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Hey peeps, im new here (duh!)


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Um, well, im sitting in the library at school cuz i gots no lunch munny so i thought i would introduce myself here.


I am an 18 year old male from Georgia, USA. I started read the the Wheel maybe, eight, ten years ago? Cant really remember, but whatever. I have a Black Tower bio in the works and am waiting for Tayol (or whoever does it) to get off their lazy butts and approve it (lol j/k) but seriously, git 'er dun


Oh no he did'ent


Oh yes he did


Um, well, i really cant think of anyhting else to say here so umm... bye ;D

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Tayol does the Org Side Black Tower, which is not roleplay at all. Its a community area where people like to hang out and do various activities, such as spam or play games.


Jocelyn is the person to contact as far as RP side Black Tower goes.

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Well, whatever. at least i got someone IN the BT. So the Orgs are the non-rp potion of the site, and the Div's are?


Im going to go bug Jocelyn now


Is it just me, or does my avvy appear as a red X?


the school might be blocking my avvy, so its possible its on my side.

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if you scroll down to the board called rolleplay comunity discusion, there is a tread on how to begin RPing, in there should be mails for where to send the different bio's of different divisions


and welcome to the site and rp both ;)

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oh nope havent forgoten you...your the one i talked to in the other tread right? *sits on new BT intiate and tickles* did i mention Aslan has a nice hut in the woods *nodnods*


you can click the link to my chars and read about him if you like

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nope not all...some are others chars that i saved due to them having relation to mine, others is old chars, or chars on loa...only the ones anounced and stickied is curently aproved chars belonging to me, and not sure i am using all of them either

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