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Hi all


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Welcome to dragonmount, Zenda! ;D

I recommend Shayol Ghul. It's wonderful over there...really is. You'll enjoy it. ;)

*Gets out chocolate*

*Waves it in front of Zenda*

You'll get the chocolate..if you join Shayol Ghul org! >:D

Oh..and we know how to do this smily: >:D. ;)

;D Oh, and you should join Seanchan too. *Nods*

Whatever you do, have fun! :)


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Kinda new.....


Busy re-reading the series and finally joined the site!




Welcome to the site Zen! 


If you like writing, come check out the Aiel (RP, not Org!) We're under new management and are currently looking for new members!


Whatever you end up doing, good luck!

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Guest Dashara

Good to meet you Dash,


Just started reading book 3, Dragon Reborn. Even better the second time round.


Which are you on?




Hi Zen, good to meet you too.  I haven't started re-reading yet.  So I will have to read fast to catch up to you.  I agree, they are even better the second time around.  I've re-read them a few times already, although it will be the first time re-reading 'New Spring' and 'Knife of Dreams'.  Which is your favourite book in the series?


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Welcome to DM!


I hope you are having a good time. Any questions so far?


As for what to do, DM has lots on offer, but do have a good look at the ORGs. And join the greatest fighting machine in Randland, the Band of the Red Hand. We are DM's very own music and travel ORG, doing reviews of gigs, albums and places you visited around the world, and now about to start reviewing restaurants as well. Does that take your fancy? If "yes", come by and join up! We'll make you feel very welcomed! And there is lots of Battle Brew! ;)


But whatever you do at DM, have fun! :)

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How are you doing?? I'm not up to doing a re-read yet... I do find though that when you do a re-read you always realise things that you missed the first time or pick up the things which connect to later books.


I hope that you enjoy  your time here. If you need any help with anything please feel free to PM me. If you would like to have a fun time while enjoying learning bits and pieces about Aiel People and Culture you should come by the Aiel (Org)! Our Org Leader, Society Leaders and Head Wise Ones are always around to offer assistance as are all our other members! :)


Click the picture below to come and visit the Aiel of Dragonmount!



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Guest nephitess

Welcome to DM, Zenda! Whatever your interests, there will be a home for you here.


Do you like to wield The Power, to be bonded or to bond or maybe just have a big shiny sword, but without creating and role playing a character ?? Then the White Tower(Org) is the place for you - come as yourself!


We from the White Tower (Org) would like to invite you to join us. We are a community forum: we talk, play, discuss serious matters, get totally silly - the WT has something for everyone.


You join as a Novice or an Algai, and can become either a Warder (Der'Manshima) or an Aes Sedai - we have female Warders and Ajah brothers! Each Ajah is themed (for example the Greens are the most social and the Whites like logic) and the warders are working on building new disciplines that look very exciting. You can bond, or not - whichever is your choice. Something interesting to note...the Ajahs are not always like the book ones. For instance...the reds love men!


So please make yourself comfortable and have fun around here! *snugglebites* ;)

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Hey Zen welcome to DM, and I hope you are enjoying the books so far (silly thing to say otherwise you wouldn't be here) :D


I would avoid too many discussions on the books, you will probably come across too many spoilers.


However if you want a place to kick back and have some fun, love Nature (especially wolves), then the Wolfkin Org is the place for you, if not we'd love to see you anyway. We love anything to do with Nature, from animals to mountains, and have a thread to show off any pictures you may have. We are also the home of TQ (Tequila) and Chilli and even have our own TQ lake with resident (friendly) TQ monster :D


So pop on by for a visit and say hi, we will definately give you a warm welcome ;D


Of course the second one I would recommend is the Band of the Red Hand, with three glorious regiments, Archers, Infantry and Cavalry. We have and Org game, competitions, Jousts, carnivals, brews of all sorts and brawls.


Whatever you do have fun, and if you have questions any of us would be more than happy to answer.


*hands Zen some TQ and a bowl of chilli*

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