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Readys the birdseed...


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i figured i could post this where every one could see it... for every one needs to see the good of life...


*waits for every one to look twords him.... slowy taps foot at those who dont*



just figured you should know... and for those who dont know me... Sorry for the inconvianensness <<< just guess<<< and i hope that you all will know me soon  :D


*Dances in circles*

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The proposal was nothing to speacial, it was last year in march... it was cold and there was a heavy snowfall, i had the ring for a while, and i had dropped her off at her house, it was prolly 11 at night, she lived in a city and the snowplows had covered my spot in the yard with about three feet of snow..


I had to drive my small caviler up and i got it stuck... sammi's door got stuck and i had to dig it out, and when i opened the door i knelt in the snow... and i Poped the question!it was prolly ten degrees out and sammi just sat there staring at the ring i held..


I worried for a minute, but she said yes and started cring.


for a while she was pissed at me for the ring i got, cause it had a dimond in it that was held in a metal thingy.. and it would scratch the crap out of her arms and face when she woke up .... but she got used to it and now it only scratches me in the morning when we wake up...


so like i said, nothing romantic... stuck in a snow drift wasnt my plan but that was the time i picked.  :)

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