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Welcome Dehstehra!!!!


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Welcome to the Seanchan org.  Notice how I gave you an extra exclamation point in your welcome over the other newbie.  That is because I like you better... Shhh... don't tell the other one.


Did you read the other welcome post?  Good, then you know what I am going to say right?



Monkey flinging asparagus



What?  Didn't see that coming now did you..... Maybe you should pay more attention to your welcome post then right? 


So... ummm.... join in and start threads or post to whatever topic you like.  Use the private board to tell us all your secret desires that you don't mind the other 70 members reading about.  Basically use the public board to post Entertainment topics and the private to post getting to know you things.  You will notice a Mafia theme going on.  If you are active enough, we may invite you to join the Family... which is the top tier of the org.  We open the books every few months to new members.  Which reminds me... it is time again.  Oh that means nothing to you... I just type to myself in random posts.  Deal with it! *g* 


Welcome.  Others will be around to soon to ... well... do what they do.  We are all a bit off....

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*hauls in Barm still wearing the tutu, while holding her nose*


Empy, he won't take it off and let me wash it, and it positively REEKS.  >:(



Newbie! Make Barm take off the tutu and then scrub it up with detergent and bleach. If you do I'll be your best friend forever and not stuff you in the sack like I usually do.  ;D

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