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Anika Albitera

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Hi! Newbie here! Well newbie at Dragonmount, but not at WoT lol...I decided to join finally after listening to podcast forever!!!


Hmmm...about me. I'm a student in social studies education, I read tons, write some, I draw a little as well. I game some too. I'm also a member of some other WoT sites (TV.net is one), and I make some sigs and other graphics.


Thats about all I can think of for now, see you all around!!

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Welcome to the Wonderful Menegerie that is Dragonmount! Feel free to roam around and find out all that we have to offer. Since it seems that you have a creative bug, I would like to invite you down to the Illuminator's Org. We are the home of all things creative on Dragonmount and have several Chapter Houses which sound as though you might enjoy. We have a place for Artists, Sig Makers, writers, and crafters.


Hope to see you around!  ;D

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Welcome to DM!


It seems there will be a few places at DM that will interest you, like the Illuminators (as already mentioned). However, if you want to try something new, look no further than the Band of the Red Hand, home to music, travel, and fun and games. No love of music or travel is needed - just an open mind and a desire for fun.


But whatever you do at DM, have fun! :)

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You do signatures!  *sidles up close and chummy like*


Hope to see you a lot around all the boards!


Hmmmmmm  hmmmmmm, did I tell you I am looking to have a few signatures made?  No, no, I shouldn't bother you with that! You just got here! Want to play a game of stones?

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um not sure if that was at me, but since i changed my sig a couple days ago unless it was a relapse memory i am going to asume it was someone else who made signatures...though its to early in the morning for me to spot just whom


but i got several premade ones if you want one while waiting on stuff, link to where you can see them is in my signatur


unless that was what you was refering to as i realised that sort of says it too even if i aint wearing the sig making sig...meh morning rant just ignore it lol :P but yeah um *points back and forth* something like that i think i lost myself .. so i think i am heading over there

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