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  1. Well, Rahvin was the best ruler. He smoothly picked up Caemlyn straight from Morgase, and led the nation straight according to plan, until he got slapped out of existence by Rand's Balefire. I'd say Graendal, but Graendal went into a nation which was in chaos, so it was very easy to establish control with lesser deftness than was needed in Andor. Taim would qualify, but since, at the moment, we don't know whether he is supported by another person and whom, it might be a little unfair to give him all the credit. "Good" rulers doesn't neccessarily mean "Walking-in-the-Light" ruler
  2. Lanfear is stronger than all females, Asmodean, and very likely Be'lal and Balthamel. She is definately weaker than Ishamael, Demandred, Rahvin and Sammael. We cannot make a valid comparison between her and Aginor without a lot of guesswork. While it is convenient to discard Forsaken statements as lies, they are still, generally, more reliable than random Third Age statements. Still, facts drawn straight from the books hold even more weight. An untrained Rand, while trying to defend his mind from Lews Therin and thus severely distracted, was able to hold off Lanfear's attacks while at a
  3. It's pretty damn obvious that Moiraine learnt Balefire after the EotW. If she knew it back then, she'd have used it on Aginor like she did with Be'lal. There's not even a question there IMO.
  4. The unstained Tower broke with the rebellion. To see through the second part, you must remember who the Aes Sedai who knelt to the Dragon were - they were the ambassadors from the two parts of the Tower, namely the representatives of their respective factions. In a sense, they were the Tower, standing for its views, ideals, standards, everything when dealing with the Dragon Reborn. They had not gone there as individual Aes Sedai, they had gone as the White Tower. Thus, the unstained Tower, broken, did bent knee to the forgotten sign. Now that Egwene is taking hold of the Aes Sedai, the kn
  5. Verin? Darkfriend? Lolwut?! Verin clearly struggles her way around the Oath against lying when she 'questions' Beldeine. If she is not bound to that Oath, why struggle and not just say what she wants to say without thinking of it? Why would the thought that what she was saying was circumventing the Oath even cross her mind, if the need to circumvent said Oath was not present? Verin is bound by the Oaths. The only evidence against that, the point about Moiraine sending her, is not only easily interpretable as evasion, but is also perceived by other Aes Sedai as such - if not, why didn
  6. Well, yeah. Moving a mountain with flows of Air would probably be impossible by any standards. Causing the earth to erupt so that a mountain was raised (elsewhere) is a plausible result if lots of male channelers randomly weave flows all at once. Which was pretty much what was happening.
  7. Sisters was quite an obvious reference at that point - the fact that she may be referring to siblings never crossed my mind. I'm not certain, but I also think 'S' was capitalized at that point, although it was changed later. I might be mistaken though. Moiraine, I don't think she could have killed a hundred Trollocs, because she has a weak proficiency with Fire and Earth which are kinda neccessary for mass-killing. Even with her angreal she could only erect a wall for so long to prevent them from coming at her, and she was nearly exhausted. If the six other sisters mentioned are of the sa
  8. Oh. That was actually quite funny, because I had just read a response of yours in another thread, telling another poster that he did not address your argument fully. Anyway, I'll reply to this post first and address the others in the end of my post. That comment was before he learnt about Callandor's weakness. Afterwards, no fear is expressed towards experiencing the same effect with the Choedan Kal. Why? Because up to that point, he believed that the taint magnification was an after-effect of the overflow of the Power, and with the CK, it'd be much worse. Which wasn't the case, a
  9. That was before he learnt that Callandor had that specific weakness. After that, he stopped worrying about going nuts from the immense amount of the Power. Early in WH, when he and Min sneak out of Cairhien, Rand declares that he will cleanse the Source, but killing Dashiva and the others has to come first. He explains that if he uses the Choedan Kal, everyone will feel it and Forsaken and DF Asha'man might come after him, but he probably won't be able to stop what he's doing to deal with them. He says he can't do anything about the Forsaken, but he can at least make sure the rene
  10. Well, that doesn't really matter, since Callandor's weakness isn't shared by the Choedan Kal. Rand didn't fear using the Choedan Kal because of the taint magnification, he feared using them for more direct reasons, such as getting overwhelmed by armies of DF Asha'man and Black Ajah and Forsaken when he starts the Cleansing, or getting that weird sickness while he's channeling through them and lose control. There's one tiny task that is vaguely outlined by Rand... "With the other, he could Skim to Shayol Ghul itself, put an end to everything..." (not exact quote). Of course, the Bo
  11. Keeping weaves can maintain everything they cover under the state it was when the Keeping was used, so Rand's body can be maintained and ressurected later, if time is the issue. To address the original topic, Callandor will probably be used by Narishma in the Last Battle where Rand uses the Choedan Kal for some other purpose, and in the very end Rand might use Callandor for something else, because after all, it's a sword and fantasy epics must revolve around swords.
  12. I'd read them. I don't mind knowing how the story ends or what happens, it's how things develop that matters to me. Wheel of Time is an exception as I never ever read anything except the books in strict order, but for many books like the Blak Magician Trilogy I had read almost a chapter-by-chapter analysis of the books before I even picked up the first. I still enjoyed it immensely.
  13. To do the thing they were built for - start killing Shadowspawn. Heck, use them as a weapon against insane male channelers and Dreadlords. And more importantly, start trying to figure out a way to cleanse saidin. A Foretelling for them to entrust the Choedan Kal access keys with the Aiel? Eh. Maybe, but it sounds like a strange Foretelling. More importantly, it doesn't look like something open to interpretation, which means that the Foretelling would have to be very specific in order for the Aes Sedai not only to understand it this way but to be so certain of it that they would le
  14. Weren't the pair of them that Rand found amonst the stuff that the Aiel took from the Aes Sedai to Rhuidean? (I'm not sure, asking here). If they had them back then, why didn't they use them on the spot?
  15. Book 1 - The Eye of the World, named thus because of the quest to find, well, the Eye of the World Book 2 - The Great Hunt, named thus out of the boys' quest to find the Horn Book 3 - The Dragon Reborn, named thus since Rand came to grips with his identity in this book Book 4 - The Shadow Rising, for the first time Rand confronted concentrated plots and schemes of the Shadow which starts taking a more organized form now, instead of the random Forsaken here and there Book 5 - The Fires of Heaven, named from Balefire Book 6 - The Lord of Chaos, named as such because chaos rages across
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