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Mat's Hat?

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That hat looks almost exactly the way I imagined Mat's hat. The one difference being that I always pictured a brown leather band above the brim, like this Aussie hat:



  -only the leather band was larger, brown, and the overall shape was a bit more uniform like RJ's


Similar to the Dragons on Rands arms


It's funny, before I had even heard of TWoT(it's a good thing this series is named The Wheel of Time, not The Wheel About Time, that acronym would be decidedly unpleasant) I got a small dragon carving as a gift which is as close to the dragons described in TWoT as makes no difference. Foreshadowing? Damn RJ's good.



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    Not to be disrespectful to any religion, but I always thought the hat looked like either an Amish or Jewish hat. The one RJ is wearing in the picture reminds me of them.


I thought of the Amish too.  I just thought Mat's hat was like that, but with a wider brim (more shade) - at least that is what I have in my imagination. 

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