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  1. Probably the main reason for my disappointment with COD and KOD is the absence of Rand. I should have gotten someone to warn me beforehand. Else I wouldn't have turned every chapter expecting Rand to pop up. I'd guess that the main reason why COT was rated so low on Amazon is the more or less stagnant plot, and the involvement of yet more characters. I'd have much preferred it if RJ had kept some of the characters back stage. I started reading this series at the beginning of high school, now I am about to finish college, and I think I will have completed grad school, a postdoc, a
  2. Then you're in the category of readers who rated all the books with 5 stars. (Nothing wrong with that of course) Ratings for books are going to vary depending on the personality of the reader. When it comes to electronics, the only issues involved in rating are the efficiency of the product and the service of the manufacturer.
  3. BS is just another writer. If his books are excellent and if people love them, then they'll sell well with appropriate promotion done by the publisher. Dozens of talented writers have books out there that the majority have never heard of. I've read books before and though, "this author deserved more popularity." Attacking bookstores is meaningless. Bookstores occupy a certain area of ground for which they pay rent or which they purchased. An intelligent store manager will find a way to make as much use of that space as possible to maximize profits. Fiction books fall into the Entertainme
  4. Exaggeration. The last 5 books have a lot of filler material, unnecessary characters and many winding side plots. Rand was kept carefully out of the picture for much of the last two books as the plot would have to proceed to fast if he made an appearance. Amazon Reviews: Crossroads of Twilight: 5 star -142 4 star -124 3 star -223 2 star -375 1 star -1556 Knife of Dreams: 5 star -117 4 star -121 3 star -99 2 star -77 1 star -110 Compare that to the Eye of the World: 5 star -998 4 star -315 3 star -149 2 star -114 1 star -126 The Eye of
  5. I immensely enjoyed Elantris, though I was a little let down by part of the ending that seems like Deus Ex. If Mistborn is much better, then I can't wait to get my hands on it. Elantris was so gripping that I got through it in less than 40 hrs.
  6. Haven't read Mistborn yet. The only problem that I had with Elantris was the use of the word 'metabolism.'
  7. I'd say leash for a month or two and then ban channeling in major cities. They don't deserve to have that sort of upper hand.
  8. I believe that you need to draw a certain shape (S & F symbol) to gain entry.
  9. It is not an angreal- just a piece of wood. Judging by the later books, such objects are completely unnecessary for wielding the power. During the EOTW, she claims that it helps her concentration or some such. What is the actual purpose? She doesn't have any trouble on focusing her concentration in the latter books without the staff. IMO, RJ put in the staff to make her fit the traditional 'mage' image a bit more. Thoughts welcome.
  10. I've got a few. 1) Both books have pages. 2) Both stories have living characters. 3) Leaves are green in both stories. 4) There's water in both stories. 5) Let's see.....mountains and rivers already mentioned....so.....wait- both stories have an ocean in them! Is that a parallel or what?
  11. Without Moiraine, MR DO more of less wins.
  12. Fantasy genre. This is typical. There's a thread here called LOTR parallels where we discussed something similar. Besides, I wouldn't recommend the Belgariad to a single soul. I seriously regret reading that series. It's very easy to list similarities among fantasy series and one could go on forever doing so. 'Tis fantasy.
  13. There is an actual theory, of course, on multiple worlds. I don't believe in it for the sheer number of worlds that would have to exist. You're making a decision every second, whether big or small. I might click on one tab on my browser right now, or click on another. Two worlds now, just for that? This is a book though. It's a confusing theory. The most confusing part is that if the DO is freed in one, then he is in all. But theoretically the DO SHOULD be freed in more than one since the multiple worlds exist due to branching possibilities. lol.
  14. She shouldn't have expected Perrin to know how to treat her, when she knows perfectly well that he doesn't know. That was unjust. On the other hand, she knows how to treat him as she has experienced the Two Rivers life. That is most people's complaint.
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