personally am not buying it or another one of his books either.
  6. First of all I could tell you that I dont read fantasy, but that would be a lie. Just because he says it doesnt make it the truth. Secondly I am specifically talking about things in his early books that are not Fantasy Ideas, but specific things in Jordans books that preceded his that he uses. Such as the male magic users going insane, a group of female magic users that try to control the main character, and also the use of a collar and leash to control someone.
  7. [quote name="Hannibal King I'm just glad that there are fans of Goodkind here after seeing all of the remarks that came before them. And by the way Goodkind said that Fantasy was a dead genre that has become cliched tripe' date=' and he is right. He agrees that some fantasy is decent(he read David Drake's Lord of the Isles and Terry Brooks' Shannara) but he acknowledges that it is becoming cliched. P.S. Enough of the psychotic ideas, TG's fans are not fanatics, they are just good fans. I'm sure that if someone came onto this site and did nothing but bash RJ, I'm sure that there would be a fe
  8. I got my roomate to read the books and he wasnt much of a reader before hand. Although he has been sitting on the newest since a week after release. I also turned my cousin on to them when he was like eleven. That is about it, but GRRM is easy. Ive got like 20 different people to read those, and subsequently they have passed them on also.
  9. RJ himself said it I believe. Perhaps someone will provide you with the link. Something to do with how time runs in the world of dreams, and Olver being about 10 now makes it impossible if Gaidal was just recently spun out. Regardless it is pretty much fact that Olver does not equal Gaidal Cain.
  10. I didnt read the whole thread. Hands down Lan is probably the most deadly. BUT, But if you factor in usefulness and enhanced abilities, I would go with Mat. Lan has out lived his usefulness in the series so far. He has not been mentioned as necessary to the last battle. There is no reason to discount Mats luck. It is important for him to reach TG. He is needed to command the armies at the LB. Perrin is needed to throw his ferocity and encourage others to fight as ferociously as he does. So if RJ added a fight between these folks, Lan would lose. All the added this and thats mean garb
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