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A Trouble making Copplin at your service...

Rab Coplin

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Welcome to DM, if you're looking for hte roleplay, scroll down until you find the divisions (div's), and thats the perfect place for you to hang out.


However, if you'd prefer to just hang out and chat and stuff with ohter people, the org side is what you're looking for.


Which are you interested in?

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yeah something for everyone...rp follow the books somewhat but not to the beat so it may be some spoilers and some confusement lol as well


we're in book 9 or 10 now i belive, but as said dont follow the books to the point, check out the bio board there is a tread with info on how to make a bio *s* or poke whichever division you are most interested in joining and people will help you out with info

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