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  1. What if she's not masquerading as an Aes Sedai? Do we have anything to say for sure that she is? I could be wrong, but I thought all we knew was that she was in the Tower and wore dresses with embroidery. Because if she's not pretending to be an Aes Sedai, she wouldn't have had to use the rod to begin with.
  2. Aye, it hit multiple people(maybe, since quite a few might have just drowned), but it didn't do so at the same time. She used a thinner beam to cut the boat, not a massive beam to obliterate it. So, though it was one beam that might have killed more than one person, it probably didn't impact more than one person at the same instant.
  3. Noal is Jain Charin is Jain Farstrider. I didn't think there was really any reason for speculation here.. It's pretty clear in the books, imo.
  4. I bet Lews wore his Ring of Tamyrlin during his jaunt to a barren spot of land west of Tar Valon.
  5. You really ought to start working on adding content to your posts, Crael. :)
  6. Darkfriend, but a hero. He almost gets killed by Ishy, I'm assuming, after learning the DO's plan, but manages to escape to the safety of the stedding. The results of his torture are visible in his badly broken but now-healed hands.
  7. One book of nothing. Crossroads. And then more something in Knife of Dreams. Maybe, someday, they'll shorten Crossroads to a couple chapters' length and mae it an epilogue to WH. I can't remember if it actually has an epilogue, but if not... That would work.
  8. I think Charn believed they were in the Sharom, and Charn worked for Mierin. Thinking about it, that's why he freaked out when he saw the Sharom exploding. He'd failed serving her because he was not in the Sharom with her when something went wrong.
  9. This war, aside from shocklances, I think is going to look a frightening amount like the War of Shadow. Traveling, lots o' Channelers both male and female. All sorts of Shadow nasties. Seems like he knows better what the Great Captains will do to adapt than they do, since he's captained it already. I dunno. I just don't think he fits Roedran. And if MoM is super close to reality, you might not notice it. Such as.. not being present on someone's clothes, just their face and hair.
  10. Personally, I was born once and I don't remember it. I'm fine with that. More than fine. I thought it was interesting and special for them, but I'm good with just calling someone my best friend. :) Sorry for being off-topic-ish.
  11. Why would Demandred, who has more military experience than anyone in the world besides Mat, need a book on tactics and strategy? He man knows war. Inside and out.
  12. It seems like it'd be full for everyone, but we've never seen one balefire "beam" hit multiple targets simultaneously, have we?
  13. Lol. Sorry, I wish I had more to add than that...but I don't.
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