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Salutations Dragonmount

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Actually, I'm a girl (not a guy), and isn't it a bit soon to be professing your love?? I mean, we only just met.  ;)


But I'll let it go for now because you used the word smashing in that sense that has nothing to do with physically crushing or shattering something, and you spelled sheer right, for that context. So yay you, you've gotten off to a... (wait for it) smashing start here at DM! At least in my book, which isn't a bad book to be getting off to a good start in.


Welcome to the place, it's nice to see you. Or, read your posts, I guess, which isn't really the same thing. But either way, glad you're here, enjoy yourself, and poke around a bit to see what's up in different places, 'cause there's lots going on. If you happen to poke around into the Seanchan org, you'll probably run into me and my book again, and you might get a laugh or two. Or four, on a good day. *nod*


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Welcome to DM!


I think you should check out all the areas.  There is quite a diversity of activities to join, with many different focuses!  Almost every board has hidden sub-boards that you only get to by joining.  You can join them all, if you want to!


You made a great choice in your character name.  I myself love Lews Therin.  I named myself that in a game.  And I'm female!

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