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Channelling, where channelling is banned.


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When the party reach Far Madding, and Cadsuane is greeting the ruler, Verin is leaning over the edge of the landing, watching the 'monitors' below. One character... I think one of the other Aes Sedai (we're in their POV but I can't exactly remember who it is) also watches, and notes that the dials change, and one of the women down below goes running - someone has channeled in the city.


Now, if channelling is prevented in the city, and 'wells' such as Nynaeve and Cadsuane have aren't common-place items that every channeler has chucked to the back of a drawer somewhere along with a pig that poos when you squeeze it and a 3metre chain of paperclips that you made when you were seven, then how did someone manage to channel?


I think I must have missed something...

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I seem to remember the passage stating that 'someone had channeled in the city'. It might even have been as specific as 'a man had channeled in the city', but we know from later that Rand cannot channel, any more than Nynaeve (until Cadsuane gives her her little toy).


Isnt there a big dome-like thing (invisible) that surrounds the city? I always imagined it repelled weaves from the outside, too.

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Correct, the guardians can detect and locate channeling outside of the barriers.  Narishima was left outside for him to channel in order to give Verin/Cadsuane the excuse of bringing up men channeling and the threat of the Dragon Reborn.  In Shalon's POV she realizes he isn't there but doesn't put it together until after a man channels and she see's Verin and Cadsuane manipulating the Counsels.  Re: the women running out of the room Shalon figures they are going to a room with a chart/map to plot where the channeling took place.  Here's some quotes.


Winter's Heart: Chapter 24 Among the Counsels

"Abruptly, she (Shalon) realized that Jahar's pretty face was not with the other men.  Verin's Tomas, a stocky gray-head as hard as any of the others, was leading the spotted gray pack animal that had been Jahar's.  Where had the young man gotten to?  Merise certainly did not appear concerned by his absence."


"One of the women below was on her feet, bending over to study where along the marked collar the thin black wedge was pointing, and the other two women were already racing toward a round-topped doorway.  Suddenly, Shalon knew.  Triangulation was a simple matter to any Windfinder.  Somewhere beyond that doorway was a chart, and soon the position where the man had channeled would be marked on it."


After Aleis asks to speak with Eadwina Sedai (aka Verin)

"Verin looked suddenly alarmed and uncertain as they gathered her up and swept her along.  Shalon did not believe the surprise or unease any more than she had the earlier innocence.  She thought she knew now where Jahar was.  She just did not know why."

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