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Spymaster's Report 9/25/08


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... What?? Did you really think I was gonna write it? Not likely. That would involve me going around and checking out other orgs, and it turns out I don't really like to do that. Nothing against the other orgs, I'm just lazy. *g*


No, I'm just sitting here like the proverbial baby bird... a wide eyed, long lashed baby bird... gazing adoringly on and waiting to be spoonfed little slices of awesome by his Highness, the Prince of Silly.


*blinks wide, long-lashed eyes*


*gazes adoringly*


*awaits the newest arrival of the best series of posts at DM*




Coming up with creative and friendly ways to nag tease since 9/25/08  ;D

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Well this week's edition actually ended up being somewhat of a copout, since for a minute there I couldn't get into the DM boards n' stuff.  Although the nine people who remember the olden days might get a kick out of it.  *g* even if I could have used current material I don't know if I can live up to that kind of hype there Cads.  Though I appreciate the confidence of course.  and I'll certainly try next week.  ;)



Wonder Hamster

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