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  1. Hi all! I have been away from the stedding for an awfully long time. I have been busy editing and writing books. Here is my latest:
  2. The edited version is up! "The Darkslayer"
  3. I hope you like it, Fantomboo. My edited version should be up in a week or so, and will probably be a better read, even if I do say so, myself. :)
  4. Hello All! I know I don't come around here nearly often enough to ask any favors, but... :) I am now an editor of self-published eBooks. My client, Craig Halloran, only has one Amazon review on the first book in his fantasy series, "The Darkslayer." The Kindle version is free right now, so it won't cost you anything but time if you want to give it a whirl. You can download a free Kindle app for your PC, your phone, your iPad, or just about any other device with a screen. Warning, though, this is a violent fantasy series. It is violent on a par with Terry Goodkind's "Sword of Truth" series, so if violence turns you off, you won't like this. It is a bunch of bar fighting and battle magic among orcs, humans, dwarfs, halflings and a new evil race called the Underlings. The current edition of this book starts with a back story that you won't find interesting until you read the rest of the book, so if you do download it, please start reading at chapter 21 and only read the beginning if you are interested in Jarla the Brigand Queen and the origin of the Darkslayer. Honest reviews at amazon.com are much appreciated!
  5. Canada. I have no idea the living conditions in Latvia. Have a steady desk job that paid well or be an explorer and sell what you find?
  6. I just applied by sending you email, Dwynwen. I understand if it is too late. I just now heard about this opportunity and would love to be the theory blogger.
  7. Sam, you are so right about most of this not making sense during my first read! The more we read RJ the more we are impressed, no? Makes his loss all the more poignant. FYI You probably want to tweak the email notification settings to just give us a link to the forum. Right now I can read this entire thread in my email. I confess it makes me lazy about actually visiting the forum!
  8. With great sadness I left this grove (and this house) last December. There are vast groves here in Washington where I live now. It makes me tremendously happy, though, to have this tribute online where I can visit my old grove that I tenderly tended.
  9. It's been a long time without a post here in the WOT re-read thread! I hope all is right with you, Sam.
  10. Thank you so much for writing these summaries, Sam! I haven't time for a complete re-read before this coming November, but this is almost as good!
  11. I'm pretty sure the edition that I taught from in 1994 had already been sanitized. I am very sure the edition my dad read to us in 1970 was sanitized -- or maybe Dad just skipped over the N word. I see where everyone is coming from, and yet I agree there should be a kids' edition and an adult edition. Kids get too stirred up in class at the sound of that word to carry on a useful conversation.
  12. Please post something in this thread when you start this, Sam. I want an email notification!
  13. Thank you all for posting in this thread so that I got an email reminding me there is another book out! Ggggrrrr! Hubbie says we have to wait till after we move Dec 1, to buy it. (Otherwise, the movers might get here and nothing be packed, so he does have a point. I don't have to like it, though!) We are moving from California back to Washington State! We are both very excited about the move. We were just up there renting a house. It took us two weeks to find one that all our stuff would fit in. Houses are really small up there, for the most part.
  14. I think it is as you say. Here is a complication: The gardeners must spend time inside stedding, too, over there in Seanchan--or they would be crazy with the longing.
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