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  1. harry's parents lived in godric's hollow. and the end of the last book harry said that he was going back there.
  2. i've never read rand, but i understand that her arguements are well founded. however a well founded arguement in philosophy has little or no relevence on it's application in real life. so ayn rand's philosophy has value according to philosophic method, but i've never met an objectivist who i could maintain a friendly relationship with.
  3. i want to bash censorship forcing me to confuse bash and bang all the time for fear of switching to bunny.
  4. lest all gang bash paris hilton. video tape it and release it at the cannes film festival to roaring reveiws.
  5. i want to bash partisanism. the rundown to our recent election was nastier than anything i've ever seen before. but now we are all friends. democracy works, kind of.
  6. have you ever put your buds in beer? it works better in vodka
  7. i avoided harry potter until the movie came out. but when i started reading it was completely entranced by the secret history and the secret world within our own. the books also feel like a whole new genre of fantasy.
  8. Hi god. first we want to say.....Congradulations on creating the universe.
  9. UGH! that makes me feel skeevy.
  10. i want to bash running out of beer too. but i put the buds behind me. i also want to bash cancer, because it sucks.
  11. majsju watch cnn international.
  12. i think bears are officially dead to me now....but they are still on the threatdown.
  13. star trek TNG is the methedone for battlestar galactica.
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