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  1. That scene is also very powerful. Ingtar finding redemption and Rands words of comfort for him...
  2. I've just read the passage in TDR where Hopper leads Perrin to the meeting of DF's and the Dark One in his dream... I cried my eyes out when Hopper showed Perrin that he can finally soar like an Eagle as he had yearned for as a young cub... Beautiful writing...
  3. I'm sorry, but you are wrong. The girls question why Verin didn't note that so many of the ter'angreal on the list were last studied by Corianin Nedeal, but the ring wasn't stolen by the Black Ajah--it should never have been included on that list, and the girls never questioned its absense. True, the ring should never have been on the list. However the list was given to Egwene by Verin with the information about Corianin being the last person to have tested 13 of them. Therefore Verin did note Corianin's involvement...
  4. So it is just me with an issue regarding the way the girls react to Verin leaving the ring from the list... Oh well I'll just keep on trucking. Give it one more read, build a bridge and get over it...;)
  5. THe girls directly refer to the fact that Verin had not included the ring on the list. They try to come up with reasons for this such as she may have forgotton or she may be BA. I'm not saying I believe she is BA. What I'm questioning is the reaction of the girls in the first place when Egwene reveals the ring to Elayne and Nyneave. Verin gave it ot Egwene and told her of it's link to Corianin Nedeal. There should have been no suspiscion of Verin in my view. Or am I missing something obvious in the passage..?
  6. In TDR in the chapter titled Questions we see Elayne going through the list of stolen ter'angreal. we're lead to believe that the fact that the ring is missing from the listsuggests Verin may be Black Ajah as the girls are wonderous as to why she left it out. But surely after giving it personally to Egwene the need to put it on the list wasn't there.
  7. Thanks for the welcome and advice. A bit of both I suppose. I'm only on The Dragon Reborn so far. I'll have to be careful and avoid too many spoilers. I like the way this place is set out. There seems to be something for everyone...
  8. Well thats what some would have you believe. My Da and uncles are the heartbeat of Emonds Field. I'm off to explore a bit of the world myself... By day I'm an Irish civil servant so a bit of escapism is always welcome...;)
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