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  1. Moiraine wasn’t Tar Valon’s spy master. She spent very little time in the Tower after being raised Aes Sedai (and yes there’s an entire other argument of whether or not she ever returned to the Tower after the events of NS). Moiraine was however a Cairhienen noblewoman, born and bred in the game of houses. She’s spent the last ~20 years traveling around the world searching out Rand, and has set up her own network of eyes and ears during that time. In addition she has access to the Blue Ajah’s network both as a Blue, plus as a conspirator of Siuan who was the head of the Blue’s network prio
  2. ^^ what he said. Isam was Lan’s cousin whose parents betrayed Malkier and brought about the country’s downfall. He and his parents (mother?) were overrun by Trollocs as Lan’s guard spririted him away. He’s presumed dead for that reason. Isam and Luc (Luc being Rand’s uncle, brother to Tigraine/Shael, killer of Rand’s father Janduin) are two sides of the same coin that is Slayer. Slayer can switch between being Isam or Luc, as well as between the waking and dream worlds. I believe he can be either in either place (I feel like there was an instance where he was spying on the won
  3. Or someone else completely.... I Mean the last set of casting releases were adults from Edmonds Field...... and they only really factor in to the beginning of the story since Perrin doesn’t return there until book four.
  4. When was the conversation Moiraine had with Loial about Ogier knowledge about the Forsaken?
  5. Rereading Crown of Swords currently and just went back over the part when Elayne and Nynaeve first meet the Kin. On the way back from that meeting Elayne is explaining to Nynaeve about slowing in regards to how old the women they’ve met must be in order to show gray hair (and notes they don’t have the Ageless look, but they haven’t figured that out yet). Women who channel start slowing around age 20-25. Elayne’s example is another Accepted who Nynaeve believes to be her own age who has a younger sister with gray hair. So she’s likely twice Nynaeve’s age but still appears roughly the same a
  6. I’m trying to think back to that moment when she heals Logain. I feel like there was a comment that she took hold of his head and thought about how that made the gap easier to feel. As to killing with Healing, I’d say it’s possible. There are multiple mentions about Chesmal, one of the Yellows best Healers, also being adept at killing with the power. I mean if you’re adept at Healing it shoudn’t take much for you to make someone stroke out.
  7. good catch. I’d also forgotten completely about that. It states outright she had been back to the Tower (no Aes Sedai twisting). Of course it could have been after Fal Dara and before she ends up with Adelaes and Vandene. we know Moiraine did the pass-the-bond weave to Myrelle at some point, and per Myrelle she was specifically supposed to pass it to Nynaeve once she was raised to the shawl. Obviously she couldn’t have set up passing it to Nynaeve before going to Emonds Field. I always assumed she set up the bond passing before going to Emonds Field, then sent Myrelle a message after
  8. You aren’t’ supposed to be able to sense another person using the TP, only see the effects.
  9. I still don’t see the connection the way you do. The Hall suggested the discipline for Moiraine not because of the angreal, or because of leaving against the Amyrlin’s orders. They were suggesting it because of Elaida’s report that Moiraine was meddling with a dangerous ta’veren. As quoted above, the discussion about punishing Moiraine for that exact reason takes place in a separate chapter, and eight pages before the mention of the angreal. The angreal is only mentioned as an “oh by the way” when Moiraine brings it up.
  10. No one is disputing your points regarding the circumstances of Moiraine leaving the Tower in NS. I’m just pointing out there isn’t solid textev that she never returned, and enough other textev to suggest she may have at some point.
  11. Yes, Siuan specifically says this to Moiraine, but you have the context wrong. The Great Hunt - Summoned - Siuan to Moiraine ”Elaida had another reason for coming to Tar Valon, Daughter. She sent the same message by six different pigeons to make sure I received it - and to whom else in Tar Valon she sent pigeons, I can only guess - then came herself. She told the Hall of the Tower that you are meddling with a young man who is ta’veren, and dangerous. he was in Camlyn, she said, but when she found the inn where he had been staying, she discovered you had spirited him away.”
  12. There were better options in the Damodred line, but with the support of the Tower her less than direct claim probably would have been sustained. As it is the throne passed from house Damodred to Riatan (unless there was another monarch in there somewhere). ”20 years” is a convenient rounding up. The “Hunt” for the boy-child began with Gitara’s Fortelling, then within months she was on the road tracking down names. 18 years later the events of tEotW occur, and take much of the year. By the time Siuan and Co. Arrive in Fal Dara it’s been nearly 19 years ...... so 20 years isn’t
  13. I’m sorry, but that one statement from Siuan doesn’t state she hadn’t returned ever, or give a timeframe for when she sent those two messages. To be fair there also isn’t a direct statement I’m aware of which says she did. Only the circumstantial tid bits I’ve noted. Yes, the Hall wanted very strongly to sit a full Aes Sedai on the Sun Throne after Laman’s death, and the death of Moiraine’s uncles. Those events caused a power vacuum in Cairhien and made placing her there an option. And yes that was one reason Moiraine fled the Tower. But once the Succession figured itself out
  14. I still think the evidence is circumstantial. Yes Siuan states she’s only received two messages from her since she left the Tower, but she doesn’t say when Moiraine last left the Tower. There are a few tid bits in support of Moiraine having returned to the Tower since New Spring. At the end of New Spring Moiraine sends Siuan back to the tower to work with the Blue’s Eyes and Ears, look out for signs of the Black Ajah, etc. They have no concrete plans at this point besides finding the boy child. So in the 20 years they developed those plans, and somehow I doubt they decided to
  15. I pre-ordered the standard hardcover through amazon on the 3rd and it arrived on the 8th in the afternoon.
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