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*looks around shyly* hi..?

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haha i feel like a country girl going into new york city. i belong to a roleplaying forum thats VERY small compared to this, but were dying over there..we need more people..so i thought id look around and see where else i could roleplay..or find people who wanna join another site..


anyways, hey hello, whats happenin?

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Guest TheDemigod

hello hello and welcome to dragonmount!


i hope you'll have a grand time and please do come by the yellow ajah's boards if you feel like it!

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Guest TheDemigod

yeah sure


well. the boards and all are (obviously) devoted to the wheel of time series


now you can either hang around the general boards and speak of whatever you wish, join an organization where you generally talk of different things, or whatever suits you, and then there's the rp section, with all the different divisions


for exaple the warders division where you rp as a warder :D


there's plenty of people around the rp and normal sections of the page so nkock yourself out :D

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Guest Egwene

Hi Zaire... welcome to Dragonmount


as Demi already mentioned, some of the boards are obviously totally WoT related...


BUT.... and it is a big but... look at what else there is!! One of the best places to start posting is fiddlesticks... no previous knowledge of anything required. The only purpose of the board is fun, fun, fun...


If you like a serious discussion... you'll find a lot of interesting topics on the debates and discussion board..


RP... try this link... I hope it will provide some of the answers and point you in the direction of the people best qualified to give more...



Orgs are a great place to socialise... they all have there individual characters and the best thing is to just hang around their boards and see which ones you like enough to want to join them...


Have a great time... hopefully you'll bring your mates accross for a visit as well... :wink:

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haha thanks everybody. and i guess i'll steer clear of charis. CHARIS SEDAI i mean! okay. so another question. i know about roleplaying and such, although ive found some forums are way different than others, but i always ask for alot of help at first so that im SURE that i have all of the rules down. i try not to offend or cause trouble..


so..i would like to become a novice. or known as one..see i dont know exactly how this place works just yet. there are ALOT of people and threads that i just dont have much time to read all of them. so if someone could help me out step-by-step i would be MORE than thankful. :D

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Wait... you want to become a novice on the RP side, right? Don't email to Lor (U4ea) then. An addy is just slang for email address.


Just a sec... let me get more info. I'll come back and edit this post.


A good post to read about RP at Dragonmount (DM) is this one: http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=354


The link to the White Tower Division is: http://whitetowerdiv.org/


I believe to become a novice you want to get in touch with Kristen Sedai on the RP side. Their OOC board is: http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=86


I'm not sure about emails for them, but I'm sure those links will lead to something... lol. I would probably post at that last link I put asking for help there. I haven't RPed here in quite awhile, so it's best you go request there because I honestly have no idea how to become a novice... hahaha... and they'd be able to set you up quicker than posting on this board.


I hope some of that helps.... have fun!

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The site is separated into two sections (I guess you could say three if you want to lump the General Discussion, Book Discussion, Silly Stories, Fiddlesticks boards into their own spot)... Community (usually referred to as Orgs) and Role Play (usually referred to as Divisions). Look up and down these froums. You'll see the Orgs about in the middle and the Divs at the bottom (if you have the forum completely expanded).


I'm gathering from your first post, you want to RP. So I posted most of the info you need to join that side. The Community side is just to hang out, chat, play games, meet people, and lots more. There is some role play, but it is usually silly stuff here and there... nothing structured. Nyneve was giving you the info to join the WT on the Community side. I, again, am posting info for the RP side. You can join both if you'd like! I didn't mean to say not to email Lor, but if your main goal was to RP, head down to the Div boards. :wink:


That make more sense?

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Ohhh ohhh... I think you haven't joined the usergroup yet. See the Forum Options at the right? Click "Usergroups" and choose Dragon Reborn PSW (I think) from the drop down menu, and join it. I can't remember if they need to approve you after that or not. But once you're joined/approved, you should be able to post.

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Hello!!!! And welcome to DM!!!!


Why not pop by the Campfires of the Band of the Red Hand...ORG and RP side! ORG side is great fun (No biased opinion there whatsoever), and I am just starting out in the RP side, and looking forward to more fun! :D


But whatever you do, just have fun!!!!! That is what we all do here anyway!!!!

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Hi Zaire! I am Charis Sedai. *stares at Eve*


No need to fear, darling. Just go play and have fun.

Eve, hun - you didnt have it that bad. You should ask Cairos and Leanne about the dismembered eyeballs I have following them to literally keep an eye on them all over the Tower. You dont want me to channel one for you, too, do you? *smiles sweetly* :twisted:

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nods as said the dragonmount comunity is split into general, rolleplay and organisations


the rolleplay has two portal stone worlds the DRPSW is the one living and there is the AoL PSW that is dead *nods*


the link to how to write a bio is this one





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