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New Lightfool Promotion System

Far Dareis Mai

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Guest Far Dareis Mai

New Lightfool promotion system:


1. When a Lightfool reaches 50 points, they are up for promotion. Eli (in charge of Newbies), will notify us when a member gets close to their 50 points. At that point, the member will be up for review.


2. If there is a Faction that finds them worthy of their group, the Faction Leaders will agree on which Faction will receive the recruit, and an invitation will be sent via pm to the member. If the Ful is not found worthy upon reaching 50 points, we will discuss what he/she needs to improve, and give them a method (in the form of tasks, etc.)to do so. After such tasks are completed, then the Ful will qualify to be placed in a Faction.


3. If the Ful chooses to decline the invitation, they will have to appeal to the Faction Leader of their choice of why they would be a good member of that particular Faction, and the Faction Leaders will have to discuss. The Faction Leader may have to spend Faction points to buy the individual, or the recruit may have to perform various tasks to earn their way into the Faction.


Ways to be found worthy:

1. Participate in Games, Grayman tasks, DO thread.

2. Post the correct way in the correct forums. (i.e. keep useless spam in Hell, contribute to the public board, etc.)

3. Treat the upper level members as they deserve, and focus on impressing the Faction of which you wish to be invited to.

4. Behave in the way Shayol Ghul expects, and encourages.

5. Maintain a respectable amount of activity, allowing the members of the Org a chance to get to know you.


If you have any questions, or need any clarfications you are more than welcome to find me on MSN, or send me a pm.

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How'd you manage that? I'm intrigued, is it because you have mod rights in this forum?  I'll have to check the BT to see if I can pull that off there...

That is precisely why





Where'd you come from?

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